Salone Milano 2014 Day 1: Artifort …


Artifort’s 2014 Salone Milano stand (see the “funny little chairs” peeking out)

The smiles cemented on the faces at the Artifort stand were infectious. We were told it was because of Artifort’s new “funny little chair” parked next to us, but we doubt it can rely solely on that.

Artifort’s 2014 campaign is a holistic blend of new designs and licensed reintroduction, the two are almost seamless in what is set to be a strong year for our Dutch friends.


Mood by Rene Holten


Gemini by UNStudio – Ben van Berkel & Nest by Pierre Paulin: original design 1962 reintroduced 2014 (there are those funny little chairs again!)


Bras by Khodi Feiz

Juxtaposing their stand of white and black geometry, the 2014 Artifort collection is a family of product which harmonizes the classic with the contemporary. Artifort’s Steven Vercruysse explained that rather than follow trend, they release furniture when they feel “the time is right”. Forbidding themselves to look at the works of others, Artifort turns to their instinct and emotions when pulling together a collection, and it works.  We listened, impressed, as the surrounding collection corroborated his story.

That funny little chair, it should be told was Halo, a new design by Richard Hutten. Already described as an alien, Mickey Mouse and a frog – Halo will no doubt bring a smile to your dial.

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Salone Milano 2014 Day 1: Andreu World …


Andreu World’s huge stand of brightly lit wood was stop numero uno.  The AW team have been hard at work developing new product and updating their existing catalogue with new materials, dimensions and components.

Andreu World is a must see at Salone Milano, and early on visitors knew so.  The huge exhibition booth presented new models including On by Jasper Morrison (our conversation with Morrison will hit the blog later today).



The new Raglan collection by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

In conversation with Andreu World, we solidified what we always knew about the Spanish manufacturer: they’re pure perfectionists.  AW have grown collections with new models (the Nub collection by Patricia Urquiola sees a slimmer dining chair added to the family, a wider model Lineal Corporate and more) and perfecting existing product with modifications, for example Nub’s addition of aluminum legs on swivel models, removing screws for occasional tables adding stability, new technological advances in their swivel and gas lifts etc).


The “now complete” Nub collection by Patricia Urquiola


Lineal Comfort collection

If that wasn’t exciting enough, the chatter from the AW team is that there may be a whole new collection from Patricia Urquiola in the wings – we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the if and when as soon as we hear anything further.

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Salone Milano 2014: The KE-ZU Coverage …


In the blink of an eye another year has flown and the European sun has risen on the first day of Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Milan, a changing and adapting city which so beautifully merges history and commerce again plays host to the extraordinary annual fair, the stalwart event of the global design calendar.

Now in its 53rd year, Salone Milano is the moment each member of design gathers together to celebrate and sustain the furniture market; the all-encompassing propellant of our industry. With 300,000 expected visitors, 2014 continues Salone Milano’s dominant position as the epitome of industry congregates.

Milan comes alive during Milan Design Week 2014 and the KE-ZU contingent in Italy is hitting the ground running… and you’re coming with us! With Caron, Moraima and Simon navigating Milan Design Week at an incomprehensible (albeit perhaps unsustainable) pace with a full itinerary of meetings, press-calls, talent scouting and parties – right here is where you’ll keep up with the action!

The excitement in the air at Rho Feria Milano (where Salone Milano is held) is immense.  Armed with the KE-ZU Milan Preview and Guide (available here), join us as we take the first step in what is set to be a marathon event!

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Design Competition …


Be inspired by our 25 brands, 300 designers and 5000 products to design the graphics for our new delivery van.

We are open to any ideas, however it must include the KE-ZU logo in red.

How to enter: 

  1. Download the line drawing + the KE-ZU logo.
  2. Create your design
  3. Fill in the entry form & upload your image as a jpeg

Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before entering the competition.

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iSaloni 2014 Preview & Guide

The worlds largest and most coveted furniture fair kicks off in the magical Milano next Tuesday.  Here is our official Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014 guide here.


Caron, Moraima and Simon are off to Milan so stay tuned for our daily round ups throughout the fair and our post-Milan report in early May.


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We Welcome Fruits and Flowers …


Artifort is so highly regarded in the furniture industry it’s almost as if they are the foster parent of classic, original design.  They grow and maintain a database of reissued classics from great names such as Pierre Paulin, Geoffrey Harcourt, René Holten and Patrick Norguet.

Two key pieces from Pierre Paulin, the Orange Slice and Little Tulip  are now in stock at KE-ZU.

Should you not already know, Paulin is rated one of the most significant French designers of the 20th century and his works are now so reputable they appear in museums as highly regarded as MOMA.



