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Gardenias …


Gardenias Lounge Chair designed by Jamie Hayon for BD Barcelona.

Now available nationally through KE-ZU!

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Pillow …



Pillow Collection designed by Lievore, Altherr & Molina for Andreu World.

Pillow is a collection of chairs, armchairs and lounge chairs with solid beech wood frame and upholstered seat and backrest. The modern design reflects an elegant lightness that is intended as an example of sheer comfort.

Now available nationally through KE-ZU!

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Showtime …

35_KE-ZU_BD BARCELONA_SHOWTIME_JAIME HAYONShowtime Low Lounger designed by Jamie Hayon for BD Barcelona.

Now available from KE-ZU!

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Frames by Jamie Hayon …



A new paragraph narrated in the story of Expormim through Jaime Hayon’s vision leads to a new collection. The first story is the contemporary perception of the author about the identity of a manufacturer of his country that exudes Mediterranean flavour. Inside, other stories are framed: those that evoke the memory with the touch of rattan and detail of his twisted, and that lead us to recall “La Exportadora de Mimbre” of the sixties, when furniture was created to complete the attractive terraces of the Mediterranean, and its tourist explosion. Although the real story is the encounter between the designer and the company, being mutual fans who have shown respect to the Mediterranean craft tradition through their work.

The main set of the Frames collection includes an armchair, a room divider and a side table. In order to manufacture them, skilled craftsmen select the rattan rods with special attention, curve them with heat, explore all its features to create, and manually introduce them into the moulds. But while the classic use of rattan includes multiple diameters and abundant links, Hayon creates a formula to compose the pieces of Frames that simplifies and organizes the structures. Each screen of wicker frames a classic braiding that evokes the past, but the whole takes the sinuous forms characteristic of the designer and his illustrations. Jaime Hayon takes advantage of the continuity that these fibres are able to provide to follow the line of his drawings, while other materials would have required assembly.

Now available from KE-ZU!

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Agora …

29_KE-ZU_ANDREU WORLD_AGORA_LIEVORE_ALTHERR_MOLINANew low back Agora designed by Lievore, Altherr & Molina for Andreu World.

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Gemini …

21_KE-ZU_ARTIFORT_GEMINI_UNSTUDIOGemini for Artifort has been designed as individual furniture pieces which can be placed as single seating elements, in pairs or in groups of various sizes and configurations. The concept for the design of the chair centers on flexibility of movement, versatility in seating positions and variety in spatial experiences.

Set upon an asymmetric frame, the generously proportioned single-surface body of the chair curves towards the floor on one side and arches upwards to form both an arm and a backrest on the other. This contoured composition affords the user variety in seating positions and directionality: they can sit up, slouch, lounge, hang, repose or hunker, but they can also shift, twist, turn, swing around, pivot to face each other or turn towards the room.

Spatially Gemini introduces varying visual orientations of the spaces in which the chairs are placed and offers the possibility to choose between sitting alone, sitting together or simply enjoying different views of the surrounding space. When coupled with either its direct twin or its mirrored twin, the nonsymmetrical silhouette of both the frame and the soft element transforms to create a curvilinear symmetry.
The horizontally subdivided soft body of the chairs can be upholstered in up to four different ways. Gemini can be used in private, public and semi-public settings, such as waiting areas, lobbies, offices, lounge areas and libraries.

Gemini is now available at KE-ZU!

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Rew …

12_KE-ZU_SANCAL_RAFA_GARCIA_REWRew Modular Sofa designed by Rafa Garcia for Sancal.

This new creation by Rafa García is tremendously versatile, and can be used for a variety of diverse projects that require pieces for resting, eating or working.

Rest. An entire family of chairs, sofas and modules, as light as they are comfortable, can be used with two different types of arm: one is high and thin like the back and the other is low and soft, like the base of the design.

Eat. The “nutritious” part corresponds to an ample number of benches which can be used with a dining table. The benches can be used alone, or together with upholstered wall pieces. The benches are available in two depths (57 and 72cm). The least deep is the archetypal dining bench, providing a firm, upright sitting position. Moreover, the finish of the arms in a corner permits compositions with angles to be made. The deeper version is ideal to fill with scatter cushions and create an informal environment, perfect for long postprandial conversations. Rafa’s piece provides two back heights, 95 and 115cm. The low back creates a light design, while the higher back provides some privacy.

Work. The productivity at work is directly related to our concentration and feeling of wellbeing. These versions of the sofas, modules, and chairs enable a certain degree of privacy in an office setting, or the hall of a hotel. Rafa has also designed a bench and a couple of cushions to complete the programme.

The feet are available in steel lacquered black, or ash, which can be stained to any of the colours in the Sancal collection.




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Lottus Lounge Chair …


Lottus Lounge Chair designed by Lievore Altherr Molina for Enea.

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Barnaby …


Barnaby designed by Perrine Vigneron and Gilles Belley for Sancal.
Perrine & Gilles have transformed the anti-aesthetic practice of covering a sofa with a cover into a work of art. This tradition was particularly prevalent on Spain’s Mediterranean coast and was crying out to be updated. From this experiment, a duo of sofas and chairs were born.

After a seemingly infinite amount of prototypes, KE-ZU supplier Sancal managed to cover the structure whilst respecting the volumes. As the cover is loose, it can be easily changed to create a new look. The coloured taping adds a touch of colour and marks the lines of the piece.

Barnaby can be considered a “neo-transitional object”, using a term coined by Stefano Caggiano . In its rounded corners one can imagine cat-like ears, giving the design a lovable, almost animated feel, hence the pet name.

Barnaby is now available from KE-ZU and will be on display in our Sydney showroom in the coming months. Stay tuned for more details!


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Let Down Your Hair…

Kenneth Cobonpue took the opportunity at the recent Maison et Objet in Paris to launch a number of new designs, recently we brought you the Ferris** collection, but one of the most exciting unveilings last week was the Rapunzel Chair.

Designed with a matching ottoman, the oversized woven bands cocoon you in a generous curvy Lounge Chair that is sure to be a hit.

**(NB. Since originally publishing this article on Sept 22nd, the name of the FERRIS COLLECTION has been revised by the manufacturer, the new lounger and ottoman from KENNETH COBONPUE are now called PAPILLION)

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