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Step into the sun …


Stefan Diez turns Yard into a complete sun loving family for Emu.

Think of “la dolce vita” and the American lifestyle. Sun, sand and sea breezes or the pool and a Mojito on the patio close by.



In the design of “Yard”, Stefan Diez has achieved a type of cultural synthesis for the leading Italian outdoor furniture manufacturer, Emu. Yard chairs and tables are as suitable outside an Italian gelataria as on the patio at home or a Miami hotel terrace. The sun lounger and side tables you invariably imagine by a rooftop hotel pool in LA. The Yard bar stool could fit any beach bar from Spain to the Caribbean.


In short: Here, the Italian “dolce vita” and the American lifestyle leisurely bond with Stefan Diez’s Bavarian thoroughness and perfection. Of course all Yard models are made of an ultra-light, powder-coated aluminium frame with the seats traversed with broad elastic bands, rendering cushions quite unnecessary. Naturally all models come in marvellously flowing lines and those unique Miami colours.

iSaloni Milano in April 2015 saw the addition of sun loungers, extension tables, a bar table and bar stools to the Yard collection.




The Yard seating is made from an ultra lightweight powder coated aluminium frame, with a seat and back made from elastic straps, guaranteeing extraordinary comfort and abandoning the need of additional cushions. These straps are inserted into the tubular frame using a technical solution developed and patented together with Emu, which allows the seat to form a natural unit with the frame.





The Yard collection is completed by several fixed and extendable tables producing a furnishing system that satisfies the requirements of indoor as well as outdoor use in residential and contract applications.

Yard is now in stock and on the KE-ZU showroom floor. Stop by and experience the comfort of Yard for yourself.

Images © Robert Fischer

Stylepark – thanks for your words and inspiration

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News | KE-ZU Sale


Sale starts Tuesday 27th January at 7.30am

Save on a huge range of designer indoor + outdoor furniture, lighting + accessories for the home, office + public spaces from international brands – Andreu World + Bernhardt Design + EMU + BD Barcelona + HIVE + Kenneth Cobonpue + Expormim + Lzf + M114 + Indecasa + Enea + Sancal

Visit us at the KE-ZU Pop-Up Store Monday to Friday 7.30am – 6pm and Saturdays 10am – 5pm – Suite 31, Level 1, 69 O’Riordan St Alexandria 2015

For any enquiries please contact us at sales@kezu.com.au or 1300 724 174


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Spotlight | Shine

Designed by acclaimed designer Arik Levy for EMU, Shine’s elegant and versatile personality is suitable for multiple residential, hospitality or contract applications. Use of aluminium as the essential material not only makes this collection extremely light and functional but also highly weather resistant and practical to use in coastal areas.

shine arik levy

Shine appears as a complete collection, conceived for dining and relaxation.All elements of this outdoor furniture range are available in new and original colours.

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Furniture For Thought | EMU


Nothing quite captures la dolce vita like EMU.

This is a true and unembellished story: A middle-aged American woman came into the KE-ZU showroom a couple of months ago, wanting to know if we sold emu. We told her that EMU is one of our most popular brands and proceeded to show her a couple of groovy Retrouve wire chairs.

“They are lovely chairs, but I think we have our wires crossed,” she said. “I’m talking about the flightless Australian bird, emu…I want to buy one for my husband’s 40th birthday.”

“Where will you keep it?” one of our team asked her.

“I have a large apartment in New York,” she explained.

At KE-ZU, we believe in making the impossible happen. So we made a few calls, pulled a few strings with our friends at Petz-4-U, and…well put it this way; if you see a bloke dragging a giant bird around Central Park on a leash, you can think of us.

The EMU that we stock has nothing whatsoever to do with Dromaius novaehollandiae. Our EMU is the initials for Elettro Meccanica Umbra, a company started in Italy in 1951 to produce military equipment; specifically radios.

The founders of EMU, brothers Aldo and Angelo Biscarini, and Dante Menconi, stumbled on a process to plasticise the metal components of the radios to protect them from the weather. This was the Mama Mia! moment they had been looking for. Pleased with their discovery they celebrated as only Italians know how to…by eating lots and lots of carbohydrates.

A decade later EMU decided there wasn’t much future in military equipment. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Italian army wasn’t exactly in a growth phase so the company turned to producing outdoor furnishings instead.

