Showtime …

35_KE-ZU_BD BARCELONA_SHOWTIME_JAIME HAYONShowtime Low Lounger designed by Jamie Hayon for BD Barcelona.

Now available from KE-ZU!

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Fontal …


Fontal Armchair designed by Oscar Tusquets for Expormim.

Fontal’’s look reminds us of a traditional chair that has been given a new appearance, yet it maintains lightness, warmth and charm.

“Expormim have said “the project was born from the desire to take back rattan as a noble material, building on the rich tradition of craftsmanship in our country that supports its use.”” To that end, they tried to give the hundred-year-old technique a new look, which was achieved by substituting the traditional strutting and joint wrapping for a twinning technique to join one reed to the next. With this innovative option, the designers created a flexible yet resistant structure that is very lightweight. They define the chair as ““light, warm, charming and luxurious in the true meaning of the word“.”

Fontal and the entire Expormim collection are now available nationally through KE-ZU!


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Raglan …

33_KE-ZU_ANDREU WORLD_RAGLAN_PIERGIORGIO CAZZANIGARaglan Sofa designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga for Andreu World.

Raglan is a modular sofa system designed for collaboration areas, making it appropriate for corporate, public and private spaces. Of great comfort and character, its form is defined by the upholstered perimeter seam. The meticulous upholstery work and elaborated stitching elements allow for a wide range of fabric, color and finish solutions. This versatility makes the collection adaptable to any special requirement or space.

The collection is comprised of lounge chairs, two and three seater sofas and combinable modular pieces. The injected aluminum frame gives the pieces a solid and robust structure while the finishing projects a soft and delicate design. The frame is available in white, black and polished aluminum finish.

Now available nationally through KE-ZU!


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Conch …


Conch designed by Luisa Robinson for Hive.

Highly reminiscent of the seashell’s ubiquitous swirl, the Conch collection blends traditional materials with contemporary silhouettes. Bamboo splits are woven together as repetitive lines forming a circular shade that appears to spin within itself. Masculine and feminine sensibilities come together in this whimsical set of lights.

You can see Conch on display at the KE-ZU showroom!

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Tartana …

31_KE-ZU_SANCAL_TARTANAThe design studio Nadadora has taken inspiration from a pre-industrial epoch for their post-industrial product.

In Spanish, a “tartana” is defined as a carriage with a domed cover on two wheels. Sancal’s modern-day Tartana is an acoustic dome, a totally new product, designed to protect us and provide us with the privacy that we yearn for in open spaces.

The warm materials used help to create a cosy atmosphere: the structure is ash and the fabric is a foam laminated, bicolour felt. It is available in three variants: grey/navy blue, moka/wine and beige/lime. Both sides have the same acoustic properties and can therefore be placed either way round to achieve different colour co-ordinations.

The construction of the fabric in three layers creates the optimum phono-absorbent effect.

While the structure is only available in one measurement: 150x200cm, the fabric comes in two sizes: XL or XS. Each Tartana is supplied with two fabrics which can both be XL, XS or one of each (the mixed version). The XL fabric has an overhang of 40cm and that of the XS is 20cm.

The wooden structure can be stained any colour in our collection, although Nadadora recommends “natural”, “silk-gray” or “anthracite” stains for the grey/navy fabrics, “natural” or “walnut” for moka/wine and “natural” or “silk-gray” for beige/lime.

Now available from KE-ZU!

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Frames by Jamie Hayon …



A new paragraph narrated in the story of Expormim through Jaime Hayon’s vision leads to a new collection. The first story is the contemporary perception of the author about the identity of a manufacturer of his country that exudes Mediterranean flavour. Inside, other stories are framed: those that evoke the memory with the touch of rattan and detail of his twisted, and that lead us to recall “La Exportadora de Mimbre” of the sixties, when furniture was created to complete the attractive terraces of the Mediterranean, and its tourist explosion. Although the real story is the encounter between the designer and the company, being mutual fans who have shown respect to the Mediterranean craft tradition through their work.

The main set of the Frames collection includes an armchair, a room divider and a side table. In order to manufacture them, skilled craftsmen select the rattan rods with special attention, curve them with heat, explore all its features to create, and manually introduce them into the moulds. But while the classic use of rattan includes multiple diameters and abundant links, Hayon creates a formula to compose the pieces of Frames that simplifies and organizes the structures. Each screen of wicker frames a classic braiding that evokes the past, but the whole takes the sinuous forms characteristic of the designer and his illustrations. Jaime Hayon takes advantage of the continuity that these fibres are able to provide to follow the line of his drawings, while other materials would have required assembly.

Now available from KE-ZU!

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Agora …

29_KE-ZU_ANDREU WORLD_AGORA_LIEVORE_ALTHERR_MOLINANew low back Agora designed by Lievore, Altherr & Molina for Andreu World.

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Pion …


The success of the Pion stools and occasional tables brought KE-ZU supplier Sancal back to Ionna Vautrin to include a range of dining tables.

Just as before, chess pieces have continued to be the inspiration for the new designs.

Ionna has also incorporated another colour to add to the mustard, olive, peach and sky blue colours already in production: shadow grey. She uses a contrast of high gloss for the lacquers with a matte, wax finish for the natural wood.

Unlike the coffee tables, the lacquer on the dining tables runs across the entire base, right the way up to the edge of the table top.

Now available from KE-ZU and through our national distribution network!


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Whisk …

27_KE-ZU_HIVE_WHISK_STANLEY RUIZWhisk Suspension Lamp designed by Stanley Ruiz for Hive.

The Whisk light is an elegant play of lights, lines and undulating curves. Copper wires are sculpted by hand into various shapes reminiscent of its namesake. Its minimalist and contemporary feel make it a timeless piece to incorporate into any interior setting -

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Showtime …

26_KE-ZU_BD BARCELONA_SHOWTIME_JAIME HAYONJaime Hayon continues to be one of the most celebrated Spanish designers on the international stage. When in 2006 BD decided to bet on his talent with the successful Showtime Collection, Jaime still was an emerging talent with an artistic profile out of the ordinary. His style has been refined over the years. One of the iconic pieces of the collection was the Cabinet Multileg. Now BD presents a new wooden version, walnut and walnut nature, with the same virtues as the first: modular, multipurpose and multilegged.

Now on display at the KE-ZU showroom!


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