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24-Hour Party People

Not many folks attend a Vondom party and come out of it completely unscathed. We are talking seriously passionate parties; parties where the Vondom poolside furniture gets a lot of use.

Fortunately, the 24-hour-party people at Vondom take their approach to furniture and lighting design just as seriously as their approach to a good party.

“Vondom are the best of the roto-moulded furniture companies supplying the contract market and it is a design company on the ascendency,” says KE-ZU’s Caron Grunschlag. “They have a huge collection of products and were one of the first companies to do illuminated furniture. There were not a lot of companies doing that when we started working with them. They also enabled us to go into the planter market which was an extension of the outdoor and general contract market that we were already serving.”

The rotational moulding technique employed by Vondom allows them to create an incredible range of colours, textures and organic forms, with the greatest range of designer collections spanning furniture, lighting and pots.

Vondom’s pots are available in a super-large range of shapes and sizes. They can be ordered with self-watering systems and as with some of the furniture, remote programmable colour LED lighting.

With a UV factor of 8, the material used in all of Vondom’s outdoor products is capable of withstanding the most extreme climatic conditions (if it can survive a Vondom party, it can survive anything). Plus every Vondom product is 100 per cent recyclable, making it a sustainable choice.

What really sets Vondom apart however is their collaborations with some of the greatest designers on the planet, including Karim Rashid, Harry & Camila, Eugeni Quitllet, Javier Mariscal, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Ross Lovegrove.

Sounds like an excuse for a party…

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The Art Player – Enter Mariscal’s World …

The wildly charismatic Spanish designer and artist Javier Mariscal, designer of many pieces available at KE-ZU has undertaken a new project, The Art Player at the Hangaram Museum in Seoul, Korea.  The exhibition is currently showing until 22 March.

The exhibition leads its visitors through the designer’s creative process, dissecting it to reveal three clear spaces:

SKETCHES ROOM: This first space of the exhibition separates itself from the balance of the exhibition by suspending black and white sketches drawn by Mariscal. In a Being John Malkovich-esque way, we understand this space is like entering Mariscal’s mind and shows how the artist visualizes his ideas.

Vondom's Moma stool and Mora light - designed by Mariscal & available at KE-ZU

Vondom's Moma collection - designed by Mariscal & available at KE-ZU

Vondom's Sabinas sofa and Mora light - designed by Mariscal & available at KE-ZU

M114's Green Chair - designed by Mariscal & available at KE-ZU

COLLAGE LANDSCAPE:  This space shows Mariscal’s illustration style come to life, utilising sketches as furniture coverings while animated screens highlight his drawing style.  Showcasing his artistic versatility, this exhibition space is where many of the furniture pieces Mariscal has designed for KE-ZU suppliers Vondom and Mobles114 are displayed (all Mariscal’s products for these two suppliers are available at KE-ZU). 

COLOURS PARADE: The final stage of the exhibition introduces you to the many characters of the Marsical family, his illustrated friends in his unmistakable style all coming together.

The Art Player is a fabulous exhibition. It is so exciting to see each facet of Mariscal’s work artfully pieced together under one roof!  Our images were taken from Mariscal’s website, where the video below is available!

Mariscal The Art Player – Exhibition Walkthrough from estudiomariscal on Vimeo.

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No pressure, high-pressure cleaning! …

Cleaning. What a drag. Mary Poppins had it right with a spoon full of sugar. Next to sweeten the deal of the cleaning process is Vondom and Mariscal Studio.

Utilising the recognisable visual style of artist, and designer of many Vondom pieces is Javier Mariscal, visually describing the methods of cleaning Vondom’s outdoor furniture in the film below. It’s so easy, what a treat!

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INSTALLED: Clean and Green …

The Green Chair designed by the artistic multi-disciplined visionary Javier Mariscal for Mobles114 is a modern geometric number. This isn’t its only drawcard however – its beauty lies not only in its chameleon-like ability to suit any space both indoor and outdoor but also its 100% recycled and recyclable catalogue of materials.

