Month: March, 2013

FFF – HB’s Elle! …

FFF is always about ditching the furniture for a day.  None more so than today’s FFF where we celebrate an Aussie icon on her 39th birthday.

We assume you’ve guessed by now, it’s Elle Macpherson’s birthday.  We imagine at 39 that the Aussie actress, model, clothing designer, TV host and mum is still being asked for ID at bars which puts our nose slightly out of joint – but that’s okay, cause she’s great.  Here’s some little known things we know and love about our Elle over time …

Elle was born “Eleanor Nancy Gow”

Her first job internationally was in 1982 for Tab Cola (excuse the 1980’s resolution here).

Elle appeared in every issue of Elle for six consecutive years.

Elle’s first movie role was in Hollywood’s 1994 period film Sirens.

Elle has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated a record five times.

One thing we love most about Elle – she’s still just Elle.

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Congratulations to Axona-Aichi!


We were pleased to recently receive the news that KE-ZU supplier Axona-Aichi has welcomed another metaphorical trophy into their cabinet.

Last Week Axona-Aichi’s Tipo Chair designed by Japan’s Taku Kumazawa was awarded the 2012 Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum, the international museum of architecture and design, one the highest distinctions afforded in design.

From over 48 countries, thousands of submissions flowed to the Chicago Athenaeum from the worlds leading manufacturers with the Tipo Chair being one of the entries now deservedly wearing the award with pride.  This award adds to the others collected for the inventive sustainable design, along with the 2011 Red Dot Award.

Tipo is a GECA Certified, high-density multi-purpose mesh stacking chair (40 high to be precise!) with a choice of three different backs and two different seats.   The Tipo family also includes a stacking stool.  These innovatively comfortable chairs made of recycled materials only weigh in at 3.5kg and find their way into auditoriums, conference centres and meeting rooms the world over.  Check out our blog post here illustrating their beautiful use in the East Hotel in Canberra.

Congratulations Axona-Aichi!

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Karim’s Miami Vision …

It’s pretty obvious that we love Karim Rashid.  We stock many of his designs right here at KE-ZU.  Dubbed by Time Magazine as the “most famous industrial designer in all the Americas”, Karim Rashid is a multi-faceted creative superforce with over 3,000 works in production to date, it’s pretty hard then to fathom that he has any time to think let alone have a hobby, which by the way he does, and it’s getting behind the DJ decks and spinning some tunes.

­The latest venture for the purveyor of pink is MyBrickell.  A built space investigating contemporary culture and city living in the popular urban sprawl of Brickell, Miami.

Designed for the new age and culturally aware Miami resident, the buildings color, design, location, features and amenities add to up to one of the hottest places to live in South Florida. Some unique features of this highly original structure include a fantastic rooftop pool and outdoor living area, expansive balconies and a colour scheme that screams Miami.

Currently a mere hole in the ground, the MyBrickell vision is strong, utilising the highly saturated colour in deep pattern and organic shape so synonymous with Karim’s work MyBrickell is shrouded in his stamp, a further way for Karim to continue on his mission to beautify the world.

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A heavenly combo…

We were going to save this little gem for a Furniture Free Friday this week at the Blog but we just can’t wait. It’s too good.

The hypnotic Rita Hayworth – beautiful, flighty, rhythmic and engaging. The Bee Gees, brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice, blessed with voices of vibrato and falsetto forming tight harmonies pumping 1960’s dance floors the world over.

You may ask why we vocalised those two sentences. Well here you go. Our friends over at LZF Lamps happened to forward onto us this little gem someone presumably had a lot of fun putting together.

Cue video!

We’d never think of merging Hayworth and the Bee Gees but someone did, and my word are we glad that they did. The video should speak for itself. Enjoy!

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INSTALLED: Hotel Pau has some POW …

Teresa Sapey isn’t at all unfamiliar with the design of a hotel.  She’s designed the interiors for Veracruz Plaza in Valdepanas, Spain and managed to turn a carpark into a colourful and graphic delight in Madrid when collaboratively working on the Hotel Puerta América Project (see the KE-ZU blog post here).

Turning her hand to Barcelona’s Hotel Pau, the interiors are a juxtaposition from the facade, maintaining its protected colonial aesthetic and construct.  The renowned designer and architect has once again utilised large digital prints to personalise the spaces and has specified organic rounded cut out shapes to offset from the geometric pops of colour of the striped flooring and walls.

Sapey strategically placed the Adan stools and Chemistubes vases designed by herself for Spanish manufacturer Vondom – available for viewing in the KE-ZU showroom (see the KE-ZU blog post here to give the hotel has a new lease on life delivered from the talented Spaniard.

