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Neri&Hu: It’s here …


Neri&Hu product in the KE-ZU showroom

Shanghai based architects Neri&Hu (Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu) are hot property. Named Wallpaper* Magazine’s Designers of the Year, their work is becoming recognizable as their style and influence soars. The duo is a careful blend of both a deep-rooted affection for Easterrn culture and sophisticated international experience

Whilst their passion and unique flair for architecture continues, the talented pair have expanded into product design, producing an exclusive collection with De La Espada.

The partnership of Neri&Hu and De La Espada is perfection with the high aesthetic values of the former being met by the latter’s skillful craftsmanship. The collection, which was first launched at New York Design Week 2013, includes seating, tables, lighting and accessories, and features the skilled woodwork that De La Espada is renowned for.

The Neri&Hu for De La Espada range was introdouced into KE-ZU’s family of international designers and manufacturers late last year and is now on the KE-ZU showroom floor!

Solo table

Solo table

The oval Solo tabletop sits on two sets of three legs, each arranged in a triangle and is available (as with most of the collection) in American black walnut finished with a Danish oil, American white oak finished with a Danish oil or a white oil, or brown stained European ash.

Solo chair & stool

Solo chair & stool

Solo lounge chair

Solo lounge chair

Inspired by a classic, the Solo updates the Eames Shell Chair, transforming it from its industrial roots to a comfortable upholstered alternative.  Optioned as a dining chair, lounge chair and barstool – this sophisticated chair is perfectly situated both domestic and commercial settings. The piece is titled “Solo” due to the isolation one can obtain from reclining in the lounge chair.

Duet chair

Duet chair

Keeping its namesake close, two pieces of wood work together as a duet, creating the overall shape of the above chair.  Duet is available in American black walnut, American white oak, or European ash.  Originally slated as a variation of the classic Bentwood, the Duet Chair takes a methodical and almost organic shape that is sure to win favours in the contract and hospitality markets.

Opium Sofa

Opium Sofa

Inspired by the opium beds which have been in China since the Tang Dynasty, the Opium is a contemporary sofa with a strikingly simple profile, featuring deeps arms, which can double as a shelf or side table.

Trio tables

Trio tables

The Trio series comprises various models, all with a three-leg construction that provides an interesting focal point.  Crafted from American black walnut, American white oak or European stained ash, the Trio series is available as a console table, coffee table, oval coffee table and a side table.

Tray Desk

Tray Desk

Drawing on their experience with the Narcissist dressing table for KE-ZU supplier bd Barcelona, the Tray Desk and dressing table responds to a modern lifestyle with its lightweight craftsmanship and multi-functionality. Tray  holds a fabric-lined drawer, which when closed, provides access to a concealed compartment from the desktop.  A fully adjustable mirror folds out to three different angle combinations, providing versatility so yearned for in our fast-paced environment.

Extend mirrors

Extend mirrors

Offered in three different sizes, inspiration for the Extend Mirror series comes from the bamboo ladders so prevalent in Chinese country homes.  Using this as a model for design, the Extend Mirrors are floor standing and sit against a wall in a relaxed manner and is available in walnut, oak or ash.


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iSaloni 2014 Preview & Guide

The worlds largest and most coveted furniture fair kicks off in the magical Milano next Tuesday.  Here is our official Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014 guide here.


Caron, Moraima and Simon are off to Milan so stay tuned for our daily round ups throughout the fair and our post-Milan report in early May.


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LZF Lamps’ Killer Communication …


Their 2013 campaign to accompany the release of their High Fidelity collection broke the mould of design branding, and earned them a well-deserved Red Dot Design Award for Communication in Design.

LZF Lamps’ branding collection included an animated film, graphically branded posters for each piece of the collection, together with an accompanying song that epitomized the concept and nature of each piece from L.A. based Rithma Sounds.


Now, LZF Lamps have expanded that campaign with Stereovision, an extension of the original concept idea that paid homage to the influential Mid Century movement in culture, design, music and architecture.  Stereovision runs parallel to their, yet to be released 2014 collection of timber veneer lighting solutions.

