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New Wave …

KE-ZU_Milan Hearts_16

New Wave designed by Ray Power for LZF.


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Dandelion …

KE-ZU_Milan Hearts_13

After a collaboration of more than ten years, Dandelion is Burkhard Dämmer’s latest contribution to LZF.

Dandelion can be considered as one single lamp or a combination of lamps. Inside, every shade several LED circuits are hidden, which can be lit all at once or by sections to meet the requirements of the room and the time of day. Outside, the LZF wood veneer enfolds every geometrical shape, like cones sinking at different depths into the heart of Dandelion.

The result is a very original lamp, a geometric puzzle of light which resembles one of the most basic forms of life.

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Koi …

KE-ZU_Milan Hearts_2_32

Designed by Mariví Calvo, Koi is a huge carp made of light and wood, a spectacular light structure, half-lamp, half-sculpture.

The inspiration for this wonderful idea came from an interlacing wood system and the transparencies it produced when lit. The system, consisting in the overlaying of wooden slats as if they were fish scales, is called the “Koi Fabric”, and was used for making iluminated walls.

The result is a stunning handcrafted piece measuring more than three metres from head to tail. Koi consists of a wooden frame, constructed using traditional Valencian carpentry techniques, which supports the skin made of dozens of small wood veneer pieces.


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News | Inside the LZF workshop

Lzf loaded its first handmade movie onto Youtube in September 2009. Since then it has received over half a million views and has been used on many blogs around the world as an example of an artesanal design process. The LZF workshop has grown considerably since 2009 and their artisans have developed new models and techniques – this new video takes you into the current LZF workshop, providing a glimpse into their creative process as they endeavour to give life to wood through light.

All LZF fixtures are handmade in Valencia, Spain, using their own Timberlite® wooden veneers meaning every fixture is unique and special.




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News | KE-ZU Sale


Sale starts Tuesday 27th January at 7.30am

Save on a huge range of designer indoor + outdoor furniture, lighting + accessories for the home, office + public spaces from international brands – Andreu World + Bernhardt Design + EMU + BD Barcelona + HIVE + Kenneth Cobonpue + Expormim + Lzf + M114 + Indecasa + Enea + Sancal

Visit us at the KE-ZU Pop-Up Store Monday to Friday 7.30am – 6pm and Saturdays 10am – 5pm – Suite 31, Level 1, 69 O’Riordan St Alexandria 2015

For any enquiries please contact us at sales@kezu.com.au or 1300 724 174


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Furniture For Thought …

KE-ZU Furniture for Thought Intro

We were intending to launch our new KE-ZU blog series Furniture for Thought at Blogsphere 2014 – the World Blogging Festival in Cannes this year. To our disappointment when we turned up at the venue, we were shocked to find it was a small shop on the boardwalk, selling You Cannes Touch This T-shirts to desperate Japanese tourists. The owner of the shop, Pierre La Bloom, ensured us that he’d never heard of Blogosphere 2014, but it would be a great idea for a T-shirt.

A few enquiries to the local tourism authority confirmed our worst fears. Blogosphere 2014 Cannes does not exist. Not in any way shape or form. We had been scammed out of our $5,000 entry fee by a shonky Nigerian named Mr Adebayo who (perhaps not surprisingly) refused to return our frantic calls.

So, jetlagged, $5,000-out-of-pocket, and back in sunny Sydney with nothing to show for our disastrous trip but a You Cannes Touch This T-shirt (Caron’s idea not mine) we are left with little choice but to launch Furniture for Thought right here, right now in less salubrious circumstances. No red carpets, no rude French waiters, no cocktails tricked up with miniature umbrellas… just a laptop on a desk at KE-ZU headquarters, a cold espresso and a half-eaten mulberry macaroon.

So, without further ado, welcome to Furniture for Thought; our new weekly look at the brands that help to make KE-ZU the uber-cool destination it is. In each edition we’ll be exploring one manufacturer, seeking to find out what it is that makes them tick. We’ll look at the history, the people, and the philosophy behind the names.

Furniture for Thought will be your go-to destination for information about some of the biggest, most dynamic furniture and lighting brands on the planet. Brands such as BD Barcelona, LZF, Andreu World, Expormim, Parachilna, Forestier, Vondom and Sancal.


