Keeping up with the Bones’ …

New to the Vondom catalogue and recently arriving in our showroom is the Bones collection of planters.

Designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba for the Spanish manufacturer, Bones is characterised by its relative slimness and light weight comparable to its ability of strength.  Capable of reversibility to use either end to support any plant or tree, Bones is available in three shapes of various sizes, all embodying a silhouette of different types of bones.

As is with the wider range of Vondom planters, this family of polyethylene resin planters may illuminate to provide an interesting flair to any outdoor social occasion.  Last week KE-ZU supplied the 2013 Tropfest Film Festival interview set with a selection of Bones – showcasing the planters to a live audience of over 150,000 people and televised in 33 countries!  See the image below.

Bones in all available shapes are available for viewing on the KE-ZU showroom floor.

Also new to the Vondom catalogue is the Adan collection pictured below, with black samples available for viewing at the KE-ZU showroom.  We’ve previously featured Adan on the blog here.

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KE-ZU’s Garden of Eden

Vondom is highly regarded for their work in outdoor furniture and lighting, specialising in rotational moulding. Taking solid forms and shearing them into bold, angular and geometric styles is the trademark of the Spanish company.

Designed by Italian born and Spanish based and designer Teresa Sapey and causing quite a fuss in outdoor trend, Vondom has released their latest venture, Adan and Eva.

Designed from the imagined faces of the biblical Adam and Eve, these versatile pieces are finding themselves in some very trendy outdoor spaces.  Highly adaptable as planters, lights, stools and tables, Adan and Eva are large scaled pieces which fit in perfectly as a new sibling in the Vondom family.

Instantly recognizable as either the male or female counterparts, Adan and Eva have many differences in their structure.  Adan, strikingly handsome appears lean, strong and muscular whilst Eva falls into the softer category, a softer, suppler specimen.  Vondom says of the pieces:

Adan, as a diamond with cutting, while Eva is smooth, sweet and delicate, of curves lines.  Both of them are the result of the balance between the past and the future.

Adan & Eva follows Chemistubes, the incredible first collaboration between Sapey and Vondom – another investigation into scale and light.  Chemistubes are a vase and light, also available lacquered in various colours.

Adan & Eva are available from KE-ZU and its national distributors.  Stock available pre-Christmas.

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