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Salone Milano 2014 Day 3: Nanimarquina …


The 2014 nanimarquina campaign at Salone Milano rests heavily on a few key products.  While 2013 saw the inception of the vast Naturals collection, this year the Spanish rug queen has an emphatic design message.

We couldn’t help but get excited as we walked past Nanimarquina to see the familiar pattern and high craftsmanship of the Losanges rug by the Bourroulec Brothers, albeit with a face-lift!   The hugely popular piece is now available in red and white!.  Sharing front row airtime with the new Losanges (Losanges III perhaps?) is Marti Guixe’s Ghost rug.

Losanges in new colours

Losanges in new colours

Marti Guixe's Ghost rug

Marti Guixe’s Ghost rug

In meeting Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien, it helps understand just why the designs coming from their studio have carried them to the forefront of the 2014 design scene.  On face value, the juxtaposing outfits of Doshi’s sophisticated black and Levien’s colourful high prints give a reassuring sense that all bases are covered; their work tells a similar story.   The Doshi Levien piece for Nanimarquina: Rabari is handmade in India and references unfinished Indian embroideries, the inspiration comes from the Nomadic community of the Rabaris of the Kutch region.   Available in three sizes and two colour combinations – Rabari is a unique and carefully designed piece from this exciting duo!


Rabari’s two colour combinations




Rabari’s two colours


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iSaloni 2014 Preview & Guide

The worlds largest and most coveted furniture fair kicks off in the magical Milano next Tuesday.  Here is our official Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014 guide here.


Caron, Moraima and Simon are off to Milan so stay tuned for our daily round ups throughout the fair and our post-Milan report in early May.


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Milton Glaser for Nanimarquina! Shakespeare in Africa (and KE-ZU) …


A collaboration between iconic graphic designer Milton Glaser and Spanish rug manufacturer Nanimarquina has resulted in the astounding Africa and Shakespeare in Africa collections.

84 year old Glaser is better known for founding New York Magazine and his prolific graphic design (the I ♥ NY and DC Comics bullet logos and posters for Bob Dylan and Sony). Glaser uses his signature style whilst uncovering the relationship between seemingly unconnected things in his first collaboration with KE-ZU supplier Nanimarquina.



The Africa series comprises both Africa and Shakespeare in Africa.  In Shakespeare in Africa, Glaser overlays two hand-drawn illustrations; a portrait of Shakespeare and a modern interpretation of African tribal patterns to create a striking trompe l’oeil.  From a distance, the portrait plays against the pattern offering a commanding focal point of the worlds most famous playwright. Upon closer inspection, the tribal style pattern emerges as the star, engrossing viewers with varying lines and curves of aesthetic hierarchy.  This pattern features solely in Africa.

The rugs in the collection are made using a hand-knotting technique utilising 100% New Zealand wool and as such, Glaser’s print had to be simplified so it could be rendered using only four colours of wool. According to Marquina, it took two years and five prototypes to arrive at a design in which Shakespeare’s image would appear neither too prominently in the foreground nor be so subtle as to get lost in the background. The final product, which is made by a team of artisan workers in India (as shown in the video below) takes about three months to weave.



The Africa collection is available exclusively from KE-ZU!

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Rojo Show in Barcelona …

KEZU_RED_Image Courtesy of Rojo Show

Image courtesy of rojoshow.com

The Rojo Exhibition has arrived at the Disseny Hub Building in Barcelona and will be on display until the 19 March.

The exhibition showcases a diverse range of furniture, lighting and accessories which have been designed and produced in Spain. The products, all of which are finished in a hue of Rojo (Red) are displayed on a modular platform designed by Architecture-G.

Look out for the Rojo version of the Sail Chair from Andreu World,  Metssas Table from bd BarcelonaLottus Stool from EneaChou Lamp from Lzf, the Flod Stool and Om Chair from M114Roses Rug from nanimarquinaTalo Armchair from Sancal and the Peacock Planter from Vondom.

These items are all available from KE-ZU!

For more information about the Rojo Exhibition click here.

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The Hauntingly Beautiful Ghost …

Ghost, the latest creation from Spanish rug manufacturer nanimarquina is hauntingly beautiful.

Designed by Marti Guixé, the man who brought us News and Extended, this rug features black and white motifs of birds, flowers, horses and deers, which like ghosts weave in and out of sight.

Released this month at Imm Cologne, Ghost is a modern take on a classic Kerman carpet, which originated in 15th Century Persia. Kerman rugs feature curvilinear dense all-over floral patterns and boast intricate reproductions of painted masterworks.  Guixé says of the piece

I worked on a small part each day, sometimes painting during the day and sometimes at night… the graphic arrhythmias reflect my different moods over a period of three months of work and give Ghost a touch of mysticism

Ghost will soon be available at KE-ZU.

