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Salone Milano Day 4: Sancal …


For many years Sancal has adopted a method for releasing new furniture, an organized and cohesive full-frontal attack.   Every year a uniform collection is released, with all of the included pieces towing the party line; an exciting governing concept.

This year we see the Gráfica Collection, arguably Sancal’s most creative and stimulating yet.   Gráfica, we learnt, translates to “graphics”, and you can see why 2014 for Sancal is the year of the graphic.

The Sancal stand at Salone Milano was a sum of its parts – a space divided by both graphically printed paper forming walls, and canopies (in the form of a new design by Nadadora Studio of Tartana).





We can assure you, after three full days of pounding the Milano pavement, a welcome treat at Sancal’s Salone space was a few lollies lovingly handed to us, ensuring that the sugar rush coincided with the excitement of the Gráfica collection.  We never did ask why the lollies were gifted, but as we took in the sweet, colourful and fun new collection it dawned on us that these tasty morsels very closely resembled the essence of Gráfica.

Both expanding on and adding to the 2013’s Tierra Collection, Sancal have successfully delivered a comprehensive collection in their usual style: a fun yet practical aesthetic of sharp manufacturing technique suitable for all markets and above all, insanely popular.

Employing the skills of designers of previous pieces such as J.M. Ferrero (who looked every bit as fashionable as his Casta chair, now available in new textiles and sizes), Ionna Vautrin, whose Pion collection now includes a dining table, Estudio{h}ac filling the void in the Tea collection with a bar stool (making all our dreams come true), Juan Ibáñez adding a bench for the Nudo collection  Nadadora Studio providing Elephant with a facelift, and Rafa García providing Nido with metal feet.




New to the Sancal fold is Scrivo Design and Perrine Vigneron & Gilles Belley, with the Collar chair and Barnaby respectively and fine arts gun Elena Castano-Lopez with the Bang! Cushions.

Returning with new designs is Sancal veteran Rafa García with the Rew and Nap sofas and Nadadora with Tartana, an acoustic dome and Silla40, a collection of four chairs celebrating every decade of Sancal’s existence. Fine arts gun Elena Castaño-López returns with Bang! Cushions and Sancal Studio presents Perigallo, a stool, the inspiration of which a Spanish fruit ladder.

An exciting year ahead for both Sancal and KE-ZU!  With the expansion of the Sancal catalogue and our efforts in local manufacturing reducing lead times to an almost lightning pace!

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iSaloni 2014 Preview & Guide

The worlds largest and most coveted furniture fair kicks off in the magical Milano next Tuesday.  Here is our official Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014 guide here.


Caron, Moraima and Simon are off to Milan so stay tuned for our daily round ups throughout the fair and our post-Milan report in early May.


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Rojo Show in Barcelona …

KEZU_RED_Image Courtesy of Rojo Show

Image courtesy of rojoshow.com

The Rojo Exhibition has arrived at the Disseny Hub Building in Barcelona and will be on display until the 19 March.

The exhibition showcases a diverse range of furniture, lighting and accessories which have been designed and produced in Spain. The products, all of which are finished in a hue of Rojo (Red) are displayed on a modular platform designed by Architecture-G.

Look out for the Rojo version of the Sail Chair from Andreu World,  Metssas Table from bd BarcelonaLottus Stool from EneaChou Lamp from Lzf, the Flod Stool and Om Chair from M114Roses Rug from nanimarquinaTalo Armchair from Sancal and the Peacock Planter from Vondom.

These items are all available from KE-ZU!

For more information about the Rojo Exhibition click here.

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INSTALLED: Top Ryde City …

Sancal & Vondom products from KE-ZU. Specified by The Source Room

Top Ryde City in north-west Sydney has been revamped by The Source Room. We provided a swag of Vondom planters and Sancal’s Boomerang Chill Chair to assist with the redesign of the shopping centre’s rest areas.

Over 30 Vondom planters of varying sizes were installed around the centre, helping to separate space and provide an injection of greenery and life. The diamond pattern and deep hues of the Vases Macetero by JM Ferrero and the Centro Alto by Studio Vondom complement the contemporary shape of the Boomerang Chill chair by Quim Larrea.

Scattered throughout the shopping centre, the Vondom and Sancal products are perfect for the new-look space with their clean lines and formal simplicity. We think they look great, don’t you?!

For other installation images, see our Facebook album here.

