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Nido …



The Nido Armchair designed by Rafa Garcia for Sancal.

Nido, Spanish for nest, means home to a number of species and inspired Rafa García to create this small armchair. The seat or “nest” is supported by a steel or hand-crafted ash wood frame. The upper part provides “branches” into which a comfortable seat is fixed.

Now available at KE-ZU!


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Rew …

12_KE-ZU_SANCAL_RAFA_GARCIA_REWRew Modular Sofa designed by Rafa Garcia for Sancal.

This new creation by Rafa García is tremendously versatile, and can be used for a variety of diverse projects that require pieces for resting, eating or working.

Rest. An entire family of chairs, sofas and modules, as light as they are comfortable, can be used with two different types of arm: one is high and thin like the back and the other is low and soft, like the base of the design.

Eat. The “nutritious” part corresponds to an ample number of benches which can be used with a dining table. The benches can be used alone, or together with upholstered wall pieces. The benches are available in two depths (57 and 72cm). The least deep is the archetypal dining bench, providing a firm, upright sitting position. Moreover, the finish of the arms in a corner permits compositions with angles to be made. The deeper version is ideal to fill with scatter cushions and create an informal environment, perfect for long postprandial conversations. Rafa’s piece provides two back heights, 95 and 115cm. The low back creates a light design, while the higher back provides some privacy.

Work. The productivity at work is directly related to our concentration and feeling of wellbeing. These versions of the sofas, modules, and chairs enable a certain degree of privacy in an office setting, or the hall of a hotel. Rafa has also designed a bench and a couple of cushions to complete the programme.

The feet are available in steel lacquered black, or ash, which can be stained to any of the colours in the Sancal collection.




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Nap Sofa …

7_KE-ZU_SANCAL_RAFA_GARCIA_NAPNap is a new sofa (and sofa bed) designed by Rafa Garcia for Sancal. The quilted details are inspired by the old woollen mattresses. The sofa is converted into a bed in only two movements, and vice versa. A small compartment hidden under the structure is ideal to keep the bed clothes and cushions tidied out of sight. The compartment is finished in natural eucalyptus and the feet are stained black.

Nap is now available from KE-ZU!


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Exciting Going Ons …

Clockwise from top left: Andreu World Manfred, Andreu World Sail, Hive Waf, Andreu World Agora, Sancal Menu, bd Barcelona Side Table B

It’s delivery time at the Zu!

The showroom was alive this week with new product being unloaded by our warehouse lads and unpacked by staff under the careful eye of Lidia our showroom manager (who, it must be said, was a gun on coffee duty).

The entire staff pool get so excited when new furniture arrives at the showroom.  These are pieces we’ve spoken about, seen photos of, learnt about and we finally get a chance to experience them, understand their scale and dimensions and see their materiality composition close up.   We debate their features as we welcome them to our daily lives.   These pieces from our trusted suppliers form a fresh KE-ZU catalogue and will shortly tour the country visiting the showrooms which comprise our national distribution network.

Check out some new products below.

Andreu World – Manfred by Lievore, Altherr & Molina

The Lievore, Altherr & Molina studio for AW is back with their new design Manfred, a modular sofa program comprising individual lounge chair, two and three seater sofas, all with the same super comfortable rounded profile.  Available with or without arms (timber arms born from reforestation and complying with FSC guidelines).   Meeting the highest grade endurance tests, Manfred is well-suited for any application.

