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We Welcome Fruits and Flowers …


Artifort is so highly regarded in the furniture industry it’s almost as if they are the foster parent of classic, original design.  They grow and maintain a database of reissued classics from great names such as Pierre Paulin, Geoffrey Harcourt, René Holten and Patrick Norguet.

Two key pieces from Pierre Paulin, the Orange Slice and Little Tulip  are now in stock at KE-ZU.

Should you not already know, Paulin is rated one of the most significant French designers of the 20th century and his works are now so reputable they appear in museums as highly regarded as MOMA.



Designed in 1965, Orange Slice is one of the essential classics in the history of modern furniture. This recognizable chair consists of two identical pieces, fixed at angles to hold the body incredibly well, although initially it may not appear to be, Orange Slice is one of the most comfortable chairs ever made!


Paulin’s Little Tulip chair is a powerful and protective yet elegant modern chair. Named obviously after the flower of the same name, Little Tulip spreads its simple, half-open petals around its occupant, enveloping them in its soft and inviting curves.

Still holding design relevance today, Little Tulip is popular in many interior schemes: classic, modern and contemporary and is a standout feature in residential applications, corporate environments and hotel lobbies and lounges. It is perfect as a side chair, dining chair or home office desk chair, it is also available as a barstool!


We are holding a few of these incredible chairs in stock now so they’re ready to go whenever an order is placed with our Sales Staff – first in best dressed!

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LZF Lamps’ Custom Constellations …


Forming part of their Stereovision campaign (see the blog post here), LZF Lamps have released a series of images called Custom Constellations.

Following the incredible Candelabro, a sort of ‘greatest hits’ of LZF Lamps products artfully structured by Marivi Calvo, Custom Constellations groups similar LZF Lamps products together to form a cluster – adding to the impact that these pieces create in isolation.



Lighting pieces are fixed to a central point, eliminating the need for multiple fittings and are dimmable to avoid recreating Times Square in the home or office!  By definition alone, these are a custom piece and of course, we can assist you to create the perfect cluster for yourself!

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Planting the Poppy seed …


We’re expecting big things for this one!

The Hive [design by hive] catalogue is full of pieces reminiscent of their original concept inspiration.  Poppy falls into this category, bearing a striking resemblance to its namesake flower only adding a whole new dimension.   Aptly described by Hive as

Simply alluring, lovely, and remarkable

…the Poppy collection embodies a soft femininity, a graceful and calm piece which quietly dominates with its beauty.

Poppy Table LampPoppy Hanging Lamp large

Poppy takes it form from a series of meticulously hand-folded paper blossoms fixed together and then wired to a metal frame, the pieces becoming a round bouquet of paper flowers.  The light is available as both a suspension and floor lamp and when illuminated, Poppy glows from its inner source. providing a wonderful sense of warmth. Adding extra lamps will only enhance the feeling of a tranquil field of poppies.



Designed by Christy Manguerra, the design manager for Hive, Christy graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the University of the Philippines, following a Masters degree in Design Management from the University of New South Wales; pretty great credentials.  On top of this (and bringing to us a fabulous new design) Christy manages design development for Hive from concepts to working prototypes and also teaches Industrial Design at the University of the Philippines!

Poppy is on the KE-ZU showroom floor now!

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Pezzetina – The Floral Collection from Vondom …


Designers Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci first met at Florence’s prestigious Faculty of Architecture in the early 1980’s.   Following their time studying together, and a shared interest in drama and theatre, they founded Archirivolto Design in Colle Val D’Elsa.  For the past 15 years, working with major design brands including Bonaldo, Pedrali and Segis, this Tuscan design studio has heavily concentrated on the link between innovation in material and construction and the way in which a product can work for a consumer.

It is no coincidence then that the studio found itself hard at work with the innovators of outdoor furniture, Vondom.  Pezzetina, is their second collaboration with Vondom and follows their first collection Fiesta, potentially the worlds coolest illuminated bar.




Presented at imm Cologne in January, Pezzetina is a collection inspired by nature in its form, celebrating the bloom and opening petals of a flower whilst utilizing innovation in material construction.  Archirivolto Design’s move away from geometric forms reimagines the relationship between human engagement with the natural environment, fostering a balance between technology and nature in the built environment.


Pezzetina is available now from KE-ZU.

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Milton Glaser for Nanimarquina! Shakespeare in Africa (and KE-ZU) …


A collaboration between iconic graphic designer Milton Glaser and Spanish rug manufacturer Nanimarquina has resulted in the astounding Africa and Shakespeare in Africa collections.

84 year old Glaser is better known for founding New York Magazine and his prolific graphic design (the I ♥ NY and DC Comics bullet logos and posters for Bob Dylan and Sony). Glaser uses his signature style whilst uncovering the relationship between seemingly unconnected things in his first collaboration with KE-ZU supplier Nanimarquina.



The Africa series comprises both Africa and Shakespeare in Africa.  In Shakespeare in Africa, Glaser overlays two hand-drawn illustrations; a portrait of Shakespeare and a modern interpretation of African tribal patterns to create a striking trompe l’oeil.  From a distance, the portrait plays against the pattern offering a commanding focal point of the worlds most famous playwright. Upon closer inspection, the tribal style pattern emerges as the star, engrossing viewers with varying lines and curves of aesthetic hierarchy.  This pattern features solely in Africa.

The rugs in the collection are made using a hand-knotting technique utilising 100% New Zealand wool and as such, Glaser’s print had to be simplified so it could be rendered using only four colours of wool. According to Marquina, it took two years and five prototypes to arrive at a design in which Shakespeare’s image would appear neither too prominently in the foreground nor be so subtle as to get lost in the background. The final product, which is made by a team of artisan workers in India (as shown in the video below) takes about three months to weave.