Introducing heavier themes of colour and rhythm, Stereovision pays tribute to the film and music of the Mid Century period which is also representative of the work of LZF Lamps: pushing forward and paving new ways into technical possibilities both in terms of colour, light and their medium of plywood.   Like High Fidelity, a new EP has been launched titled “Stereovsion Relit” with remixed songs by Rithma.  Each piece has been reexamined and is partnered with re-worked graphics and music, each tailored to encapsulate its associated product.

We’ll bring you more info and images from LZF Lamps and their communication partners as soon it is to hand.

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Rojo Show in Barcelona …

KEZU_RED_Image Courtesy of Rojo Show

Image courtesy of

The Rojo Exhibition has arrived at the Disseny Hub Building in Barcelona and will be on display until the 19 March.

The exhibition showcases a diverse range of furniture, lighting and accessories which have been designed and produced in Spain. The products, all of which are finished in a hue of Rojo (Red) are displayed on a modular platform designed by Architecture-G.

Look out for the Rojo version of the Sail Chair from Andreu World,  Metssas Table from bd BarcelonaLottus Stool from EneaChou Lamp from Lzf, the Flod Stool and Om Chair from M114Roses Rug from nanimarquinaTalo Armchair from Sancal and the Peacock Planter from Vondom.

These items are all available from KE-ZU!

For more information about the Rojo Exhibition click here.

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Video: Urquiola’s Casa Bottega …

You’ll often find Patricia Urquiola has poured a portion of herself into any project she has undertaken.  Reading and watching interviews with the Spanish product designer about any of her projects reveals many anecdotes and memories that have provided inspiration for the incredible work her studio produces.

A wonderful insight into Urquiola’s methods and personal life is captured in this film by Matthew Donaldson.  Urquiola speaks from her home and studio in Milan about her career, gender roles in design, her mentor Italian designer Achille Castiglioni (February 26, 1918 – December 2, 2002) and her home life.

Urquiola resides in her “casa bottega” (translating from Italian to ‘home shop’), and the video takes the viewer through the studio and residence, full of beautiful designs bearing her own name, including EMU‘s Re-Trouve chair, available at KE-ZU.

A master of the field, the video is available on Nowness and is a must-see!

In Residence: Patricia Urquiola on

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The Art Player – Enter Mariscal’s World …

The wildly charismatic Spanish designer and artist Javier Mariscal, designer of many pieces available at KE-ZU has undertaken a new project, The Art Player at the Hangaram Museum in Seoul, Korea.  The exhibition is currently showing until 22 March.

The exhibition leads its visitors through the designer’s creative process, dissecting it to reveal three clear spaces:

SKETCHES ROOM: This first space of the exhibition separates itself from the balance of the exhibition by suspending black and white sketches drawn by Mariscal. In a Being John Malkovich-esque way, we understand this space is like entering Mariscal’s mind and shows how the artist visualizes his ideas.

Vondom's Moma stool and Mora light - designed by Mariscal & available at KE-ZU

Vondom's Moma collection - designed by Mariscal & available at KE-ZU

Vondom's Sabinas sofa and Mora light - designed by Mariscal & available at KE-ZU

M114's Green Chair - designed by Mariscal & available at KE-ZU

COLLAGE LANDSCAPE:  This space shows Mariscal’s illustration style come to life, utilising sketches as furniture coverings while animated screens highlight his drawing style.  Showcasing his artistic versatility, this exhibition space is where many of the furniture pieces Mariscal has designed for KE-ZU suppliers Vondom and Mobles114 are displayed (all Mariscal’s products for these two suppliers are available at KE-ZU). 

COLOURS PARADE: The final stage of the exhibition introduces you to the many characters of the Marsical family, his illustrated friends in his unmistakable style all coming together.

The Art Player is a fabulous exhibition. It is so exciting to see each facet of Mariscal’s work artfully pieced together under one roof!  Our images were taken from Mariscal’s website, where the video below is available!

Mariscal The Art Player – Exhibition Walkthrough from estudiomariscal on Vimeo.

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Neri & Hu get the Wallpaper* nod! …

Congratulations to Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu of Neri & Hu Design and Research Office – Wallpaper* Magazine’s joint Designer of the Year 2014!  A great achievement for two insanely gifted people and no doubt a fabulous way to kick off 2014 – surely a busier year than ever for the duo.

The Neri & Hu range for De La Espada is available at KE-ZU – read more about the collection here, and browse the collection here.

