FFF – It’s Noteworthy …

The simple joy that we get from reading some of the entries on Letters of Note is just delicious.  Letters of Note is pretty self-explanatory, but generally, the website publishes (by definition alone) letters of note – correspondence passing between two parties, which the world may have forgotten, or never seen without the power of the internet, and probably some snooping.

You could spend hours finding out interesting facts, seeing public figures in a light never before, understanding their work process, their thoughts and quite often their intimate feelings.  Intrusive, perhaps, but interesting nonetheless.   We just don’t know where to start, and where to stop.

A few of our favourites are Mick Jagger’s letter to Andy Warhol regarding the cover art for the 1971 Rolling Stones album Sticky Fingers (above).

Courtney Love’s 1995 letter to Spin Magazine regarding Madonna “Maddonna (sic) wishes Id slag her. how can I insult wallpaper? Except to say, “That wallpaper in your Guest Room kinda sucks & ignore it?”.

Pablo Picasso’s artistic letter to French Poert Jean Cocteau in 1916.

Francis Ford Coppola’s 1973 letter to Marlon Brando near begging him to appear in the subsequent Godfather films.

Stanley Kubrik’s letter to IBM advising them that the psychotic computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey is in fact one of their own (this is currently on show at LACMA).

They just go on and on… check out Johnny Cash’s love letter to June Carter, Jimi Hendrix’s letter to Reprise Records and the Sex Pistols’ manager Malcolm McLaren’s letter recommending the sacking of Glen Matlock due to his constant discussion of Paul McCartney, to be replaced by Sid Vicious!


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We Love Spain …

Here at the ‘ZU we have a bit of a fascination for Spain.  We aren’t alone – the world has an ever expanding love affair with the skilled European State, and with good reason.  A land bearing some of the worlds most successful and well-known creatives in history is worthy of a humble mention here on the KE-ZU Blog.

The undeniable talent across every sector which has emerged from Spain is unstoppable and almost unfathomable.  Think perhaps the genius brushstrokes of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, fashion giant Balenciaga, every girls’ footwear fantasy Manolo Blahnik, the “L’enfant terrible” fashionista Paco Rabbane, marketing genius and comfort guru Camper, a huge spectrum of architectural brilliance delivered by Antoni Gaudi and Santiago Calatrava, multi-talented designer Javier Mariscal and culinary brain Ferran Adrià – what a list, and that’s just the start!

Spain has captured our hearts, and for more than just these monumental reasons – the work of the wider Spanish community in the cultural arts arena is nothing short of beautiful and while we’re on that, check out the astoundingly picturesque layout of the website Love Spain.

Love Spain is dedicated to creativity in Spanish design, architecture, art, fashion and food and the rolling image bank is a non-stop repertoire of all things creative hailing from the European land we adore.

All KE-ZU’s Spanish suppliers are featured on the site; nanimarquina in her award winning range of rugs immortalising the Spanish artist Edward Chillida (and the greater nanimarquina collection), Vondom’s progressive outdoor pieces, bd Barcelona’s Dali works and a selection of Sancal’s products!

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