If there was ever a piece of furniture that captured the essence of summer on the Amalfi Coast in the 1960s, it was the Rio. This elegant wire chair (from the Gardentime line) was the perfect place to sit beside the pool with a Campari soda. Since being launched in 1966, the Rio has sold some 8 million units…that’s a lot of Campari.

A change of management in the 90s saw Riccardo Biscarini, Aldo and Piero Ciabatti, and Jan Triska form EMU Group S.p.A.  This was also the decade of the Ronda chair, a curvaceous modern classic that is still in production.

In 2007 EMU launched its Advanced line, an alliance with some of the planet’s greatest designers. The first of the Advanced products was the internationally acclaimed Round collection by Christophe Pillet. Round was followed the same year by Heaven (Jean Marie Massaud), and Cross by Rodolfo Dordoni.

Further additions to the Advanced collection included Re-Trouvè by Patricia Urquiola; Ivy by Paola Navone and Intrecci by Carlo Colombo.

The Shine collection by the great Arik Levy was introduce last summer and then in Milan 2014, Yard by Stefan Diez…both collections in aluminium.

From such humble beginnings, EMU products now sell in more than 50 countries and feature in some of the world’s most beautiful hotels; from the Granducato in Florence to the Hotel dei Dogi in Venice.

In Sydney, you’ll find EMU at the new Prince Alfred Park Pool, Royal Randwick Race Course, The Ivy, The Argyle and Paddington Reservoir…to name a few.

Emu is able to create furniture with strong personality from its birth, forged from invaluable experience. These same furnishings, once purchased, take on further experiences as they become part of the lives and memories of those around them.

KE-ZU’s Caron Grunschlag believes EMU offers the world’s greatest design collection of outdoor furniture for the contract market. She particularly likes the fact that EMU were willing to invest in products with high tooling costs. “That’s why you don’t see a thousand cheap copies coming out of China,” she says.

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Salone Milano Day 4: EMU


EMU’s Salone Milano stand was a fascinating mix of angles, shapes and lines: representative of their 2014 collection, heavy on the same.  Displaying on home turf, the Italians showed that they can ‘do it better’ with a rounded out collection set to dominate the outdoor furniture market.

Again working with a who’s who of international designers with Pritzker Prize winner Jean Nouvel with his MIA collection, Arik Levy with Shine and Chiaramonte Marin with Golf and Snooze, and Samuel Wilkinson with Grace and Urban, the EMU stand was a flurry of business.




Opting to keep their collections within the colours of their brand identity, there was no missing the EMU stand!


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iSaloni 2014 Preview & Guide

The worlds largest and most coveted furniture fair kicks off in the magical Milano next Tuesday.  Here is our official Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014 guide here.


Caron, Moraima and Simon are off to Milan so stay tuned for our daily round ups throughout the fair and our post-Milan report in early May.


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Belle of the Ball …

Image Courtesy Belle Magazine

Image Courtesy Belle Magazine

Have you managed to pick up the latest (April) issue of Belle Magazine?  You can’t miss it on the newsstand, with the cover sporting the hottest splashes of orange since brekkie.

EMU’s Mia stool, designed by renowned architect Jean Nouvel is featured in the Get Sporty” SPY Trend pages, artfully pieced together by Belle’s Interior Design Editor Steve Cordony.  Get to your local newsagent and pick up Belle – it’s a bumper issue!

Image Courtesy Belle Magazine

Image Courtesy Belle Magazine

Image Courtesy Belle Magazine

Image Courtesy Belle Magazine

The impressive MIA collection strips back visible elements and unnecessary detailing, giving a nod to functionality whilst providing a certain minimalist joy.

Nouvel stated about MIA:

I was looking to create an archetypal outdoor chair… something that could become a contemporary reference, as XIX century chairs were in historical public gardens.

From the chair, the entire collection was born.  Containing two types of folding tables, a stool and a chair (with optional arms) all available in various colours. Originally slated as outdoor pieces, MIA is quickly taking pride of place indoors as well.





Utilising simple clean cut lines comprising aluminium and steel, Nouvel has created pieces which are sturdy and light, perfect for their original intended destination of the contract and hospitality market.  Each piece holds an ability to either fold, hang or stack for easy cleaning and storage, which logically render MIA perfect for residential purposes also.

