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Smirnoff Presents Nanami Cowdroy…

Meet Nanami Cowdroy.

She has “borrowed” (read as: hijacked) Smirnoff Australia’s facebook page for a while and as artist in residence for the Vodka giant, Nanami has designed a limited edition bottle – due to be released in the next week – alongside prolific graphic artist: BeastMan, at the soon to open pop-up Smirnoff Gallery in Sydney.

A Sydney born and raised artist, Cowdroy’s signature intricate archival ink pen and air gun artworks are in demand from San Francisco to Japan… and beyond!  Famed for their blend of  Eastern iconography and a whimiscal, Western social commentary the subject matter reflects Nana’s Japanese-European heritage.

Click here or on the image above to watch a short, beautifully shot bio of the artist.  For more of her amazingly intricate works head over to www.nthread.net

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Sweetness and Light…

Artist David Kenworthy is producing pop art with a rush – a sugar rush.

It is my intention to create a new kind of pop art experience inspired by discount stores and clearinghouses and our consumption of their cheap and mass-produced commodities.

So it is that his playful collection of sculptures – made from cut-price jelly beans and Gummy Teddy Bears – glow so vividly it is as if the sugar itself were emitting an eerie glow.

Back lit by LED and Fluoro lamps these cubes and sugary bricks are pure neon-pop!

For more info visit David’s site.

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