Raindrop(‘s aren’t falling on our heads) …

It’s no secret where the inspiration for LZF Lamps’ latest lighting feature ‘Raindrop’ has come from.  Javier Herrero Studio designed Raindrop to fall from the ceiling into a delicately handcrafted drop shape, plied from fine wood veneer, through which light emanating from a centralised glass sphere flows into its space.

Raindrop falls into the larger LZF Lamps catalogue of finely tuned wood products, embodying their mantras “wood touched by light” and “light and nature”.

The entire LZF Lamps catalogue is available at KE-ZU, with models LINKNUTAIR and ANFORA available for viewing now at the KE-ZU showroom.

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Caron get’s a start …

KE-ZU’s co-owner and resident style guru Caron was recently featured on KE-ZU supplier LZF Lamps’ blog together with her executed LZF Telegram Interview – you can find the interview here, and below a copy Caron’s entertaining Telegram!

Info on some of LZF Lamps’ new pieces will be coming to the KE-ZU Blog shortly…

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