Formed by a recycled polypropylene textured seat shell available in two colours, and a wooden or metal leg frame also colour variable, the Green Chair is perfectly suited to contract and hospitality applications.  See some of the images below where the Green Chair has slotted perfectly into their environment (whilst being ever-so-aware of the environment itself) – in the Muna Cafe in Narva College, Estonia.

While we’re on Javier Mariscal, have a look at his other designs available at KE-ZU for Spanish manufacturers nanimarquina, Vondom and Andreu World and, if you haven’t seen Mariscal’s Facebook page we highly suggest doing so –it’s a colourful display of illustration and all round creative fun).

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We Love Spain …

Here at the ‘ZU we have a bit of a fascination for Spain.  We aren’t alone – the world has an ever expanding love affair with the skilled European State, and with good reason.  A land bearing some of the worlds most successful and well-known creatives in history is worthy of a humble mention here on the KE-ZU Blog.

The undeniable talent across every sector which has emerged from Spain is unstoppable and almost unfathomable.  Think perhaps the genius brushstrokes of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, fashion giant Balenciaga, every girls’ footwear fantasy Manolo Blahnik, the “L’enfant terrible” fashionista Paco Rabbane, marketing genius and comfort guru Camper, a huge spectrum of architectural brilliance delivered by Antoni Gaudi and Santiago Calatrava, multi-talented designer Javier Mariscal and culinary brain Ferran Adrià – what a list, and that’s just the start!

Spain has captured our hearts, and for more than just these monumental reasons – the work of the wider Spanish community in the cultural arts arena is nothing short of beautiful and while we’re on that, check out the astoundingly picturesque layout of the website Love Spain.

Love Spain is dedicated to creativity in Spanish design, architecture, art, fashion and food and the rolling image bank is a non-stop repertoire of all things creative hailing from the European land we adore.

All KE-ZU’s Spanish suppliers are featured on the site; nanimarquina in her award winning range of rugs immortalising the Spanish artist Edward Chillida (and the greater nanimarquina collection), Vondom’s progressive outdoor pieces, bd Barcelona’s Dali works and a selection of Sancal’s products!

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25 (Very Much) Alive…

We all know it’s impolite to ask a lady her age, but this is one milestone deserving of celebration – so much so that Nani Marquina is telling everyone how old her rug and flooring venture is… rightly so!  The beautiful short film above is a wonderful Birthday Card!

Daughter of Catalan designer and architect Rafael Marquina, Nani 25 years ago established nanimarquina – now Spains leading rug design and manufacturer with global exports accounting for 60% of their business.  Presenting fascinating designs from Tord Boontje, Javier Mariscal, Michael Lin, Cristian Zuzunaga, the Bouroullec Brothers and many more esteemed designers from textile, industrial, architectural and interiors backgrounds, nanimarquina continues to make the principle on which it was founded a reality:

…to reinvent the rug, giving it new uses, new concepts and playing with elements such as shape, colour and texture.

With manufacturing carried out in India and Northern Pakistan to capitalise on the regional skills and traditional rug making techniques, her conscious actions and considerable efforts invested in offsetting the stigma associated with manufacturing in these areas (accounting for child labour and staff exploitation) has seen her play an integral and founding role in the Care and Fair Program.

Established to set an example and raise awareness in the rug and carpet industry that working with social responsibility leads to better welfare for everyone.

With the conviction that this goal is achievable with the right help, Care & Fair basically works in two domains: education and health.

In all a talented, sound and admirable success story, the likes of which are buoying to see in the current European economic climate.

We congratulate Nani and her team and wish them every success for the coming 25 and beyond, KE-ZU are proud to be an extension of the global nanimarquina family.

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INSTALLED: New Brighton Hotel, Manly

The four storey New Brighton Hotel in Manly has undergone a significant overhaul with a bold contemporary edge that belies its heritage exterior.

The brief called for an edgy feel that complemented the seaside location but was up to the task of managing high traffic and at times the harsh costal elements.

KE-ZU provided a selection of indoor/outdoor appropriate pieces from Italy and Spain.

