Month: February, 2013

The Green Square Architecture Affair …

Green Square, a complex intersection in Alexandria, a neighbourhood packed with design practices, furniture showrooms, Australia’s #1 business park, a heap of creative go-getters, and the home of KE-ZU looks set to become home to a bustling epicentre of culture for the ever growing area just south of central Sydney – said to be Australia’s largest urban development at this time.

A competition was run recently, reaching far and wide internationally for architecture submissions for the design of a public library and plaza.  The winning competition announced and the winning entrant were Sydney locals Felicity Stewart and Matthias Hollenstein in association with Colin Stewart Architects.

From over 160 entries, Stewart and Hollenstein’s proposal was chosen, the exciting design incorporates a subterranean library, exposed internal garden, a public “jam” room for budding musicians and technology rooms.

Their proposal, which creates public space focussing on green areas touted itself as “a business centre, also an entertainment venue, a new innovative library creating an urban living room, and an outdoor plaza becomes a meeting place where friends can shop, dine and play”.

Now doesn’t that sound great for our developing community!  Glenn Murcott AO, Architect and competition juror says of the space:

A local winner, this is not only a superb solution, it’s going to be a wonderful scheme and a wonderful place to be for the people of Green Square.

Sounds a treat.

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Sittin’ on a Classic …

A piece that needs little introduction, the Gaulino Chair, designed Barcelona native Oscar Tusquets in 1987 has since become a modern Spanish classic and a point of reference in sculptural furniture design.

Recently relaunching the iconic chair is KE-ZU supplier bd Barcelona.  The sculpted chair was awarded the Industrial Design Prze in 1989 and the Adi-Fad in 1990.

We’ve shown you previously here on the Blog bd Barcelona’s work in maintaining the spirit of great Spaniards’ Gaudi and Dali’s work in their efforts to exclusively produce their furniture works and it’s these two very men and Carlo Mollino who influenced the design of the Gaulino – even so far as affecting its word-morphed title.

The chair, which is regularly included in retrospective shows of Spanish design also spawned a table of the same name and was Tusquets’ first foray into industrial works with machine work despite its appearance of hand craftsmanship.  Of its design, Tusquets says quite simply:

I learned and enjoyed it very much and I think it is one of my best works.  It was designed over 20 years ago and it remains an interesting design.  I think one of my best designs.

The femaleness that the Gaulino Chair exudes is unmissable, and showcased at the start of the video below featuring an interview with Tusquets, taken from ‘bd Barcelona Design Stories’, the Vimeo channel directed by the company.

GAULINO Chair by Oscar Tusquets from BD Barcelona Design on Vimeo.

The Gaulino Chair is a structure of solid Ash either natural, varnished or stained.  The seat with internal frame in Oak and upholstered in leather toned to complement frame and is available at KE-ZU and through its national distribution network.  Also available are Tusquets’ other designs – the Banco Catalano for bd Urban Transit, and Luna for the vernacular Spaniard rug manufacturer nanimarquina, we’ll upload a post about Luna shortly.

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FFF – Black or White …

We should start this Furniture Free Friday with a definition:


An abnormal aversion to colours or to certain colours.

We found out about this phobia from a wonderful anecdotal article by Michael Bierut.

For most people, colour is basic element of our daily lives that we use for comfort, inspiration, practicality, etc.  Doing a prancy 360 in the KE-ZU showroom will show you a huge array of colour.  We love it.  However, according to S.K. Love of the Vedicure Wellness Clinic, an estimated 5 to 10 percent of people suffer from Chromatophobia.

Colour shouldn’t be feared, colour can bring so many positive emotions together and add a flair to anything that it is applied to.  Having said this however, suffering Chromatophobia may not necessarily be such a bad thing.  This started us thinking about all the things we love that only come in black and white… so, let’s have a think about all of the wonderful things that can be limited to a greyscale.   Check out some of our picks below:

A little favourite quote from the king of Black and White, Mr Karl Largerfeld himself sums this Friday up perfectly:

We live in a world of colour and excess.  Black-and-white always looks modern, whatever that word means.

It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, or a rainbow – it’s Friday so have a good weekend!

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We Love Spain …

Here at the ‘ZU we have a bit of a fascination for Spain.  We aren’t alone – the world has an ever expanding love affair with the skilled European State, and with good reason.  A land bearing some of the worlds most successful and well-known creatives in history is worthy of a humble mention here on the KE-ZU Blog.

The undeniable talent across every sector which has emerged from Spain is unstoppable and almost unfathomable.  Think perhaps the genius brushstrokes of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, fashion giant Balenciaga, every girls’ footwear fantasy Manolo Blahnik, the “L’enfant terrible” fashionista Paco Rabbane, marketing genius and comfort guru Camper, a huge spectrum of architectural brilliance delivered by Antoni Gaudi and Santiago Calatrava, multi-talented designer Javier Mariscal and culinary brain Ferran Adrià – what a list, and that’s just the start!

