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Nudo …

25_KE-ZU_SANCAL_JUAN IBANEZNudo Bench designed by Juan Ibáñez for Sancal.

The name of the collection, Nudo, refers to the knots found in wood in its natural state. The legs replicate the sinews of a tree-trunk, as if they were branches, thanks to painstaking lathing and carving. This is one of the Nudo tables’ most characteristic features. Asymmetry is another hallmark. The asymmetry is generated by the various heights of the cross beams which structure the dining table, and by the three legs of the small round tables.

Following on from his success with this family of tables, Juan has added an ingenious multifunctional piece: a table/bench with two tone cushions.

Now available from KE-ZU and through our national distribution network!

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On …


On chair designed by Jasper Morrison for Andreu World.

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25 (Very Much) Alive…

We all know it’s impolite to ask a lady her age, but this is one milestone deserving of celebration – so much so that Nani Marquina is telling everyone how old her rug and flooring venture is… rightly so!  The beautiful short film above is a wonderful Birthday Card!

Daughter of Catalan designer and architect Rafael Marquina, Nani 25 years ago established nanimarquina – now Spains leading rug design and manufacturer with global exports accounting for 60% of their business.  Presenting fascinating designs from Tord Boontje, Javier Mariscal, Michael Lin, Cristian Zuzunaga, the Bouroullec Brothers and many more esteemed designers from textile, industrial, architectural and interiors backgrounds, nanimarquina continues to make the principle on which it was founded a reality:

…to reinvent the rug, giving it new uses, new concepts and playing with elements such as shape, colour and texture.

With manufacturing carried out in India and Northern Pakistan to capitalise on the regional skills and traditional rug making techniques, her conscious actions and considerable efforts invested in offsetting the stigma associated with manufacturing in these areas (accounting for child labour and staff exploitation) has seen her play an integral and founding role in the Care and Fair Program.

Established to set an example and raise awareness in the rug and carpet industry that working with social responsibility leads to better welfare for everyone.

With the conviction that this goal is achievable with the right help, Care & Fair basically works in two domains: education and health.

In all a talented, sound and admirable success story, the likes of which are buoying to see in the current European economic climate.

We congratulate Nani and her team and wish them every success for the coming 25 and beyond, KE-ZU are proud to be an extension of the global nanimarquina family.

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MILANO:2012 | Sancal…

Salone Internazionale del Mobile is proving to be a celebration of colour this year!

Sancal‘s “FLASH!” collection is really no exception, how could it be with the likes of Karim Rashid onboard!?  That’s right, the pilot of the fluorescent pink pen has turned his hand to soft furnishings for Spain’s Sancal.

The result is “Float”: a collection of group seating options with a selection of high and low back rests.  Almost bench-like, the upholstered Float family revels in its eccentricities with coat hooks, headrests, tables and cushioning all integrated into the seats… but almost mischievously misplaced.

Luis Eslava Studio have also taken the “Flash!” brief by both horns and in full-colour created a collection suitably titled: “Party”.

A system of sofas and armchairs, the comfort in the deep upholstered seats is at once inviting and  the proportions give the pieces a whimsical appeal.

In both collections the ‘chaos’ of the various configurations is pulled back into line with the consistency in the curved and ‘cartoony’ detailing, with each series the timber elements play wonderfully alongside the contrasting upholstery and button details.

Also released were Rafa Garcia’s Copla Sofa System and Juan Ibáñez’ Nudo nesting tables, with images still to come.

Register your interest in the newest Sancal items here.

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SPOTLIGHT: Eduardo Chillida

On the tenth anniversary of his death, the works of iconic Spanish artist Eduardo Chillida have been commemorated in a collection of rugs from Spanish design house: nanimarquina.

Enrolled in the University of Madrid’s architecture program from 1943, Chillida turned his back on the degree in 1947 in favour of more artistic pursuits that afforded him greater flexibility in his creative expression.

