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Eden Design’s latest lighting products made their debut recently at the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium and the KE-ZU showroom has been abuzz ever since. In case you missed it, we have put together your complete guide here!


Diabolo Color Lamp

Designed by Bart Lens, Diabolo evokes images of a solar eclipse, a chesterfield chair or a diabolo toy, this LED light rotates 190° / 360° on its axis and is available as table-lamp, wall lamp or ceiling lamp and in several colours.

diabolo table lamp

Led line

led line 60 corner

Continues lines of light, without limits. Each led module can be cut every 8 cm, this gives architects and lighting designers a lot of flexibility. Designed with a high tech opal diffusor, Led Line is optimised to allow as much light through as possible.

Led line can be installed surface mounted, recessed or as a pendant and offers a lot of control possibilities: DALI, 1-10V and DMX.  Led Line is available in anodized aluminum, black or white finish.




03_oh!led_eden design

In the past OLED has mainly been used for decorative and ambient lighting. The acronym stands for organic light-emitting diode, which produces a natural glare-free effect.

This innovative OLED luminaire has a lumen output of 300lm from a single 144cm², making it the brightest commercially available OLED in the world and makes it perfectly suitable for functional lighting and contemporary designs. Using this technology to its full potential, Bart Lens has crafted a sleek 4.5mm-thick panel of aluminum and glass called ‘oh!led’ for Eden Design.

The minimalist square panel, which houses a Philips brite lumiblade, can rotate 180 degrees while its single axis is capable of twisting in a full circle. This provides the luxury of creating different settings within the home. Oh!Led is available in satin black or satin white with 3000K or 4000K.

05_oh!led_eden design

02_oh!led_eden design


pin 2

Inspired by the growing nose of the wooden puppet that was brought alive, designer Bart Lens invented a light line which grows or dims in length. A wooden fixture which is realized by a real carpenter, the story of Pinocchio. Pinocchio can be used as a floor lamp, wall lamp or hanging lamp.



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A Zoom in on Lens…

Here at KE-ZU we love diving into our product catalogue and learning more about said product and the creative driver behind it. Looking above our heads to our intelligent lighting system, we catch a glimpse of one of our most intriguing products, the genius “On Line” lighting system by Belgian architect/designer Bart Lens for manufacturer Eden.

Lens, a fascinating subject, leads a design team of go-getters, taking regular objects, analyzing their use and turning them on their heads in the name of progression and design.

The Eden On Line lighting system evidences such a policy.  On Line is a captivating track lighting system, the track housing a state-of-the-art magnetic system used to hold any number of prescribed On Line lighting components, the LED based components are similar in styling yet each one of them has their own little personality, “Knick”, “Out” and “In” each employing 16 CREE high power LED, available in colour temperatures of 2700K and 3500K at 1000 lumens.  “Turn” and “Dot” in the spotlight family offer exchangeable optics with Dot offering different beams available in red, green, blue and cold white.

This system lends itself to adaptability and flexibility, having the ability to easily customize and tailor a lighting plan that suits the user and its intended space by mixing up the components and their position.

The beauty of the On Line system is not only in its intelligence, it’s found in its simplicity and elegance.  Taking home a Red Dot Award in 2011, these high quality lights are a hit the world over, KE-ZU recently installing them in the coveted Momofuku Seiobo in Sydney.

Lens’ other projects are as equally impressive as they are diverse. The Bart Lens hallmark of manipulating and understanding light and shape isn’t lost in any of his work.

Lens’ other work for Eden and also available at KE-ZU:

TABLECLOTH table and light… a structure resembling the draped form of a starched tablecloth.  The Tablecloth table and light is a self-supporting plastic structure and can be utilized indoors or outdoors and has a light battery life of up to seven hours, just long enough for the party you could say.

FOOL MOON is a collection offering suspension, table lamp, floor lamp or a wall lamp – all beautiful luminaries that whether hung vertical, horizontal or at odd angles appear to be light emitting saucers overhead.  Subtly radiating a soft glow, the FOOL MOON collection is available in white, or optional remote control LED colour fittings.

