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LZF Lamps – We made the Blog! …

Managed to swing by LZF Lamps’ Blog recently?  The popular KE-ZU supplier and lighting design greats featured KE-ZU’s lab coats, our uniform for Sydney Indesign 2013 on their blog recently  – check it out here!

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Children of Israel …

Israel – home to a rich and diverse culture is also the spiritual home of many religions and its history is a full concoction of beauty and courage in the face of conflict.

Enter the photographic novel Children of Israel. The book focuses on Israeli children, landscapes and architecture.  Its creators say “These powerful, emotive images will highlight the magic, diverse beauty and spirit of hope that is Israel”.   Children of Israel follows the success of its earlier cousins, Children of China and Children of South Africa – South Africa Edition; all three books take the reader on a journey of diverse culture and beauty through the eyes of the title-defined country.

A beautiful aspect of all three books is that their creators, fashion stylist Alethea Gold and photographer Luca Zordan work on a pro-bono basis and provide all their profits to a selected charity from that country.  Profits from Children of Israel will be donated to the Nurit Absorption Centre that work to enrich the lives of Ethiopian refugee children run by Keren-Hayesod.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing Children of Israel – further information can be found here, and you can order your copy now by following this link.

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No pressure, high-pressure cleaning! …

Cleaning. What a drag. Mary Poppins had it right with a spoon full of sugar. Next to sweeten the deal of the cleaning process is Vondom and Mariscal Studio.

Utilising the recognisable visual style of artist, and designer of many Vondom pieces is Javier Mariscal, visually describing the methods of cleaning Vondom’s outdoor furniture in the film below. It’s so easy, what a treat!

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Nadadora – The Elephant ottoman in motion …

We’ve brought to you Sancal‘s latest products launched at Salone del Mobile Milano 2013.  One of the most exciting products coming from their Tierra collection is Elephant.  The colourful and whimsical ottoman/stool – the perfect accompaniment to the home sofa or public space.

Here, capturing the fun essence and versatility of Elephant in video form, Nadadora introduces her new piece…

Nadadora Elephant for Sancal from nadadora on Vimeo.

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Happy Birthday Saul! With love, KE-ZU & Google …

Film posters by Bass

Never before have we seen Google put in so much effort to their home page logo design.  We all know that they are tireless in working on new concepts and ideas, but today takes the cake.

Celebrating the career of the late American graphic designer and filmmaker Saul Bass, Google gives the artisan a worthy nod, coinciding with what would be 93rd birthday.  The 1:20 animated video in the signature style of Bass runs effortlessly across the banner of the search engine giant.

Bass was best known for his cinema title sequences and movie posters, working with such directors as Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese. The video showcases some of his best work from a prolific Hollywood career which spanned five decades.  Bass designed the title sequences for Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958), North by Northwest (1959) and Psycho (1960), and his work also included Spartacus (1960), West Side Story (1961), The Shining (1980), Goodfellas (1990), Cape Fear (1991) and Casino (1995).

Onya Google!

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The eyes of Benjamin Jay Shand…

Understanding the creative eye behind a photographic shoot is a skill.  It must be analysed in such a way, taking into account factors that may not be available to us.  More so, photographic work can lead us down a path to visualise the sometimes unseen, or unacknowledged.

The new works of New York City based Australian expat photographer Benjamin Jay Shand understands this, but easily steers us to see just what its creator does.  Titled “Form Follows”, the collection captures form of the built word, paying homage to architecture and design.  Benjamin says of the works:

‘Form Follows’ doesn’t promote a style of ‘shooting’ – rather, this is a display of my way of seeing. By granting the built world an exclusive aesthetic license, paved geometries rise full-frame as magnetizing protagonists – and skies sit unified with their concrete tenants below.

Capturing the essence of form, space and colour, the works offer a glimpse into geometric unity and balance – presenting beauty in built environments and space in places we could perhaps glaze over.

His first solo exhibition, taking place at PIPS Art Space in the appropriately chic Williamsburg, NYC opens this Saturday.

Benjamin (and his creative eye) is one to look out for in the future!

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Look What We’ve Dug Up …

Recently a friend of the ‘ZU gave us the scoop on his new enterprise, Design Unplugged. Cool name huh?

