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FFF – Creativity with John Cleese

Watch, listen and take notes. John Cleese imparts his knowledge, providing the “5 factors that you can arrange to make your lives more creative.”

1.  Space – “You have to create some space for yourself away from your everyday demands.”
2. Time – “It’s not enough to create space.  You have to create your space for yourself for a specific period of time.  Think of it as play time.”
3  Time – “Give your mind as long as possible to come up with something original.”
4. Confidence – “Nothing will stop you from coming up with a creative solution as much as the fear of making a mistake.”
5. Humour – “Humour gets us from the closed mode to the open mode quicker than anything else.  Humour makes us playful and brings relaxation.”


Now follow these steps, get creative, and enter our Van Design Competition. You could win $1000 cash or up to $2500 worth of KE-ZU product (ex. Sydney Warehouse).


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At Home with Table B …


Straight from the horses mouth!  In this case the horse is our Director Mark.

Living the KE-ZU dream and filling his dining room with staff favourite Table B by Konstantin Grcic for Spanish manufacturer bd Barcelona, it also becomes apparent that he’s a bit of a stylist-come-photographer!

Each day taking photos of his flowers blooming against the extruded aluminum of Table B, we thought them too great to keep just for us staff.



Winning favours and taking top honours at the 2011 Red Dot awards, the Table B top is made of extruded aluminum in silver or matt black.  From one side appearing to float seamlessly and from the other, dipping to expose its hollow length. Offering three options of bases; natural timber, concrete and stainless steel, Table B becomes a marriage of materials, all of which striking and bearing different visually weights, the latter two having the ability to live outdoors.


Table B – Timber Base


Table B – Steel Base


Table B – Concrete Base

Table B with timber base forms part of the KE-ZU stock program and is available for immediate dispatch, doing away with lead times entirely!

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That’s a Wrap! Diane von Furstenberg’s Dali furniture Love …


Image courtesy

There are items that throughout time not only become iconic but also make history.  Diane von Furstenberg’s signature wrap-dress is one of these.

The wrap dress was created in 1974, materializing and personifying a liberation movement for women.  By 1976 von Furstenberg had sold over a million wrap dresses around the world and cemented herself as a leading figure in both fashion and feminism.   Fast forward to 2014 and von Furstenberg and her illustrious wrap-dress still hold as much relevance as they did forty years ago.

DVF as depicted by Andy Warhol

DVF as depicted by Andy Warhol

The $1.2 billion DVF empire is undeniably stylish and classic, and her home in Connecticut (aptly named Cloudwalk) is testament to the same.  Diane von Furstenberg’s home (as visually detailed in September 2010’s InStyle magazine) is filled with design classics and personal treasures the Belgian born former German princess has collected, including the Leda armchair by Salvador Dali, exclusively produced by KE-ZU supplier bd Barcelona.


DVF’s Leda armchair.  Image courtesy InStyle Magazine

"Femme à la Tête Rose" by Salvador Dali

“Femme à la Tête Rose” by Salvador Dali

Dali's Leda armchair, reproduced by bd Barcelona and available at KE-ZU

Dali’s Leda armchair, reproduced by bd Barcelona and available at KE-ZU

Holding pride of place in the main residence on the property, the Leda armchair is a licensed reproduction of the one depicted in Dali’s 1935 painting “Femme à la Tête Rose”.  The Leda chair brings the artist’s surrealist imaginings to life with the help of designer Oscar Tusquets and Spanish manufacturer bd Barcelona.  Cast from solid brass and polished to a lustrous sheen, the surrealist piece almost takes human form, gracefully curving itself downward to its heeled feet.

Steeped with history and tradition, Leda and the Leda low table are available at KE-ZU.

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SCAF’s Fugitive Structures Exhibition …

Poly, 2014 (concept sketch) Commissioned by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Sydney, 2014. Image courtesy Tomahawk // Archer Breakspear

Poly, 2014 (concept sketch)
Commissioned by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Sydney, 2014.
Image courtesy Tomahawk // Archer Breakspear

Fugitive Structures is an annual architectural initiative aimed at emerging and mid-career architects run by the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF) in association with BVN Donovan Hill.   Open to a select group of entrants, the winner is given the opportunity to create a small temporary structure in the Gallery grounds in Paddington, Sydney; the result hopes to engage a wider audience into architectural consideration.

The Fugitive Structures concept references London’s Serpentine Gallery’s Architectural Pavilion series in Kensington Gardens which began in 2000.

2014 sees the second offering in the Fugitive Structures initiative with Sydney based AR-MA at the helm with their winning entry (pictured below).  Tomahawk // Archer Breakspear will hold a temporary installation to complement AR-MA’s pavilion.