Basing himself in France, the San Sebastián native indulged his appreciation for free form and three-dimensional work by producing predominately clay and plaster sculptures to begin with – moving eventually to heavy metals and oxidised alloys.  With his early work focused on human form and the human figure, Chillida soon began to marry his passion for architectural scaling and industrial processes to produce large public works that to this day are found across Europe and some further afield in the US.

What is beautiful about this collection of rugs (personally overseen by Nani Marquina), is that all seven in the series draw their inspiration and richness from the breadth of Chillida’s artistic and technical abilities.  His sinuous, artisanal sketches of the female form and clasped hands are transposed beautifully onto rugs –  with great effect –  as effortlessly as the cubic and architecturally inspired step-carved rugs echo his proficiency at etching and passion for sculpting .

Keeping within a monochromatic palette and confining the collection to rectangular rugs Marquina has curated a tribute to Chillida that will imbue his work with a fresh new perspective for a whole new generation.  The full Chillida Collection will be unveiled at Salone Mobile in Milan next week.

Rug images © nanimarquina

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See What All The Faz Is About…

Ramon Esteve‘s Faz Collection for Vondom is as diverse as it is versatile.

Taking in lighting, planters, lounging, tables and modular sofas – this short film showcases the outdoor range as a sleek, contemporary study in functionality.

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The Story: Losanges by Bouroullec

Continuing our “Story” series we present another short film that take you into the creative process behind some of the most beautiful designs – Today share some wonderful insights from Nani Marquina and Erwan Bouroullec.

One half of Bouroullec Studio, Erwan explains the concept that drove the Losanges Collection whilst Nani explains how her famous nanimarquina brand came to collaborate with the two brothers.

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So. Much. Pretty…

The beautiful people, in beautiful locations draped around the beautful designs of Spain’s VONDOM, check out these short films.  Little rays of sunshine to get you through the week… Summer cant come soon enough!

Designs by the likes of Karim Rashid, Ramon Esteve, Javier Mariscal and A-Cero all being shot on location with groovy backing tracks.  It’s the best kind of catalogue out there: So much pretty.

Click the image above to see the short films on VONDOM’s youtube channel.

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Young Blood…

The fervour of youth and all the ingenuity and creativity that comes energetically bounding along with it never ceases to astound.

In a country where emerging designers are consistently nurtered there are two young Spaniards really standing out from the crowd.  Meet Cristina Alonso and Isaac Piñeiro… aka Nadadora.

One part graphic designer, the other industrial design trained, the whole of the parts present as a design studio that sees little benefit in limiting creativity to their respective disciplines, rather embracing the relationship between the two. Their similarities and contradictions are explored and expressed through their wonderfully diverse portfolio.

The studio, at only five years old, has already developed works for Sagen Ceramics, Almerich Lighting, Sancal and Nutella,  before that they have each independantly flexed their creative muscle working with some of Spains largest design houses, in Cristina’s case: Lzf lamps.

The beauty of their work is that humour and a sense of playfulness are worn proudly – there is no pretense and things are kept endearingly simple.

Keep an eye on these two… the future looks bright as a button.

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Rubber Dub Dub…

GOMA is the brainchild of Barcelona’s Ainhoa Salgueiro.

Residing for some time in Hà Nội, Vietnam and seeing the sheer volume of worn-out rubber tyres from bicycles, scooters and motorbikes being disposed as landfill or burnt off with noxious side-effects; Ainhoa turned to fashion as a means of re-purposing what was considered all but waste matter.

Worn-in on the rocky roads of Vietnam and ready for their next life.

By melting down the rubber then re-moulding and stitching the material into contemporary, practical bags, purses and satchels GOMA has seen sustainability meet with clever craftsmanship and cutting-edge fashion in a product that has proven to bring Salgeuiro considerable International attention.

When it comes to clever, “sustainably stylish” design practice, GOMA has it in the bag.

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