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Harmonic Convergence emergence …

We are absolutely loving the installation work of Christopher Janney,  American artist or “sound architect” as we understand he goes by!  You’ll find itself at the Miami International Airport (like landing in Miami wasn’t fun enough!) and goes by the name ‘Harmonic Convergence’.

Harmonic Convergence is an interactive sound and light installation, which was constructed in a walkway of the Airport and was installed to coincide with Design Miami, the Global Forum for Design held annually in December.

The work combines light, colour and sound as it leads passengers from a rental car terminal.  Music speakers are installed along the walkway to produce an evolving “sonic portrait” of Florida. These sounds range from environmental happenings local to the State, tropical birds, thunderstorms etc while video sensors at either end monitor your presence through the space and trigger changes in volume and composition of the sounds relative to your position.

Like that wasn’t enough, we love the colourful diagonal pattern made of coloured and shaded squares which cause a stunning reflection over the white flooring.  Why not use the Florida sunlight?  And when that’s not available – LED lighting was installed to replicate the effect at night.

What’s even greater… check out the ‘before’ shot.

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INSTALLED: Tilburg University, Netherlands

This custom sized Folk Rug from nanimarquina graces the sleek interior of this student club at the Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

Surrounded by design classics, set in such beautifully finished grounds make this one of the swishest campuses we’ve ever clapped eyes on.

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Sharpen Up & Pencil This In…

 Though we may still shiver in our shoes, Sydney’s Object Gallery have wasted no time in launching their new Spring Series

A deliberate diversion from their regular program of exhibitions, this platform of ideas and creative thinking will run from July to October and is sure to bring some much needed warmth to the creative scene.  Taking place in and around the Gallery as well as online, we have a particular favourite that we just have to share.

Much Lead is an installation inspired by Surry Hills, (our stomping ground) as a ‘studio neighbourhood’.   The work explores the idea of the pencil as a simple yet essential tool.  Donated by designers, makers, artists, tradespeople and students, the pencils will be suspended to create a canopy of colour, drawing together a surprising, cross-disciplinary community of pencil lovers.

…if you would like to donate a pencil, we would love to hear from you…

Claire and Felicity from Sam Crawford Architects , the brains behind the B2 and HB suspension, are getting you in on the action by asking for your pencil and your story.   For more info, pop over to the Much Lead BlogKE-ZU will also be serving as a drop off point for pencils, we’ll make sure they wind their way to Claire and Felicity ready for the opening in October 2010!

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