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The AW Design Contest …


Closing on 1 December 2014, the Andreu World International Design Contest is a hub of new design talent, a place where emerging and established designers meet on an even playing field for top international design honours.

It’s an annual, international affair and the judging panel consists of successful journalists, designers and architects in the industry and the winner have their work form part of the AW production catalogue for international distribution!  Basically, it’s a pretty big deal.  The ability for a leading international furniture manufacturer to promote and distribute your work is most certainly nothing to sneeze at!

More info can be found here, and watch the video below.  We want to see some Aussie submissions so get pens to paper!


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INSTALLED! The Generator …

Taking the most negative of clichés and generalizations about hostels and dropkicking them out of their Barcelonan window is the Generator Hostel.   Here’s how they describe themselves:

When is a hostel in Barcelona not a hostel? When it’s a hotel. I’m the best of both worlds. You see I’m a hotel and hostel. How is that possible I hear you say? Easy, it’s all about hospitality and that’s the game I’m in. I’m Generator Hostel in Barcelona, and I’m much, much, much more than a hostel, I’m a hotel too.

Um, good.

Utilising all facets of design to assist them in their plight, it’s their interior design and furniture design which stands out for us.   Bold colours, large graphic prints and wallpaper was used in the recent renovations to pump up the jam.

And pump up the jam they did.  The new design is the epitome of fun, with a large portion of furniture available at KE-ZU filling the space. Spanish manufacturers Sancal, Andreu World and LZF Lamps all feature in the design with Sancal’s Tab tables/stools, Chat stools and Tea lounge chairs, Andreu World’s Cloe chair, and LZF  Lamps’ Farolillo suspension lights all dropped into the common areas, maximizing the fun design; and the fun appears to be infectious!  Check out what we’re now calling “the Tea Party” – a promo video made by Generator Hostel showing just how much fun you can have with furniture, this is Sancal being utilized like we’ve never seen before!

If you happen upon Barcelona on you’re on a budget, or you’re keen to join the Tea Party, we suggest checking in – but perhaps only if you have a helmet, a wig, a cape or some other form of fancy dress, it appears to be mandatory…

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The Edge (of glory?) …

It’s Australia’s turn to host the Australian International Furniture Fair with Decoration + Design – the exhibition bringing together exciting furniture from Australia and around the world from 6 – 8 February 2013.

Excitingly, today, the opening day of the Fair plays host to “The Edge 2013” an event for new and emerging designers to showcase their work and contest four categories of Excellence in Design:

  1. Best new prototype for a tertiary student.
  2. Best new prototype/concept designed by a professional designer.
  3. Best new commercial release designed by a professional designer.
  4. Green award for best new sustainable product.

The pieces contending the awards are varied in their concept, but their outcome all share a common originality.  See some of the finalists from all categories below.  The awards are announced today so lookout for some serious talent, as here you’ll find Australia’s next-generation ground breaking designers.

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Grand Designs Australia…

Since 1999 the commanding, measured commentary of Britain’s Kevin McCloud has been synonymous with the voyeurism of following everyday Brits embarking on their own building projects.

Quite aside from the varied approaches to design and construction that are showcased, what has reinforced the Grand Design format’s overwhelming success both in the UK and here in Australia is that at the core of the subject are very human stories.

We’d challenge anyone to watch this show without becoming invested in the process on some level: straight-up poor taste, overwhelming lack of experience or a run of bad luck, we are only able to carve out our opinions and draw conclusion on the success or failure of the builds because of the unique window Grand Designs gives us into these often drawn out transformations.

Excitingly, this week, the first Season of Grand Designs Australia kicks off and is being heralded as a more than worthy spin-off.  Having filmed for over a year already, we are given a quintessentially Australian flavour right from the first episode:

…from rebuilding a labour of love in the Victorian bush after it was burnt to the ground in the Black Saturday bush fires; to transforming a tiny corner car park into five level home in the urban jungle; and a cyclone proof, tropical tree house that is windowless and based on the shape of a 50 cent piece…

Ably taking the reins locally is Melburnian Peter Maddison of Maddison Architects.  With over 25 years experience his own projects include a huge range of award-winning residential and commercial work, Peter’s understanding of Australian architecture, climate, culture and history give the commentary and interpretative analysis a strong and insightful context.

In an era where “overnight home renovation” shows and “handy hints segments” wax lyrical on the ease of  quick-fix residential “design” and bemoan the need to invest time and planning, it is buoying to see Australian content focussed on achieving quality and substance in realistic time-frames under realistic pressures.

You can’t miss this!

It all starts at 8.30pm this Thursday, October 21st exclusive to the Lifestyle Channel.

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When in Egypt…

June 2010 saw some of the best names in the European design community descend on Cairo for +20 Egypt.

Curated by Italian design queen: Paola Navone, the event was a showcase of selected products from the best Egyptian design companies, as well as international brands. The final result was

…a fascinating juxtaposition of tradition and innovation, local and international, classic and modernity; an emotional melting pot of different cultures, narrated through installations in different rooms of three historical Cairo house…

Click the photo above for more stunning images from the event.  KE-ZU‘s good friends LZF were proudly displaying the Air table lamp and the Link Floor Lights designed by Ray Power.

You may also recall some months back we posted a story on the New York ICFF Fair, which LZF Lamps took by storm with their awe inspiring butterfly installation assembled from a number of their luminaires.  Sandro Tothill and Marivi Calvo, the creative superheroes over at LZF have sent this video shot during the ICFF with music by Rithma and a real-time art installation unfolding on the stand, by the talented Inocuothesign.

See it to believe it.  Click here!

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Finders Keepers…Losers Weepers!

The Finders Keepers are design and art markets dedicated in supporting young emerging designers and bringing new contemporary design to the forefront in Australia.

They only happen twice a year so after these upcoming May dates they wont be back until December!  Don’t miss out…  Finders Keepers : Losers Weepers!

The next markets are:
Friday 7th May from 6pm – 10pm
Saturday 8th May from 10am – 6pm

The markets will be held at:
The inside foyer at CarriageWorks – 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh NSW 2015.
The pedestrian entrance is at the corner of Codrington Street and Wilson Street.
Wheelchair ramp and level access at all entrances. Fully accessible toilets.

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