I-LIGHT is sleek and stylish, comprising suspended vertical chromed brass tube which house an LED Light fitting that highlights and stylises a pendulous ball suspended beneath the tube.  The structures find themselves adding spatial separation and a unique ring of light in any space.

SPHERE is moulded ABS plastic rounded suspension offered in three sizes.  The customisable lighting option demarcates the space it illuminates with its gentle pod-like form.

An appealing feature of Sphere is its ability for its interior and exterior to be specified in any Pantone colour reference – making them an individual and adaptable suspension for any space.

Even a quick visit to Lens’ portfolio website Objetb’art will show a perfectly designed aesthetically catalogue – considered in such a way that speaks volumes of his work.

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A win for Momofuku Seiobo!

We expect that you may remember Sydney’s Momofuku Seiobo from an intense dining experience.  That said, you may also remember Momofuku Seiobo from our INSTALLED section back in November.

With notable mentions on the tasty offerings and the design which form the rockstar sister of the New York institution, it’s no surprise that Momofuku Seiobo has garnered yet another notation!  Winners of the Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Awards were announced this month and voted by the GT critics as best new restaurant was our friend down at the recently launched Star Complex in Sydney’s Pyrmont.

The very on-trend Momofuku Seiobo sourced parts of the fitout from KE-ZU’s catalogue, including Andreu World’s “Moody” Chairs and stools, and Eden Design’s “On Line” magnetic track lighting.

Congratulations to Momofuku Seiobo – get down there, we will!

To see the gallery of all winners from the Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Awards click here.

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INSTALLED: Momofuku Seiobo, Sydney

There are only two Momofuku restaurants in the world, Momofuku Ko in New York and Sydney’s brand new Momofuku Seiobo opened this month as part of The Star.

Chef David Chang, a Korean American, was recently named one the top 100 people by TIME Magazine, GQ’s Man of The Year, one of the “21st Centuries Most Influential People” by Esquire – and for those lucky enough to secure a reservation at one of his famed eateries, that very much rings true!

With interiors by Sydney’s Luchetti Krelle the restaurant enjoys a relaxed, contemporary vibe with timbers and stone predominant throughout and minimal decoration, calming the senses… perhaps to better hone them on the food!

Andreu World‘s new Moody Chairs by Lievore, Altherr and Molina have been used here for the first time in Australia, a wonderful launch project.  They are matched with Moody Stools by the same designers – an extension of the Woody family of chairs and stools.

Lighting too was from KE-ZU, with Eden Designs “On Linemagnetic track lighting used throughout the restaurant, a specification that allows Momofuku to customise and rearrange their lighting as they see fit, day in and day out.  The versatile system is used to great effect!

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INSTALLED: Via del Corso by Luchetti Krelle

Photo: Toby Dixon

Photo: Toby Dixon

Photo: Toby Dixon

Sydney Westfield’s most tempting food offering would have to be the Via del Corso desert bar that Luchetti Krelle were brought on board to design.  Selling our favourite macarons: MAK MAK and furnished with Zarina Stools from Andreu World as well as the iLIGHT from Eden Design, there is plenty to love right here!

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Seeing Red: Dot to Dot…

The Red Dot Design Awards are here!

The product design competition has existed since 1955. Its award, the “red dot”, is an internationally recognised quality seal. The best products receive the “red dot: best of the best” award.

This year Konstatin Grcic has done it again with his Table B for BD Barcelona.  This technically brilliant piece, the first from his “extrusion collection”, wowed the judging panel with its sleek aluminium table top offered with timber trellis-like legs, a bold concrete pedestal or fine steel structures.  Involving a number of engineering specialists in it’s development the Table B achieves simplicity of form through extensive material exploration and boasts lengths of up to 5m!

Other worthy winners this year were Tipo from the team at Japans’ Axona Aichi, the people that brought us the brilliant stacking Daylight Chair made from recycled car batteries.

Belgium’s Eden Design too picked up a well deserved best of best award for OnLine.  The ingenius lighting system that affords full functionality and diversity in decorative, track and exhibition lighting.  Marrying the magic of magnets with refined European design and cutting edge luminary research, this system needs to be seen to be believed.  A truly worthy winner!

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YOU-ZU: Joel Sampson



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