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Faz …


Faz Outdoor Rug designed by Ramón Esteve for Vondom.

The latest addition to the Faz Collection which is inspired by mineral forms found in nature, the Faz outdoor rug is comprised of individual geometric shapes that can be joined together to form any range of compositions.

Now available from KE-ZU!

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Rangoli Ready! …

The showroom floor here at KE-ZU has recently seen some action; it was overhauled for Saturday Indesign by Dana of Yellowtrace and now plays host to some great new floor coverings by Spanish rug manufacturer Nanimarquina.

We’ll let you know about all of the pieces we’ve brought out from Spain shortly, but first cab off the rank is Rangoli – purely because we get to gloat that we had the design gracing our (and earlier this year 200 of our blog readers’) desks in the form of Rangoli mousepads!

The Rangoli rug in the showroom surrounded by Bernhardt Design's Mirador sofa and Quiet table

The Rangoli Mousepad - a fabulous feature on our desks!

The Rangoli rug was designed in Spain by Nanimarquina, handmade from 100% New Zealand hand tufted wool and available in two tones.  Rangoli takes its name from the classic Hindu mosaics made with powder speckled with colour. The pattern typically radiates from the centre, creating a circumference of decorative borders and the same can be said for Nanimarquina’s interpretation. The shapes are drawn successively, and once repeated are transformed into a luminous ornament while each of the three sizes takes its cue from the pattern before it,

Rangoli, and the greater Nanimarquina collection is available now!

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Nanimarquina, the green and ethically conscious Spaniard and rug manufacturing guru took a new approach for her 2013 campaign, with a collection titled “Naturals”, and releasing a black and cream dyed version of the popular Losanges II by the Bourroullec brothers.


Expanding on the colourful patterned original Losanges rug for nanimarquina which was an experiment reinterpreting the traditional Persian rug using the ancient kilim techniques, the Bourroullec brothers have taken these methods and introduced a black and cream version of the style.

Continuing its complex rhombus patterning using the labourious and technically complex method, no two rugs are the same and no doubt Losanges II is sure to win some hearts.


The new direction takes a deeper look at materiality and versatility.  Colour saturation and hue has been pared back, while continuing the Nanimarquina focus on strength and aesthetic.  Forging a new correlation between nature and flooring, the utilisation of materials such as Jute, Wool, Nettle and Silk.  Nani says of the collection:

The intrinsic beauty of the natural fibres connects us with the natural world. These fibres, of organic origins such as nettle and jute, or of animal origin such as silk and wool, have been specially selected to create this collection of carpets and to reflect the plurality that nature has to offer.

Naturals falls into categories based on manufacturing processes using traditional methods such as hand-knotting, Indian dhurrie and kilim.  The collection is then further sorted into colour availability; utilising a beautiful range of muted natural tones, the entire collection allows for a sustainable, ethical and elegant meditative pieces perfect for both the home and contract markets.  A portion of the collection can be seen below.

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A congratulations for Nanimarquina! …

We never tire of our suppliers’ international success. We are proud to bring to you the recipient of the 2013 Wallpaper* Design Awards – Best Domestic Design Rug Collection Award – Nanimarquina for the “Collage 1966” collection! Judged by a plethora of international creatives such as Rick Owens, Wang Shu, Julian Opie, Oki Sato, Ferran Adria and Farida Khelfa, the exciting award is well deserved.

We featured the Nanimarquina graphic rug collection based on the work of Spain’s Eduardo Chillida on the blog here. The collection is available at KE-ZU, see more information here.

Well done Nanimarquina!

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