Andreu World - Sail Wood by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

We’re expecting big things from this adaptation.  Andreu World have expanded on the Red Dot Design Award winning Sail collection designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga.  Now in stock with an oak model of the same design, this stacking chair is available in different finishes – the perfect way to show off Sail’s angular aesthetic appeal.  Sail is destined for greatness in hospitality applications and dining rooms the country over.  A beautifully ‘green’ chair, Sail wood is made out from 100% recyclable wood from reforested areas, bears FSC certification and meets the chain of custody from the source of the material to the final product.

bd Barcelona – Side Table B by Konstantin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic expanded on his Extrusions Collection for bd Barcelona.  Side Table B is made of one piece of architectural concrete to aesthetically match the outdoor version of Table B (see images here).  Side Table B works with a light visual weight comparable to its appearance – rounding out a holistic collection.

hive (design by hive) – Waf by Asan Weinbroom

The Waf table lamp is geniusly simple – two sheets of veneer fastened together with a button.    Born from a fascination with movement from mechanical objects, Waf utilizes functionality with aesthetics, the top portion is adjustable to change levels of illumination changing the lighting effects throughout a room.

Sancal – Menu bench by Rafa Garcia

Another modular sofa collection arriving at the Zu is Rafa Garcia for Sancal’s Menu.  Available in six different modules, Menu is a fabulously scaled collection with various options for specification, perfect for both the home or contact applications.

Useful in small spaces as banquette seating, navigating corners in larger spaces, positioned back to back, the Menu system affords you the freedom to create the layout that best fits your space and your style.   Available as clean upholstery or pressed studs, the legs are specifiable between materials also.

Andreu World – Agora by Lievore, Altherr & Molina

Released at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013 by Andreu World.  The Agora collection is a new fully upholstered lounge chair that features solid wood and aluminium bases.  A chair that commands attention, Agora also provides the opposite, the perfect place for solitude, reflection and relaxation.  With specifiable leg and seat material options, Agora is suited to any space which requires a chair with a lot to offer.

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MILANO:2012 | Sancal…

Salone Internazionale del Mobile is proving to be a celebration of colour this year!

Sancal‘s “FLASH!” collection is really no exception, how could it be with the likes of Karim Rashid onboard!?  That’s right, the pilot of the fluorescent pink pen has turned his hand to soft furnishings for Spain’s Sancal.

The result is “Float”: a collection of group seating options with a selection of high and low back rests.  Almost bench-like, the upholstered Float family revels in its eccentricities with coat hooks, headrests, tables and cushioning all integrated into the seats… but almost mischievously misplaced.

Luis Eslava Studio have also taken the “Flash!” brief by both horns and in full-colour created a collection suitably titled: “Party”.

A system of sofas and armchairs, the comfort in the deep upholstered seats is at once inviting and  the proportions give the pieces a whimsical appeal.

In both collections the ‘chaos’ of the various configurations is pulled back into line with the consistency in the curved and ‘cartoony’ detailing, with each series the timber elements play wonderfully alongside the contrasting upholstery and button details.

Also released were Rafa Garcia’s Copla Sofa System and Juan Ibáñez’ Nudo nesting tables, with images still to come.

Register your interest in the newest Sancal items here.

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Two To Tangerine Tango…

It’s that time of the year again!

The aesthetes at colour HQ: Pantone, have announced the annual Colour Of The Year!

Hot on the heels of last years “Honeysuckle” comes the racy “Tangerine Tango”!  Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute® has the following to say of this years shade:

Sophisticated, but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it…. Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.

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Stick ‘Em Up…

So you have the furniture, you’ve treated the floors but staring back at you are some blatantly bare and desperately wanting walls…

  • Fine Art? Yes, quite fine for those that can afford it.
  • Paint a single feature wall? Too ‘done’.
  • A loud wall paper? It’ll date too fast.

So what if you combined all three of the above in a way that keeps you happy, affords you versatilty and yet keeps the space dynamic?  Clap your eyes on this “Magnetic Wallpaper” from Vij5.

Last year we brought you their amazing invention: newspaper wood (which has gone on to become a wonderfully adaptable material) and now they’ve taken this passion for design and recycling, quite literally: to the wall.

Employing readily available magnetic wall paints, this collection uses specifically sought out vintage wallpapers (not modern day vinyl wallpapers) backed with foil and then cut as tiles, in two sizes.  The brilliance is evident in that you can than mix and match and play with the array of patterns to create an ever changing backdrop to your living or work space.