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A Round of Applause …

A huge KE-ZU congratulations to KE-ZU supplier Chorus Furniture for designer Simon Pengelly’s Theo collection recently winning a prestigious 2013 Wood Award for the production made furniture category!  This follows Theo receiving a Designers Guild Mark, both accolades rewarding high-quality design and production in The United Kingdom.  The judges described Theo as

A successful piece of engineering in wood, in which the detailing was very well resolved

Again, congratulations to Chorus Furniture and Simon Pengelly!  What a great Chrissy pressie!

KE-ZU recently started supplying Chorus Furniture to the Australian market and the showroom currently proudly displays both Theo and MIR, a smart and attractive (the ideal combo) continuous public area seating system, designed by Mark Gabbertas, MIR is both modular and “molecular”!  Check out MIR here.

Theo is a lightweight, strong and durable collection of wood framed high density veneered plywood, available as a sled based stacking chair, stool, bench or table.   The chair is offered with or without arms and holds exciting range of through specification and finish: available in natural Oak or Beech stains or solid colours with an optional upholstered seat pad.   An interesting alternative to standard conference chairs, with chair linking available and mobile stacking trolleys accommodating up to 30 chairs high.

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Very Arty Happy Birthday Sancal! …

For 40 years, Spanish manufacturer Sancal has been assisting spaces around the world to reach their full potential of style and comfort by providing high-quality, well-designed furniture pieces and after forty years they’ve set their sights on themselves – redesigning the factory to include small showroom areas and commissioning large scale murals by various artists, designing dining rooms and new “spots” throughout the space!

Opening the factory in Yecla, Spain to artist Agostino Iacurci, the manufacturer commissioned the muralist who’s main goal was two fold; portraying how important design is to Sancal, and to

focus attention on the little actions and objects that enable large things to be made.

The result is an inspirational tour for customers and collaborators, “destined to surprise.” says Sancal, further:

Three incredible murals, fun signs and four micro-showrooms have been dreamt up to brighten our worker’s spaces and communicate just how central design is to our philosophy.

The incredible mural of Agostino Iacurci represents the dignity and knowhow of the artisan, while presenting traditional European industries as heritage to be conserved. The circus-like figures of Ricardo Cavolo remind us that we are large family worth celebrating. The forty masks of Zosen show the passage of time, the face of success and failure, happiness and the problems that we face on a daily basis.

A previously dark corridor was transformed by London based Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo, brightening and restyling the dining room entrance and upholstery section of the building.  The energetic work providing a new and interesting space to discover the premise of the Sancal brand, they say:

The circus touch applied to the mural characters perfectly fits in Sancal’s every day. A company, with 70 workers and who regularly deals with a greater number of people, may be closer to a circus: Design magicians, accountants on trapezes, hefty brawny sales representatives, tamer workers or managers with two heads…

A grey brick wall, traditionally used as glass support and warehouse, is now a stunning colourful wall which celebrates the passage of time while brightening up the lacquering and assembling employees’ every day by Zosen.  A passionate heart, a cash register, some little devils, an ice-cream cone, an igloo, a hamburguer, some pyramids and vegetables are only some objects created by Zosen and which express the various stages and moods experienced by the company along its history.

Not only do we wish Sancal a very happy birthday, and many happy returns; we also celebrate their new space!  Well done Sancal!

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And the nomineees are….LZF Lamps & Escape! …

It’s happening again! KE-ZU supplier and purveyor of incredible lamps of plywood LZF Lamps are nominated for another award stemming form their ever-successful High Fidelity collection.

The collection has already won two Red Dot Design Awards, and now one of its stars, the Escape suspension designed by Ray Power is nominated in the Pendant Light category at the Interior Design Best of the Year Awards 2013.

Escape uses a domino effect to provide a chain of self supporting squares which fall into a ring of light. The innovative design using LZF’s go-to material of naturally veneered ply sits in a constant gravity defying state and emits a remarkable patterning from its inner source.

Escape formed part of our window display for Sydney Indesign 2013 and were an immensely popular piece among design enthusiasts – and now duly recognized by the Interior Design Best of the Year Awards.   The award ceremony takes place on 5 December in none other than New York City, with winners announced the day before so keep some crossed fingers for LZF and Ray Power – congratulations from us here at KE-ZU!

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