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Nanimarquina brings the News …

Nanimarquina’s News rug reminisces the graphic technique so often used in advertising, its shape re-contextualized utilising the same colour as its inspiration to create a visually striking floor piece from the Spanish rug manufacturer.

Recently arriving in the KE-ZU showroom with two cousins (read the Blog posts about Topissimo and Rangoli here), News is the design by Martí Guixé providing a well-known shape in a useable format.  News is versatile across many types of interior spaces; demanding attention with its huge visual impact, the jagged circular piece provides its surroundings with new shapes by ingeniously delimiting the circle and providing a packed punch so often difficult to obtain with floor covering.

Nanimarquina's News rug with Bernhardt Design's Prisma table and Duet conference chairs

Nanimarquina’s News Rug with Bernhardt Design’s Prisma table and Duet conference chairs

News is a hand made utilizing a tufted technique from 100% New Zealand wool and is available in only one colour – it’s vibrant red!

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Topissimo Top of the Floor! …

The second of the three Nanimarquina rugs new to the KE-ZU showroom is Topissimo.

This fun collection is inspired by polka-dots, these dots protruding and coming to life from the rug giving it a sense of playfulness and depth.   These shapes form an exploration of the rug’s texture and provide a canvas to play with pattern and colour.  The result is a practically smooth surface with a distinct touch provided by the coloured tips, creating a sensation of movement that varies depending on the light.

Available in two versions, multicolour or simple (which mixes two shades from the same range), these rugs can be combined in both colourful environments and in more neutral spaces that need a bit of life.

Nani Marquina's initial design sketch

Topissimo in the KE-ZU showroom with Sancal's Nudo table and Copla Sofa

The process to create each Topissimo rug is by hand, and involves many craftsmen with refined traditional technique and skill.  Check out the intriguing process in the video below.

Topissimo and the greater Nanimarquina collection is available at KE-ZU.

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Rangoli Ready! …

The showroom floor here at KE-ZU has recently seen some action; it was overhauled for Saturday Indesign by Dana of Yellowtrace and now plays host to some great new floor coverings by Spanish rug manufacturer Nanimarquina.

We’ll let you know about all of the pieces we’ve brought out from Spain shortly, but first cab off the rank is Rangoli – purely because we get to gloat that we had the design gracing our (and earlier this year 200 of our blog readers’) desks in the form of Rangoli mousepads!

The Rangoli rug in the showroom surrounded by Bernhardt Design's Mirador sofa and Quiet table

The Rangoli Mousepad - a fabulous feature on our desks!

The Rangoli rug was designed in Spain by Nanimarquina, handmade from 100% New Zealand hand tufted wool and available in two tones.  Rangoli takes its name from the classic Hindu mosaics made with powder speckled with colour. The pattern typically radiates from the centre, creating a circumference of decorative borders and the same can be said for Nanimarquina’s interpretation. The shapes are drawn successively, and once repeated are transformed into a luminous ornament while each of the three sizes takes its cue from the pattern before it,

Rangoli, and the greater Nanimarquina collection is available now!

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Brothers in arms, and design …

The Bouroullec brothers are a family name synonymous with good design.   For years the French duo have been using their skills to apply to projects which have been praised for their innovation and simplicity.

One of the stars of the 2009 documentary Objectified (a film I highly recommend, a fascinating expose into how industrial design impacts our lives and its place in our society),  Ronan Bouroullec says:

I don’t believe that design is really provoking a huge change is society, it’s more that we deal with everyday objects and every day furniture and I think one of the more important responsibilities is to find a clever way to produce this through manufacturing process, either if its industry or craft and one of our responsibilities is to express a certain flavour that exists into a manufacturing process and it’s the same thing when you make some cooking every day, I mean, if you cook badly you’ll get a bad meal.

Now, exposed to the public are all facets of the work of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.  Presented as a bound volume of sketches in retrospective titled Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec: Drawing, it retraces every stage of their career, from beginning to their latest works.  The volume is part of an exhibition taking place at Paris’ Musée des Arts Décoratifs called  Momentane based on the brothers’ 15 year career.

Momentané runs until September 1 at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.

Available at KE-ZU are the traditionally woven patterned rugs Losanges and Losanges II designed by the Bouroullecs for Spanish manufacturer nanimarquina.  Losanges II in black and white forms part of the new range available from Nanimarquina – more information is available here!

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Never enough Nani …

There is never enough Nani, or at least, we think there isn’t.

KE-ZU supplier Nanimarquina is interviewed by online design platform DesignApplause about her new colleciton ‘Naturals’.  A beautiful interview about design process, materiality, and the Nanimarquina message:

I think this collection is good for this moment because people have been waiting for this concept, they wish to connect with a natural and honest item that they use and cherish

See the entire interview here.

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