We’re expecting big things from the new international online platform which reaches as far as Greenland.  Going by the name of “DUG”, the premise is pure design, unplugged.

DUG says of their new venture:

We’re not just a pretty face: interminable sites of winsome picture and sugary descriptions left us screaming in frustration. We wanted something less tacky than fairy floss.

Their style is raw, it’s relatable and it’s down right edgy.  DUG is only new, but we’re expecting big things!  In saying that though, we aren’t saying there isn’t anything wrong with fairy floss, that has its place too…

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A heavenly combo…

We were going to save this little gem for a Furniture Free Friday this week at the Blog but we just can’t wait. It’s too good.

The hypnotic Rita Hayworth – beautiful, flighty, rhythmic and engaging. The Bee Gees, brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice, blessed with voices of vibrato and falsetto forming tight harmonies pumping 1960’s dance floors the world over.

You may ask why we vocalised those two sentences. Well here you go. Our friends over at LZF Lamps happened to forward onto us this little gem someone presumably had a lot of fun putting together.

Cue video!

We’d never think of merging Hayworth and the Bee Gees but someone did, and my word are we glad that they did. The video should speak for itself. Enjoy!

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Skoglund’s Revenge …

Sandy Skoglund is a US based artist, studied and trained in all things creative; studio art and art history, intaglio printmaking, and multimedia art.  With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, the fascinating artist is self-taught in photography, and process-oriented art production through the techniques of mark-making and photocopying.

Seeing Sandy shine is where all these elements come together – occurring in 1986 with the “True Fiction” series of photographic work.  A surrealist series, perhaps borrowing elements of the art movements of neo-expressionism and appropriation so easily associated with the bullish decade of the 1980’s.

As the story unfolds, the dye transfer materials were discontinued by Kodak and the edition never finished.

Enter “True Fiction Two”.  The revenge of Skoglund on the unfinished series is aided by the digital printing era utilising Epson’s archival ink system technology.  Skoglund says of the reborn project:

Each image has been meticulously crafted to assimilate the visual and photographic possibilities now available in digital processes. The result is a similar, yet significantly different feel to the sense of space and three-dimensional photographic quality represented by each image.

Consisting of 20 images, the series plays heavily with tone, colour and scale in a tableaux vivant setting – creating images of not only emotion and detail but an aesthetic depth.  The entire series can be seen here.

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Brazilia (or not)! …

We like to think of ourselves as pretty new-age.  A forward thinking people free form the shackles of the unnecessary political correctness of times past.  Take our former (and soon to be reinstated) hold music for example, should you ever have previously been placed on hold whilst on the line to one of our friends here in the showroom you would have heard the emphatic lyrics of New York band Brazilian Girls’ “Pussy”.  We may not endorse the contents of the lyrics, but it’s a catchy tune nonetheless.

Brazilian Girls is a band which only has one female band member, she’s not Brazilian and the band has never played in Brazil.  This simple sentence could perhaps quite simply sum up Brazilian Girls – they’re a bit wacky but a whole lot of fun.  Their style is cross-genre and is often described as “melting pop”.  All in all, we love em.

What we’re loving today is lead singer (and only female counterpart) Sabina Sciubba’s lead and preview song from her soon to be released first solo album.  The song is titled Toujors (translating from French to English as “Always”) and was released today.

It’s not only the tune that we love.  It’s the cheekiness of Sciubba – very quickly becoming synonymous with her work.   Constantly performing without clothes but often towards covering her body with props (ensuring a close to PG rating!), her knowing and acknowledging secret smile, her ability to draw us into her web of creativity and her injured chicken friend.

Having released the video to YouTube today, it’s a bit of fun to see her interaction on the page with Sciubba already declining a marriage proposal from one finger-on-the-pulse fan by offering an alternative – marrying the poor man’s wife and the songs credits and acknowledgements:

Song written by Sabina, produced by Sabina and Fred Rubens, mixed by Klas Wikberg.
Video by Sabina
Hair and make-up: who needs hair and make-up?

Check out the rest of Brazilian’s Girls’ to tracks on YouTube here.

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