Designed in 1965, Orange Slice is one of the essential classics in the history of modern furniture. This recognizable chair consists of two identical pieces, fixed at angles to hold the body incredibly well, although initially it may not appear to be, Orange Slice is one of the most comfortable chairs ever made!


Paulin’s Little Tulip chair is a powerful and protective yet elegant modern chair. Named obviously after the flower of the same name, Little Tulip spreads its simple, half-open petals around its occupant, enveloping them in its soft and inviting curves.

Still holding design relevance today, Little Tulip is popular in many interior schemes: classic, modern and contemporary and is a standout feature in residential applications, corporate environments and hotel lobbies and lounges. It is perfect as a side chair, dining chair or home office desk chair, it is also available as a barstool!


We are holding a few of these incredible chairs in stock now so they’re ready to go whenever an order is placed with our Sales Staff – first in best dressed!

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LZF Lamps’ Custom Constellations …


Forming part of their Stereovision campaign (see the blog post here), LZF Lamps have released a series of images called Custom Constellations.

Following the incredible Candelabro, a sort of ‘greatest hits’ of LZF Lamps products artfully structured by Marivi Calvo, Custom Constellations groups similar LZF Lamps products together to form a cluster – adding to the impact that these pieces create in isolation.



Lighting pieces are fixed to a central point, eliminating the need for multiple fittings and are dimmable to avoid recreating Times Square in the home or office!  By definition alone, these are a custom piece and of course, we can assist you to create the perfect cluster for yourself!

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KE-ZU Around the World …

KE-ZU Around the World

A wonderful aspect of supplying a huge diverse range of quality designer furniture is seeing these pieces installed into spaces where people can enjoy them.

Design is all around us, and whether one is aware or not, we all form opinions about our surroundings – we use our senses and form opinions on spaces and objects for their aesthetic value, material composition and form: we see them, feel them and understand them.

At KE-ZU we spend time collecting images of the pieces that form our catalogue applied in various spaces throughout the world and no better place than right here to share them!  We intend to bring these to you perhaps fortnightly, so do check back!

Enea Lottus stools Image courtesy Enea

Enea Lottus stools
Image courtesy Enea


Andreu World Smile Chairs
Image courtesy

KEZU_INSTALLATION_IC-10 Construimos Espacios Office Madrid_ENEA_OH2

Enea Oh! chair
Image courtesy

m114 Green chair Image courtesy m114

m114 Green chair
Image courtesy m114

Enea Lottus chairs Image courtesy

Enea Lottus chairs
Image courtesy

Andreu World Zisa chairs Image courtesy Andreu World

Andreu World Zisa chairs
Image courtesy Andreu World

Andreu World Nub chair Image courtesy Design Folio Magazine

Andreu World Nub chair
Image courtesy Design Folio Magazine

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MMM – Never Enough Zooz …


NYC based “brass house band” Too Many Zooz have made a name for themselves highjacking subway stations of The Big Apple with their distinctive sound and energetic performances.

Glorified buskers, the band plays for commuters at various subways the experimental trio consists of a saxophonist, a trumpet player and a drummer.   Interestingly, Questlove (frontman and drummer for the band The Roots) has started a campaign to have Too Many Zooz perform on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show in the U.S.

Basically summing up the reasons why we love NYC subways in one fell swoop, the band has released one digital album so far and is available for a humble $5 here.  Watch the boys in action in the videos below!


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FFF – The Design & Violence Coin …

Dr Strangelove

As the saying goes, “There are two sides to every coin”. So true this proverb is when applied to violence in design.

In May 2013 the world was shocked when the exciting new venture of 3D printing, heralded as a giant step in the manufacturing sector, was put to work printing a gun. The material used to print the operational gun was of a substance that could be taken undetected on a plane, thus we all gasped and debate erupted.

The Liberator: The first 3D printed operational gun

The Liberator: The first 3D printed operational gun
Image courtesy MOMA

Design always had the capability to err on the wrong side of the tracks.  Usually when we think about design it is architecture, furniture and fashion rather than weaponry and destruction that spring to mind.  It has been a while since an advancement in our industry has had the ability to cause so much unrest.  On one side this advancement allows people with a 3D printing machine to design and manufacture their own goods, unleashing a new wave of creative energy and product both with endless opportunity for growth .  The other side of course, is the possibility for weaponry to be created without regulation.

And so it is of course that New York City’s Museum of Modern Art in conjunction with the platform Design and Violence is hosting a series of industry debates on how violence manifests in design.  Part 2 of the three-part series takes place on April 10 – more information can be found here.

It’s a stirring thought:  on which side does your coin land?

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