See a video of the newly designed Hotel below.

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Brightening up with LZF …

Alright, alright. We know it’s Furniture Free Friday here at the KE-ZU blog but we’re just a bit excited – so forgive us…

LZF Lamps specialize in the manipulation of plywood, producing lights and lamps of patterned, twisted form – finding themselves wholly remarkable as standalone pieces but holding the ability to group together harmoniously to extend the aesthetics of the singular piece.

LZF Lamps’ brand management is second to none – holding their own aesthetic and style at the top of their game.

Nothing has been spared in their Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano 2013 campaign “High Fidelity”.

We don’t want to give away too much too early (believe me, more is to come) – but if you want to get ahead of the game see the video below outlining their new collection for the forthcoming design calendar period.

Exciting stuff!

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FFF – The Eye of Ryba …

We do take to things that are a bit different here at KE-ZU.  Further, we carry a bit of a love for the creator of the unique – which is why today we love the Sydney based photographer Rebecca Ryba.   Ryba is one of those gifted creative types with an eye for catching the things in life that we just don’t.

Rebecca Ryba is a Fine Art photographer based in Sydney. Ryba completed her bachelor of Fine Arts with honours Sydney’s COFA in 2009. Since then we understand she has traveled South America, Paris (working as a photographer teacher) and New York City (assisting renowned curator Neville Wakefield).   Basing herself back in Sydney, Ryba works as the creative director of an entirely online magazine exploring “the quirky side of life” – in reality the online platform is far from quirky, erring more on the beautiful and quality side of publishing.  The future looks bright for this young talent – what isn’t always bright is the subject she turns her lens to.

Exploring the subjects of emptiness, stillness and temporal spaces, the quiet qualities that these pieces hold is simply awesome.  From mysterious landscapes in the ‘masked frontier’ collection to the warped social motion of ‘crowd studies’, the sexily eerie ‘the bacchae’ to the almost Lynch-like lighting effects in the soulful ‘in between’ – the entire portfolio (available here) is a tick in the box of talent.

Ryba says her work

searches for identity and history against a background of nothingness and void. She searches determinedly but possibly vainly for dreams, intuition, archetypes and impulses expressed through culture, sex and religion

Whether that means anything to you or not may be irrelevant, the work expresses itself so deeply that we can’t wait to see what she’s shooting next.

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INSTALLED: Clean and Green …

The Green Chair designed by the artistic multi-disciplined visionary Javier Mariscal for Mobles114 is a modern geometric number. This isn’t its only drawcard however – its beauty lies not only in its chameleon-like ability to suit any space both indoor and outdoor but also its 100% recycled and recyclable catalogue of materials.

Formed by a recycled polypropylene textured seat shell available in two colours, and a wooden or metal leg frame also colour variable, the Green Chair is perfectly suited to contract and hospitality applications.  See some of the images below where the Green Chair has slotted perfectly into their environment (whilst being ever-so-aware of the environment itself) – in the Muna Cafe in Narva College, Estonia.

While we’re on Javier Mariscal, have a look at his other designs available at KE-ZU for Spanish manufacturers nanimarquina, Vondom and Andreu World and, if you haven’t seen Mariscal’s Facebook page we highly suggest doing so –it’s a colourful display of illustration and all round creative fun).

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EMU goes in …

EMU is the Italian manufacturer of outdoor furniture which has an uncanny knack to specify and use hard materials such as sheet metal and steel in their furniture offerings and give the pieces a stunning lightness to the overall visual impact.  You can see from the EMU catalogue available at KE-ZU here.

Their furniture assembly, which you’ll find perfectly situated outdoors is as accessible as it is diverse. It’s no surprise that the company was one of the first in the world to patent an exclusive metal plasticisation process with exceptional resistance to atmospheric agents – cementing their place in the outdoor furniture hall of fame.

Arik Levy’s Pattern Chair

Nouvel’s Mia Collection

Recently working with some seriously exciting designers kicking goals internationally such as Jean Nouvel, Patricia Urquiola (Retrouve chair, title image), Paola Navone and Arik Levy (amongst many others), we love seeing their product installed in various spaces internationally.  Below are a few of our recent picks:

Heaven Table by Jean-Marie Massaud in the Crown Metropol, Melbourne.

Ivy Lounge chairs by Paola Navone in the public library of McAllen, Texas.  Photo courtesy Coalesse

Heaven vases by Jean-Marie Massaud outside the W Hotel in Union Square, New York City. Photo courtesy Coalesse

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The KE-ZU and LivingEdge Mega Sale …

Well here we go again!  The KE-ZU and LivingEdge sale is on this week, yes, this week!

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