Smart, dual purpose furniture was the order of the day with Paola Navone‘s Ivy collection for EMU represented in the Ivy Sofa and Ivy solar powered illuminating side-table.  The Moma Low tables from Javier Mariscal and Vondom also house LED internal illumination and integrated ice bucket for wine and refreshments.

Good, practical, durable fun.

Anthony Habashy Photography

Altis Architects

@ Qubed Design

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INSTALLED: Oxygen Royal, Iran

Oxygen Royal is a recently opened men’s health club offering health and well-being facilities in an upmarket precinct in Tehran.

Interior designer Amir Masoud Ghane, furnished the 1300 square meter site with a number of VONDOM‘s collections including Faz, Moma, Vertex and Fiesta – most of which were specified with internal LED illumination

Being able to customise the hue and intensity of the feature pieces has afforded the club-owners versatilty and for the guests: a relaxing, ever-changing landscape within the relaxation and pool areas.

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“Chico & Rita” A Movie By Mariscal…

Cuba, 1948. Chico is a young piano player with big dreams. Rita is a beautiful singer with an extraordinary voice. Music and romantic desire unites them, but their journey – in the tradition of the Latin ballad, the bolero – brings heartache and torment. From Havana to New York, Paris, Hollywood and Las Vegas, two passionate individuals battle impossible odds to unite in music and love.

Javier Mariscal, the man behind some of the most iconic designs and artwork of this generation, has turned his hand to movies!  The full length feature film “Chico & Rita” was premiered earlier this year and is the culmination of years animating and re-imagining New York and Cuba of the 1940’s and 50’s, through an artists eyes.   The tale of love, heartbreak and music is set against an intensely dramtic political backdrop that serves to create some of the most memorable animated scenes in recent times.

Whilst Mariscal may be better known for his work designing furniture for Nanimarquina, Moroso, Andreu World, Vondom and Magis, as well as his interior and graphic projects for Absolut, Camper, Barcelona City and Amnesty International – his first foray into feature film direction has won him high praise from around the world.

Impeccable work of art – TIMEOUT

One of the 10 best films of the year – BBC

The film is being released in different markets in stages, having premiered at the Telluride Film Festival in late 2010.   Also available to purchase is the accompanying graphic novel that captures the story through Mariscal’s unique and evocative drawings.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Mariscal will also launch a new chair on at Milan this April.  The 100% recycled and 100% recyclable chair sensibly named: GREEN will be manufactured by his fellow Spaniards Mobles 114.  For more on the chair…. click here.


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Salone Mobile 2011 kicks off in Milan in April and the buzz is already evident from all the way over here in Sydney.

We know many of you are going to be on the ground in Italy in coming weeks so we wanted to share some of the upcoming, not to be missed launches and installations.

As always manufacturers and suppliers are poised to wheel, deal and thrill their International guests throughout the frantic week in Northern Italy’s fashion and design mecca.

Mobles 114 have announced their launch of the Javier Mariscal designed 100% recycled and recyclable chair: “Green” as well as a brand new website and a sleek new re-branding.

BD Barcelona are make last minute preparations to unveil Alfredo Haberli‘s new piece: “Hyperbole”.  Working with Marti Guixe they will also present “Free Port”, Neri + Hu will display their “Narcissist” vanity that was developed directly with Swarovski and the multi-award winning designs “Gaulino Chair” by Oscar Tusquets and Konstantin Grcic’s “Table B” will also be on display for all to get up close and personal with!

Not to be outdone, the Dutch are making impressive plans.  Collaboration being their focus this year, they will present a suite of new designs that where applicable will be upholstered in Missoni Home fabrics and finished with their cushions and carpets.  Top Secret… hence no pictures (yet) is the launch of Artifort‘s new pieces “Shark” by the illustrious Rene Holten and an exciting, versatile sofa program from Toine van den Heuvel called:  “Reflex”.

Our friends at HIVE and KENNETH COBONPUE will jet across from Cebu and we are most excited about some of the lighting selections they have been busying away with for the past year.  More of this will be reveiled in due course – stay tuned!

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