Too floral? Vintage papers aren’t your thing?

Why not try the very contemporary Tea Wall Panels from SANCAL and Rafa Garcia!  An extension of the wildly succesful Tea Sofa Collection, these upholstered boards are offered  in bold hexagonal tiles that, like their predecessors, incorporate the distinct hexagonal quilt detailing and the possibility of creating both bi-coloured and bi-textured statements – It’s basically smart art.

What? Too Soft?

Harden up then with the wonderfully evocative properties of porcelain tiling.  Take these “Cardboard” designs from Academy Tiles for example.  Replicating a corrugated card effect, the material that is so often relegated to use in flooring has great potential for giving that blank wall a burst of personality.

Still cant decide?  Hang it all then and throw a mirror on the wall like the Showtime Mirrors from Jaime Hayon and BD Barcelona – at least that way you’ll always be happy with what’s staring back.

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And So To Bed…

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere we’ve pretty much kissed Summer a sweet goodbye and we’re now staring down the barrel of a wet Winter…but not all is lost!

Cool climes can be the perfect excuse to hibernate so we’re taking a look at whose good in bed!  From headboards to bases, to wall treatments to canopies: with this slumbersome selection sweet dreams are assured!

Click on each image to find out more!

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Down By The Danube…

© Julien Lanoo

Pritzker prize winning Architect Jean Nouvel signed off on the Sofitel Vienna in December last year.

From the street, sheer walls finished in glass and steel – some at atypical angles, trade surprisingly well within the subdued hues of historic Vienna.  Ultimately though, these elements belie the moments of riotous colour and haphazard geometry that jump out sporadically from internal balconies, feature ceilings and wall detailing.  The panoramic double height top floor restaurant offers sweeping views across Vienna, the canopy of colour overhead imbuing a sense warmth even when the city beyond the huge panes of glass is dusted in winter snowfall.   Rafa Garcia‘s luxurious Artica Armchairs for Sancal were selected by Nouvel for the same reason. Their crisp, formal lines reflect the language of the external architecture all the while providing superior comfort and warmth for the user.

© Julien Lanoo

© Julien Lanoo

The prolific Frenchman has been turning his hand to International projects further and further afield with Australia soon to get it’s own taste of the  Ateliers Jean Nouvel at Central Park, Sydney.  Having designed One Central Park for Fraser Property Group, the Frenchman’s dramatic foliage-clad residential tower with cantilevered mirror elements and Babylonic gardens will play neighbour to Frank Gehry’s forthcoming  “Wrinkly” Business Faculty for the University of Technology, Sydney.

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ITO + BCN = Porta Fira…

Arguably Japan’s most Internationally recognised architect and designer: Toyo Ito has made a striking, indelible mark on the Spanish design scene, adding his Modern Asian chapter to their multi-faceted design history.

Hotel Santos Porta Fira in Barcelona’s port district combines conference facilities, a cubist commercial tower and 110m tall hotel in a distinct irregularly shaped building referencing the form of a lotus flower.  As Ito has famously been quoted:

there is no better architecture than a tree

This reverence for natural form and organic structure is evidently carried through in the design of internal furnishings too.  Toyo Ito with Spanish firm Sancal collaborated on the public seating for the tower’s vast foyer, the result is Konoha.  The gentle leaf-like bench seating affords the space a minimalism not compromising versatility.  When arranged circularly, each plays a part in creating a functional floral motif, begging to be repeated for ultimate visual effect.

Beyond the main hall Sancal were entrusted with furnishing much of the hotel in it’s rooms and common areas.

The Lugano Armchair by Daniel Abate and the 1+1 small tables by Odos Design were designated for the suites; while the Nosso armchairs by La Cubitera and a special  customised edition of the Sax sofa by Rafa García was also used in one area of the grand lobby. In the restaurant, the Menu bench was adapted to surround a towering column decorated with plant motifs which were also reflected in the patterning underfoot – a reference to the Konoha collection.

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