AR-MA's pavilion for Fugitive Structures.  Image courtesy ArtInfo

AR-MA’s pavilion for Fugitive Structures (render).
Image courtesy ArtInfo

AR-MA's pavilion for Fugitive Structures. Image courtesy SCAF

AR-MA’s pavilion for Fugitive Structures.
Image courtesy SCAF

This follows Andrew Burns Architects’ successful inaugural tender in 2013 with Crescent House.

Andrew Burns Architects - Crescent House - 2013 Fugitive Structures exhibition.  Image courtesy Andrew Burns Architects

Andrew Burns Architects – Crescent House – 2013 Fugitive Structures exhibition. Image courtesy Andrew Burns Architects

The exhibition will run from 21 March – 20 September 2014.  For more information, see the SCAF website.


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Keeping up with the Classics …

Image Courtesy E!

Image Courtesy E!

Opinion in the KE-ZU showroom is divided.  This division isn’t terminal, it’s rather trivial: we don’t all keep up with the Kardashians (that is, until one is draped over the iconic 1967-designed Tongue lounge chair by Pierre Paulin in the case of the above image).

Whether we love or hate the Kardashian clan, what binds us is our admiration for Dutch manufacturer Artifort.   Artifort is globally renowned for its exclusive licenses to manufacture design classics from such icons as Pierre Paulin, Geoffrey Harcourt, René Holten and Patrick Norguet.   Some of the pieces available feature in collections held by the Museum of Modern Art and the Centre Pompidou.  Their perfectly worded mantra is this:

Artifort stands for art, comfort and timeless design. Design that endures. Design that is authoritative….In the Artifort collection, everyone who attaches importance to form and function will find a design that captures their heart.

The entire Artifort catalogue (including Tongue) is available at KE-ZU – browse the collections here.

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Neri & Hu: The Process …

The Neri & Hu Design and Research Office were recently named joint Designer of the Year at the 2014 Wallpaper* Design Awards.

Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu are ones to watch this year. Here they talk to Cindy Allen, the Editor-in-Chief of Interior Design magazine about their creative process.

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Killer KE-ZU Chrissy Party! …

Raw Bar @ Bondi - taken over by KE-ZU

It’s paaaaarty time!  Silly season has well and truly kicked in and we’re getting the most out of this one! The majority of the showroom staff get together every day to share lunches and trade stories, we indulge in drinks at various local pubs after work but getting the entire crew together for a Christmas party is the one time a year we truly let our hair down – and Friday saw plenty of that!

The real question was where to go; the season was Summer, the theme was tropical and the night was Friday – it appeared that the answer was simple; it just had to be Raw Bar in Bondi.  Should you not know it, Raw Bar is the chic Japanese eatery overlooking fabulous Bondi Beach.  Established in 1995, Raw Bar is a dining institution on Sydney’s fickle Eastern Beaches dining scene, so popular that battling the crowds to a coveted Friday night table could perhaps be classified as a sport, hence convincing Raw Bar to allow KE-ZU to take over the joint was a particularly difficult task – one that Raw Bar had never previously allowed! (uno momento while we pat ourselves on the back and simultaneously send our apologies to anybody who wanted to dine at Raw Bar that evening).

Our in house nail artist Yael (Yi-Yi) fruited out some nails!

Moraima & Billi

Lidia & Toby

Who could forget Scott & Grace...

Yulia (amazing headpiece right?) and Tom

KE-ZU Directors & Raw Bar veterans - Caron & Mark

The award-winning delicious food by chef Shinatro Honda came a plenty, the incredible peach bellini’s, mojitos and sake (!) were well and truly flowing from the bar and the atmosphere and vibes delivered by Karl and his staff led us to a fabulous night with our awesome team celebrating KE-ZU’s incredible 2013 in style!  Check out the entire Facebook album here.

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Congratulations to Bernhardt Design & Jang Won Yoon! …

We have a winner! The Interior Design Best of Year 2013 Awards were announced recently in New York City and we’re super pleased to congratulate KE-ZU manufacturer Bernhardt Design for taking home the Seating: Contract/Lounge/Multiple category with Code by designer Jang Won Yoon.

Code’s triumph at the Awards comes from a quality heavy round of finalists; both Bernhardt Design’s Mirador and Andreu World’s Manfred were nominated in this category – both available at KE-ZU!

Well done Bernhardt Design and Jang Won Yoon!

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Happy Halloween! …

Yooohooo!  All Hallows Eve is upon us!

We’re spending the evening in the Gaulino chair by bd Barcelona – it’s so good it’ll ward off any evil spirits!  Where are you spending yours?

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Today we celebrate a milestone!  This marks the 500th post here on the KE-ZU Blog and we thank you for your support!

The KE-ZU online presence is growing every day, and another 500 more blog posts are coming your way so… whatever!

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