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LZF Lamps’ Fabulous 50’s! …

Escape by LZF Lamps

Domo by LZF Lamps

Cheeky devils!

Our mates over at LZF Lamps have been busy daydreaming and transporting their products back in time to the fabulous 50’s!

In the spirit of current television and cinema trend, LZF have chosen the interior visual presentation technique of 1950’s interior design to prove that they are committed to timeless design – an interesting idea, taking current product and reversing the clock to test the theory. It’s a job well done with their suspension lamps seamlessly blending into the era. Have a look for yourself and remember, all the products are available at KE-ZU!

Which is your favourite?

Pod by LZF Lamps

Pod by LZF Lamps


Escape by LZF Lamps

Gea by LZF Lamps

Gea by LZF Lamps

Poppy by LZF Lamps

Poppy by LZF Lamps

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KE-ZU at designEX 2014

kezu+yellowtrace at designex4

Connect with KE-ZU at Stands 234/238 & The Connection.

KE-ZU premieres at designEX collaborating with the legendary Dana Tomic Hughes of Yellowtrace fame creating an exhibition of unparalleled awesomeness.

KE-ZU will be launching the latest lighting designs by Arik Levy from French manufacturer Forestier and featuring our new range of Sancal furniture now manufactured under license in Australia to GECA standards. This is an ever expanding range available in as little as 2 weeks. See what’s new from Andreu World, Bernhardt Design, Lzf and Vondom. Trade and Retail distribution inquiries welcome.


Nub Chairs designed by Patricia Urquiola for Andreu World


Chou Lamps designed by Yonoh Studio for Lzf


In & Out Lamps designed by Arik Levy for Forestier


Tea Chairs designed by JM Ferrero for Sancal


Adan Stools and Planters designed by Teresa Sapey for Vondom

designEX runs from 28th – 30th May at the Sydney Exhibition Centre, Glebe Island and attendance is free. Register now.



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Rojo Show in Barcelona …

KEZU_RED_Image Courtesy of Rojo Show

Image courtesy of rojoshow.com

The Rojo Exhibition has arrived at the Disseny Hub Building in Barcelona and will be on display until the 19 March.

The exhibition showcases a diverse range of furniture, lighting and accessories which have been designed and produced in Spain. The products, all of which are finished in a hue of Rojo (Red) are displayed on a modular platform designed by Architecture-G.

Look out for the Rojo version of the Sail Chair from Andreu World,  Metssas Table from bd BarcelonaLottus Stool from EneaChou Lamp from Lzf, the Flod Stool and Om Chair from M114Roses Rug from nanimarquinaTalo Armchair from Sancal and the Peacock Planter from Vondom.

These items are all available from KE-ZU!

For more information about the Rojo Exhibition click here.

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INSTALLED: Red Red Rock – Red Red Hot …

UXC Red Rock Consulting recently moved their Sydney outfit to new premises in Clarence Street in the City, taking up residence in a very funky office.

The company is a mover and shaker in the consulting and managed services sector of Australia and New Zealand and obviously requires an office to match!  With high ceilings, wooden floors and obvious colour references to the red of their name, KE-ZU worked with Red Rock to provide furniture which was going to become part of the RR family.

The office is buzzing with fun.  The space is largely open plan, provides a pool table and many smaller glass-walled conference rooms which are somewhat planted in the centre of the office with names such as “The WTF Room”, “The Vault” and other creative tags all seemingly testament to the uber-cool employees which grace the halls.

Installing Little People, a Hive [design by hive] suspension light in copper overhead of the reception area (and the Mon-Fri day-home of my new friend Karlie) starts the Red Rock experience with a bang and you know you’re in for a treat!

Red Artifort Nina Chairs were installed into the boardroom which flank Konstantin Grcic and BD Barcelona’s successful aluminum extrusion piece Table B, which makes for exciting meetings looking over the Sydney CBD.

Soaring overhead in their colourful playful way over the breakout area is LZF’s X-Club suspension lamps – encouraging a bit of fun in the social nook.

If it weren’t for the amount of amazing pieces I work around every day here in the KE-ZU Showroom, with an office like this I’d be putting in a CV at Red Rock toot sweet!

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