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Very Arty Happy Birthday Sancal! …

For 40 years, Spanish manufacturer Sancal has been assisting spaces around the world to reach their full potential of style and comfort by providing high-quality, well-designed furniture pieces and after forty years they’ve set their sights on themselves – redesigning the factory to include small showroom areas and commissioning large scale murals by various artists, designing dining rooms and new “spots” throughout the space!

Opening the factory in Yecla, Spain to artist Agostino Iacurci, the manufacturer commissioned the muralist who’s main goal was two fold; portraying how important design is to Sancal, and to

focus attention on the little actions and objects that enable large things to be made.

The result is an inspirational tour for customers and collaborators, “destined to surprise.” says Sancal, further:

Three incredible murals, fun signs and four micro-showrooms have been dreamt up to brighten our worker’s spaces and communicate just how central design is to our philosophy.

The incredible mural of Agostino Iacurci represents the dignity and knowhow of the artisan, while presenting traditional European industries as heritage to be conserved. The circus-like figures of Ricardo Cavolo remind us that we are large family worth celebrating. The forty masks of Zosen show the passage of time, the face of success and failure, happiness and the problems that we face on a daily basis.

A previously dark corridor was transformed by London based Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo, brightening and restyling the dining room entrance and upholstery section of the building.  The energetic work providing a new and interesting space to discover the premise of the Sancal brand, they say:

The circus touch applied to the mural characters perfectly fits in Sancal’s every day. A company, with 70 workers and who regularly deals with a greater number of people, may be closer to a circus: Design magicians, accountants on trapezes, hefty brawny sales representatives, tamer workers or managers with two heads…

A grey brick wall, traditionally used as glass support and warehouse, is now a stunning colourful wall which celebrates the passage of time while brightening up the lacquering and assembling employees’ every day by Zosen.  A passionate heart, a cash register, some little devils, an ice-cream cone, an igloo, a hamburguer, some pyramids and vegetables are only some objects created by Zosen and which express the various stages and moods experienced by the company along its history.

Not only do we wish Sancal a very happy birthday, and many happy returns; we also celebrate their new space!  Well done Sancal!

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Exciting Going Ons …

Clockwise from top left: Andreu World Manfred, Andreu World Sail, Hive Waf, Andreu World Agora, Sancal Menu, bd Barcelona Side Table B

It’s delivery time at the Zu!

The showroom was alive this week with new product being unloaded by our warehouse lads and unpacked by staff under the careful eye of Lidia our showroom manager (who, it must be said, was a gun on coffee duty).

The entire staff pool get so excited when new furniture arrives at the showroom.  These are pieces we’ve spoken about, seen photos of, learnt about and we finally get a chance to experience them, understand their scale and dimensions and see their materiality composition close up.   We debate their features as we welcome them to our daily lives.   These pieces from our trusted suppliers form a fresh KE-ZU catalogue and will shortly tour the country visiting the showrooms which comprise our national distribution network.

Check out some new products below.

Andreu World – Manfred by Lievore, Altherr & Molina

The Lievore, Altherr & Molina studio for AW is back with their new design Manfred, a modular sofa program comprising individual lounge chair, two and three seater sofas, all with the same super comfortable rounded profile.  Available with or without arms (timber arms born from reforestation and complying with FSC guidelines).   Meeting the highest grade endurance tests, Manfred is well-suited for any application.

Andreu World - Sail Wood by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

We’re expecting big things from this adaptation.  Andreu World have expanded on the Red Dot Design Award winning Sail collection designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga.  Now in stock with an oak model of the same design, this stacking chair is available in different finishes – the perfect way to show off Sail’s angular aesthetic appeal.  Sail is destined for greatness in hospitality applications and dining rooms the country over.  A beautifully ‘green’ chair, Sail wood is made out from 100% recyclable wood from reforested areas, bears FSC certification and meets the chain of custody from the source of the material to the final product.

bd Barcelona – Side Table B by Konstantin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic expanded on his Extrusions Collection for bd Barcelona.  Side Table B is made of one piece of architectural concrete to aesthetically match the outdoor version of Table B (see images here).  Side Table B works with a light visual weight comparable to its appearance – rounding out a holistic collection.

hive (design by hive) – Waf by Asan Weinbroom

The Waf table lamp is geniusly simple – two sheets of veneer fastened together with a button.    Born from a fascination with movement from mechanical objects, Waf utilizes functionality with aesthetics, the top portion is adjustable to change levels of illumination changing the lighting effects throughout a room.

Sancal – Menu bench by Rafa Garcia

Another modular sofa collection arriving at the Zu is Rafa Garcia for Sancal’s Menu.  Available in six different modules, Menu is a fabulously scaled collection with various options for specification, perfect for both the home or contact applications.