The entire MIA collection is available at KE-ZU.

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C’mon…. Vogue …

No, not the Madonna song as the title suggests!  Have you picked up the latest Vogue Living?  We helped the VL team “set the scene in green” by providing EMU’s Re-Trouvé chair by Patricia Urquiola for this fabulous spread!

In the words of Urquiola about Re-Trouvé:
Inspiration came from the marvelous icon chairs of the ’50’s, so full of curls and doodles. I wanted to create new models which would bring together a re-interpretation of this old fashioned design with a more humorous twist, produced with numerical control technology
Re-Trouvé is available in a multitude of colours – the collection includes the chair you see here (very left on the spread), an armchair, an ottoman, a table and vases.   For more information and imagery click here.
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EMU goes in …

EMU is the Italian manufacturer of outdoor furniture which has an uncanny knack to specify and use hard materials such as sheet metal and steel in their furniture offerings and give the pieces a stunning lightness to the overall visual impact.  You can see from the EMU catalogue available at KE-ZU here.

Their furniture assembly, which you’ll find perfectly situated outdoors is as accessible as it is diverse. It’s no surprise that the company was one of the first in the world to patent an exclusive metal plasticisation process with exceptional resistance to atmospheric agents – cementing their place in the outdoor furniture hall of fame.

Arik Levy’s Pattern Chair

Nouvel’s Mia Collection

Recently working with some seriously exciting designers kicking goals internationally such as Jean Nouvel, Patricia Urquiola (Retrouve chair, title image), Paola Navone and Arik Levy (amongst many others), we love seeing their product installed in various spaces internationally.  Below are a few of our recent picks:

Heaven Table by Jean-Marie Massaud in the Crown Metropol, Melbourne.

Ivy Lounge chairs by Paola Navone in the public library of McAllen, Texas.  Photo courtesy Coalesse

Heaven vases by Jean-Marie Massaud outside the W Hotel in Union Square, New York City. Photo courtesy Coalesse

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A Nouvel Idea…

Prominent French architect Jean Nouvel (pictured above) was awarded the highly-acclaimed Prtizker Prize for Architecture in 2008, the jury citing in their rationale:

His inquisitive and agile mind propels him to take risks in each of his projects, which, regardless of varying degrees of success, have greatly expanded the vocabulary of contemporary architecture.

Nouvel is the man who brought us the Torre Aigues de Barcelona, the Arab World Institute in Paris, the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, One New Change in London and the Dentsu Building in Tokyo.  He is the man with the plan, and has his troupe of architects currently have many exciting projects in the works.

With this is mind, we take this opportunity to introduce to you the MIA Collection of furniture available at KE-ZU, designed by Jean Nouvel and manufactured by Italian supplier EMU.  Launching at Orgatec 2012, Nouvel designed the collection from flat metal bars specifically for the restaurant Mia, located in the RBC Design Centre in Paris.  The RBC Design Centre is a design manifesto intending to showcase to visitors the leaders in design, production and distribution.  MIA is a collection of furniture which understands the needs related to these three facets and now takes pride of place in the EMU catalogue.

Nouvel stated about MIA:

I was looking to create an archetypal outdoor chair… something that could become a contemporary reference, as XIX century chairs were in historical public gardens.

And that he did.  By stripping back visible elements and unnecessary detailing, the MIA collection is aesthetically reduced to essentials, giving a nod to functionality and minimalist joy, yet packed with hidden features.

From the chair, the entire collection was born.  Containing two types of folding tables, a stool, and chairs with optional arms all available in various colours.

Utilising simple clean cut lines comprising aluminium and steel, Nouvel has created  pieces which are sturdy and light to assist their purpose around the contract and hospitality market, each having their own ability to either fold, hang or stack for easy storage and cleaning.

Originally slated as outdoor pieces, the MIA Collection is quickly finding itself pride of place indoors also.  In our recent Orgatec 2012 Report (emailed to some of you recently) we brought you the new EMU release, high-powered magnetic cushions manufactured in top-Italian mould-impeding fabric “EMU-TEX”.  These magnetic cushions are the perfect accompaniment to any MIA product, available in assorted colours.

We recently stumbled upon a video montage of Mia and Nouvel – you can watch the video here.

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