Spain has captured our hearts, and for more than just these monumental reasons – the work of the wider Spanish community in the cultural arts arena is nothing short of beautiful and while we’re on that, check out the astoundingly picturesque layout of the website Love Spain.

Love Spain is dedicated to creativity in Spanish design, architecture, art, fashion and food and the rolling image bank is a non-stop repertoire of all things creative hailing from the European land we adore.

All KE-ZU’s Spanish suppliers are featured on the site; nanimarquina in her award winning range of rugs immortalising the Spanish artist Edward Chillida (and the greater nanimarquina collection), Vondom’s progressive outdoor pieces, bd Barcelona’s Dali works and a selection of Sancal’s products!

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Keeping up with the Bones’ …

New to the Vondom catalogue and recently arriving in our showroom is the Bones collection of planters.

Designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba for the Spanish manufacturer, Bones is characterised by its relative slimness and light weight comparable to its ability of strength.  Capable of reversibility to use either end to support any plant or tree, Bones is available in three shapes of various sizes, all embodying a silhouette of different types of bones.

As is with the wider range of Vondom planters, this family of polyethylene resin planters may illuminate to provide an interesting flair to any outdoor social occasion.  Last week KE-ZU supplied the 2013 Tropfest Film Festival interview set with a selection of Bones – showcasing the planters to a live audience of over 150,000 people and televised in 33 countries!  See the image below.

Bones in all available shapes are available for viewing on the KE-ZU showroom floor.

Also new to the Vondom catalogue is the Adan collection pictured below, with black samples available for viewing at the KE-ZU showroom.  We’ve previously featured Adan on the blog here.

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FFF – 365iCreate …

For Furniture Free Friday we thought we’d bring you a young Sydney creative – she’s talented in too many areas to name, you know the ones…  those people who seem to have boundless amounts of imaginative energy capable of turning water into wine.

Sydney’s Melinda “Mindy” Nass has embarked herself on a personal creative challenge which spans the entire year of 2013, and more so, every day of it.

365iCreate is the name of the challenge and uses social media application Instagram as its platform.  Each and every day of this year Mindy creates something unique, interesting and idiosyncratic.  She then photographs it and uploads it to Instagram – allowing her followers to track the progress of her plight.  An inspiration (not only for time management purposes!) to creatives and non-creatives alike – her repertoire consists of illustration, painting, costume, furniture restoration, wall art, cooking, graphic design, jewellery and much, much more, many of which a journey into up-cycling and sustainability.  Nass says of the project:

[my employment and studies] started to noticeably limit my ideas, consequently I found myself becoming uninspired and questioning my abilities as a designer.  To counteract my creative rut, I decided to do the opposite and challenge myself into completing something creative everyday for a year. So I set up a studio in the spare room and started the Instagram account to document the journey

Given that we are only up to day 149 of 365 we can’t wait to see what she’s up to next (and the next 215).  Check out some of the creations below, and log into 365iCreate’s Instagram profile for more to come!

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Happy Valentines Day! …

It’s a nice day for it, isn’t it?

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The Opera House Project …

The Sydney Opera House, now considered the top New Seven Wonder of the World as voted by Teletex Holidays, is a worthy topic to revere. Is it any wonder then that it should be dissected to obtain a higher understanding of this building so worthy of its adoration?

Examining the worthwhile topic in detail, The Opera House Project explores everything there is about the famed building through an online interactive documentary.

Run with the ABC, the Project houses hours of content available to view in your own time including a video relating to information about the construction and engineering, a 3D studio exploring the original design drawings and construction, information of the history of the site and outlines performances and events since its inauguration.

The Opera House Project is a beautiful platform to explore one of the most coveted architectural feats of the Twentieth Century.

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Raindrop(‘s aren’t falling on our heads) …

It’s no secret where the inspiration for LZF Lamps’ latest lighting feature ‘Raindrop’ has come from.  Javier Herrero Studio designed Raindrop to fall from the ceiling into a delicately handcrafted drop shape, plied from fine wood veneer, through which light emanating from a centralised glass sphere flows into its space.

Raindrop falls into the larger LZF Lamps catalogue of finely tuned wood products, embodying their mantras “wood touched by light” and “light and nature”.

The entire LZF Lamps catalogue is available at KE-ZU, with models LINKNUTAIR and ANFORA available for viewing now at the KE-ZU showroom.

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Google This …

With the world evolving and we increasingly understand how we tick, particularly at work, there are some forward thinking people out there which are creating workspaces which address so many of the issues which have been plaguing 9-5’ers for so long.

The front runner has always been Google, and not to say that there aren’t contenders.
Google Tel Aviv have recently relocated into new offices designed by Camenzind Evolution, Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal. Calling home eight floors of the Electra Towers, the office should be the envy of workers the globe over.

Many segments of the space taking an “indoor/outdoor” approach, removing the row by row cattle-line desks and dreary neutrals of the past, the Google Tel Aviv office is visually stunning but also works with the mind – creating collaboration and break out spaces all over the building with mico-kitchens, bars and a transportation slide!

Check out the amazing pics below.

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