The Africa collection is available exclusively from KE-ZU!

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#mytria114 Competition! …

Tria is a shelving system offered from Spanish manufacturer m114 (previously known as Mobles114).   The Tria system designed by Eduard Juanola over thirty years ago,  is still in production today and remains a versatile storage solution.

The original Tria design

Adaptable to any kind of space, be it a living room, kitchen, dressing room, home office or library, Tria’s compliant and modular design lends itself to many compositions, adapting itself to provide new solutions dependant on the requirements of its needs.   In the many years since its inception into the market, Triaexpanded its collection to include a diverse range of accessories: containers, boxes, tables, angled shelves and hangers to solidify it as a truly versatile and useful collection.

The New Tria features new materials, components and sizing.

The New Tria features new materials, components and sizing. The New Tria includes a “Tria Pack” – single wall-mounted piece

Since, m114 has launched The New Tria, a system reimagining the original Tria with the help of JM Massana – JM Tremoleda introducing new shapes and utilizing new materials that meet strict European standards of Ecodesign.   The New Tria, whilst paying homage to the original classic design, catapults the innovative storage system into the new millennium.

Recently, m114 launched the Show Us Your Tria competition.  The Spaniards are collecting images from around the globe through their FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts of how Tria looks at your home or office and will be choosing their favourite three to receive prizes!

If you’ve got a Tria, or are looking into purchasing one now would be your time to get cameras at the ready and #mytria114!

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New KC Collections: Annika & Adesso …

We are smack bang in the middle of one of the most exciting times of the year on the furniture calendar!  Across the globe, the furniture fair tour takes us from destination to destination, each fair holding their own focus, yet all with one common purpose: showcasing the latest in furniture and product design.

The latest collections trickle down and form the additions to the KE-ZU catalogue for specification into the Australian market. Exciting!

The latest from internationally renowned KE-ZU supplier Kenneth Cobonpue (not-so-coincidentally recently named designer of the year at Maison & Objet Asia – read the blog post here) are the collections Annika and Adesso.

The two collections are vastly different, whilst still representing the Kenneth Cobonpue mantra; successful fusion between high technology and age-old craftsmanship.


Annika is a strong and shapely collection offered as a side chair or an arm chair, both models confidently blending structural geometry with a soft fluidity.

With the structure constructed of maple wood, Annika swings confidently between the residential and contract markets, sidling perfectly to a dining table or holding pride of place in lounge rooms or waiting rooms.

Launched at Maison & Objet 2014, Adesso translates from Italian to “now”; a fitting name for a contemporary piece.

Her second collection for Kenneth Cobonpue after last year’s Trame (pictured below), the imaginative Italian designer Federica Capitani again utilizes lineal colour to arrive at the jubilant Adesso.

Trame, Federica Capitani’s first collection for Kenneth Cobonpue

The clean lines of Adesso’s boldly coloured exuberant framework and incorporation of weaving techniques results in a fun interplay of lines and colour for a carefree collection.

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Conch & Whisk: The latest from Hive [design by hive] …

New designs from Hive - Conch & Whisk

Two new collections from the creative lighting and accessories manufacturer Hive [design by hive] are now available at KE-ZU!  Conch and Whisk, designed by Luisa Robinson and Stanley Ruiz respectively, take cues and inspiration from objects founds in the world around us, combining familiar shape with a strong materiality mix.  

Whisk by Stanley Ruiz  takes its concept from the culinary tool it shares its name with.

Ruiz often explores the shape and material components of common objects and progresses them to bring about new meaning and interpretation.  There is no better example of this than the energetic suspension lamp Whisk. Utilizing hand sculpted copper wires, aesthetically Whisk is much like its humble namesake yet is transformed into a contemporary and minimalist piece you’d keep well clear of your egg whites!

Whisk is available in three different shapes (shown), each emitting a shapely light pattern.

Conch is the new lighting collection designed by Luisa Robinson, a veteran of Hive’s designer stables.

A Filipino native herself, Robinson has crafted a suspension lamp reminiscent of its namesake, the tropical mollusc and its rhythmic shape.  The Conch collection is detailed and fluid, fusing vernacular materials of woven bamboo, rattan and powder coated metal with a contemporary and natural profile.  Constructed utilizing bamboo splits woven together in repetitive strips, the light graduates in size to form a circular shade that appears to spin within itself.

Much like the mantra of its designer, Conch heavily emphasizes materiality while integrating modern technology and application. Conch is offered in four colours; blue, gold, copper and dark copper and is available from KE-ZU now!

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Parchment: a new release from Kenneth Cobonpue …

The Calyx collection (see the blog post here) is not the only new release from design powerhouse Kenneth Cobonpue. Joining Calyx is Parchment, a versatile chair constructed using maple wood and delicately stitched sunbrella acrylic fabric.  Yes, for all those practical people out there, the covers are removable and washable!

Quite obviously, Parchment gets its name from its original inspiration; layers resembling tied bundles of archaic manuscripts.  Makes sense now doesn’t it?! The chair (available in various colour options) and the wider collection which includes a dining table, dresser, buffet and cabinet is soon to be available at KE-ZU.

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Show Off … Showtime!

Jaime Hayon’s Showtime Credenza for bd Barcelona has been a favourite of ours for many years.  Falling into the fun collection by the prolific Spaniard, this mulit-leg credenza is fun and functional and is now available in a yellow lacquered or walnut wood finish!

The walnut version is on its way to the KE-ZU showroom.

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