Useful in small spaces as banquette seating, navigating corners in larger spaces, positioned back to back, the Menu system affords you the freedom to create the layout that best fits your space and your style.   Available as clean upholstery or pressed studs, the legs are specifiable between materials also.

Andreu World – Agora by Lievore, Altherr & Molina

Released at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013 by Andreu World.  The Agora collection is a new fully upholstered lounge chair that features solid wood and aluminium bases.  A chair that commands attention, Agora also provides the opposite, the perfect place for solitude, reflection and relaxation.  With specifiable leg and seat material options, Agora is suited to any space which requires a chair with a lot to offer.

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Yummy: Tapas – Spanish Design for Food …

The first stop for Spain’s new international traveling exhibition is the design-conscious Miami, where Tapas – Spanish Design for Food makes its premiere this month in Miami’s Design District.

Fitting that Florida sees the debut as the exhibition honors the 500th anniversary of Juan Ponce de León’s arrival in Florida (Ponce de León led the first European expedition to Florida).  Fast forward and today, the Tapas exhibition is curated by designer and architect Juli Capella and works to promote Spanish culture and heritage.

Image courtesy of Sancal.

Image courtesy of Sancal: Part of the tapas Exhibition (from bottom left) Sancal Tea chair, Andreu World Nub chair, bd Barcelona’s Gaulino chair & Showtime lounge chair and Gaulino table; all available at KE-ZU

The show encompasses more than 200 exhibits from Spanish creatives including Spanish chefs, designers, architects, vineyards and restaurants celebrating the rise of Spanish design over the past 25 years; these include many Spanish designers and manufacturers which form part of the of KE-ZU catalogue, supplying Spanish design to the Australian market and assisting awareness of the burgeoning design scene coming from the European nation.    Click each of the photos below to see the suppliers’ entire catalogue available at KE-ZU.






Design is synonymous with progress. As our different cultures engage in more permanent contact and we are all influenced by each other, the distinctive features of geographical design by countries or by regions are melting away in our inter-connected world.

Says curator Juli Capella.

This rings true in the defining difference of the exhibition – incorporating the Spanish dining experience with broader design – with the Spanish tapas tradition defining Spain’s social nature; a group of friends and family coming together to taste portions of widely varying flavors, it’s more than just a way to enjoy food, it’s also a great way to share an experience and the same can be said of its design.

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Instagram Insta-grab KE-ZU Competition …!

With Sydney Indesign kicking off today, it also kicks off our Instagram Insta-grab KE-ZU Competition!  Fun!

For the SID event, KE-ZU is offering one lucky Instagrammer the chance to win a PION table by Ionna Vautrin for Sancal (pictured above)!  You could be one of the first in Australia to have this fabulous piece!  Come to the showroom during SID, follow us on Instagram @kezublog and our 2013 SID partner @yellowtrace and post an image from your visit – it could be your favourite piece of furniture, a detail image or the showroom in action – anything!   The competition hashtag is #yellowzu – so get ‘gramming, get tagging, get a Pion!

See you soon!

The competition closes midnight Wednesday 21 August 2013.

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Sancal’s latest installation …

Sancal have updated us with a new installation of their fabulous products! Their Tea and Midori chairs and bar stools were set in this new canteen with the objective of creating a highly versatile space for employees.

The versatility of Sancal products was paramount to the project within this unusual light filled space. This installation has the ability to be converted into a meeting room or auditorium with the furniture adapting accordingly.  Introducing lineal and colourful designs into the space no doubt compliments the building’s intent and aspect whilst adding a whole lot of fun.

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Sancal’s Yellow Dot …

The excitement of a new Sancal collection is unfathomable.  The Spanish manufacturer in their latest collections have had a keen focus on form, shape, colour and the most notable above all else – fun.

The promotional material provided by Sancal help us to market their product to a wider and welcoming Australian audience, and assures us that Sancal is continually a part of the party (excuse the pun).  Slowly and surely Sancal had been releasing snippets from their latest catalogue, always with the assurance that it was around the corner.

We can now breathe a colourful sigh of relief as The Yellow Book, the directory of Sancal products dropped recently and includes a throng of new photography which has us licking at our social media lips.

The Yellow Book can be found here – without forgetting that all product is available at KE-ZU and nationally through our distribution network.  We are so looking forward to the new catalogue featuring Tierra, Sancal’s latest collection (information on Tierra available here)!.

Fun right?

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