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Get Smart with Smart …

Andreu World, one of Europe’s finest furniture manufacturers based in Valencia Spain are well known for their beautiful woodwork. A favourite of designers in the KE-ZU catalogue is the Andreu World collection of wooden chairs that lend themselves perfectly for installation in hospitality spaces as well as around dining tables in the home.

Set in our headlights at the minute is the Smart chair, a stacking chair program designed by Estudio Andreu. Manufactured of European beech, Smart is available from the KE-ZU stock program at promotional pricing with seat options of woven bands or oak board in a walnut finish. Smart was developed initially as cafe seating, perfectly suited to restaurant use; although entirely at home in the residential marketplace. Other finishes are available to order and may be included in the KE-ZU stock program in the future.

These comfortable and hard-wearing, warm timber chairs are a dynamic alternative to fully upholstered seating with a humble nod to classical European cafe styling – super trendy.

Due to the popularity of the Andreu World pieces in the Australian market, KE-ZU has undertaken to begin a new stocking program of particular models, ensuring that lead times reduce and availability rises.   This works hand in hand with price and we are offering a promotional price on the adaptable chairs.

Smart is available and in stock now!  Contact KE-ZU on 1300 724 174 for promotional pricing.

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South Coast Boast …

There is nothing new in architecture holding a firm relationship with landscape and site.  Leading the way in this harmonious affiliation is the immensely talented husband and wife duo of Casey Brown Architecture.

The firm comprises Rob Brown taking to the helm of the architectural works and Caroline Casey designing stunning often wood based furniture no doubt destined to grace the built works of the firm.

Recently completing a large set of works in Jamberoo, outside of Sydney on the South Coast of N.S.W. is a project that adds to their incredible portfolio and testament to their devotion to the synchronization of architecture and the outdoors.

The Jamberoo Farm House responded to a brief from the client seeking a new residence, guest accommodation and large entertaining areas.  Overall, the new structures had to blend with existing structures on the site which were to be retained.

The product becomes an integrated and private village of contemporary farm houses which comfortably find themselves atop a rolling sprawl of greenery, leading the eye to the far views of the ocean.

Three large gable roofed buildings sit together in such a way to create viewpoints to the stunning landscape, each one enjoying its own view from the large glassed elevations.  Fusing together timber and glass in such a way the structures provide the ease and charm of farm housing whilst allowing the highly stylized nature of the design to be appreciated.

Architect Rob Brown’s understanding of contemporary architecture which holistically incorporates landscape, topography, climate, natural light and lifestyle forces the beholder into comparisons with the great Frank Lloyd Wright.

Check out a portion of their other projects below.  The incredible work of Casey Brown is a reason enough for us to get out and enjoy this country!  Seeya later big smoke!

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The Opera House Project …

The Sydney Opera House, now considered the top New Seven Wonder of the World as voted by Teletex Holidays, is a worthy topic to revere. Is it any wonder then that it should be dissected to obtain a higher understanding of this building so worthy of its adoration?

Examining the worthwhile topic in detail, The Opera House Project explores everything there is about the famed building through an online interactive documentary.

Run with the ABC, the Project houses hours of content available to view in your own time including a video relating to information about the construction and engineering, a 3D studio exploring the original design drawings and construction, information of the history of the site and outlines performances and events since its inauguration.

The Opera House Project is a beautiful platform to explore one of the most coveted architectural feats of the Twentieth Century.

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The Edge (of glory?) …

It’s Australia’s turn to host the Australian International Furniture Fair with Decoration + Design – the exhibition bringing together exciting furniture from Australia and around the world from 6 – 8 February 2013.

Excitingly, today, the opening day of the Fair plays host to “The Edge 2013” an event for new and emerging designers to showcase their work and contest four categories of Excellence in Design:

  1. Best new prototype for a tertiary student.
  2. Best new prototype/concept designed by a professional designer.
  3. Best new commercial release designed by a professional designer.
  4. Green award for best new sustainable product.

The pieces contending the awards are varied in their concept, but their outcome all share a common originality.  See some of the finalists from all categories below.  The awards are announced today so lookout for some serious talent, as here you’ll find Australia’s next-generation ground breaking designers.

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VIVID 2011…

It’s BACK!  The annual Sydney Festival of creativity and ideas descends on KE-ZU’s hometown this coming Thursday and for eighteen days and nights across our foreshore, city streets, Opera House and surrounds the city will be awash with light, live music and inspiration.

Our favourite aspect of VIVID’s extensive events calander is undoubtedly Lights ON, the free light scuplture walk and 3D light projections onto and surrounding some of our most famous landmarks.

Two years ago Brian Eno innaugurated the role of guest curator a role that included the honour of designing projections that would wash the massive Sydney Opera House sails in a kaleidoscope of colour and light.

This year French design collaborative SUPERBIEN are stepping up to the plate.  Early signs indicate they are set to blow us away with creations that have been described as:

an immersive experience, seamlessly integrating every possible technique into new forms of multimedia expression.

Additionally, the return of the light-scuplture walk around the historical Rocks precinct is fantastic to see!

First taking part in 2009, RE-CYCLE by CLOUSTONassociates, was a crowd favourite.  The interactive installation harnessed the power of human energy to generate the illumination of oversized electric blue light rings that were dramatically suspended in and around a series of large fig trees.  Using bikes made of recycled parts and employing the components of disused washing machines, the installation embraces the core ideals that drive VIVID: creativity through great innovation.  VIVID organisers obviously agreed with the public feedback and have invited CLOUSTONassociates to re-exhibit this year!

We wonder if a re-naming of RE-RE-CYCLE, might now be more appropriate?

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Monocle on Sydney…

We couldn’t think of a better person to take Monocle on a tour of our hometown!  Think you know Sydney? Anne-Maree Sargeant has a penned a wonderful piece uncovering the ins-and-outs of a City on the move, celebrating  many of its hidden gems: treasures lurking beyond the arch of the bridge and the sheen on the Opera House Sails…

The April issue of Monocle is on newsstands now.

Check out the teaser video above!

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Knock Knock…

image (c) Ross Heathcote

For the nosey parker or latent sticky beak in all of us there is a way to satiate that niggling curiosity about what lies behind the “PRIVATE” sign and beyond those barricades for “STAFF ONLY”… an event run by the Historic Houses Trust so fantastic that it opens doors across Sydney allowing you, for one day: access to sites unseen – SYDNEY OPEN 2010.

From architectural icons to secret and hidden places, award-winning contemporary designs to much-loved heritage buildings, industrial shells to creative adaptations and state-of-the-art sustainable living projects, Sydney Open will open your eyes to the past, present and future of Sydney’s built environment.

It’s all happening over the weekend of Saturday the 6th and Sunday November 7th.

Head over here to get your tickets!

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