Month: September, 2012

The World of Suzy & Suzie Wong …

In 1960 a film was made called “The World of Suzie Wong”.  The plot of this post is about the Suzy Wong of our world.  We’re unsure whether Suzie and Suzy are connected, they most likely aren’t.

Our Suzy Wong has found herself in the Kenneth Cobonpue catalogue.  This isn’t an easy achievement for anybody.  To get this done however, Suzy ticked the mandatory Kenneth Cobonpue boxes, namely:

  1. She’s made of natural, locally sourced material.
  2. She’s original and unique.
  3. She’s an alternative to the Western definition of modern design.

Suzy’s family comprises of thirteen (unlucky for some – not Suzy though) pieces, all with the hallmark which sets them apart, their sophistication by blending the natural and the traditional.

Suzy Wong designer (and self-titled design firm director) Kenneth Cobonpue proudly hails from the Philippines, and sources most of the contents of his material box from the archipelago’s 7,107 islands. Suzy Wong is a melting pot of these materials, utilising Lampakanai (a course sedge belonging to the seagrass family), Abaca (commonly referred to as Manila Hemp), Rattan (the stem of a climbing trunk) woven onto a frame of oak, mahogany or walnut.

The Suzy Wong family is defined by its materials and aesthetics.  The thirteen pieces exude sophistication of oriental times past.  The high-back series is the most recognisable, with the sofa siblings coming in at 122cm high and the bed even higher at 160cm, the height assisting the pieces to define spaces within spaces.  The Suzy Wong family undoubtedly provides a meditative spot in which to curl up, relax, and perhaps even hide.  Suzy Wong affords you the luxury of being able to see through to the other side from your isolated area without visibility to you.

Which brings us to our next point.  Mums and dads take note.  Whatever day or night of the week it may be, we’re sure you deserve a bit of ‘you’ time.   The Suzy Wong family affords you the luxury of a place to sit for a while and gather your thoughts.  Call it a place of your own, an oasis – perhaps even somewhere to hide where you can just wish the outside world away.   We’ve taken the liberty of taking the Suzy Wong high-back lounge chair and popped it into an example to evidence just how the collection could potentially do just this:

We also thought it would be a good idea to put Suzy and Suzie together for the first time:

But in all seriousness, the Suzy Wong collection is perfect for any space, and the entire collection is available at KE-ZU, and through its national distributors.

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Air and Power…

Air and Power.  We know them well, not like this however.  Welcome to LZF’s lighting adventure, Air.

Designed by Ray Power for LZF (pictured above), Air is made of a single Polywood sheet, bent to its exciting and engaging shape and held in its graceful profile.  Falling into the LZF family of experimentation with form, Air is packed with fluidity and light as a feather.

Perfectly slotting into residential or commercial spaces as a table lamp or a wall-mounted lamp, Air is a quiet little achiever made of 100% sustainable FSC certified materials.  You’ll find Air available in eight different wood veneer finishes, all of which radiating a welcoming glow.

LZF, being the progressive design gurus that they are haven’t forgotten the graphic styling to accompany the Air family – check out these cool illustrations.

Not to be forgotten are the handy LZF desktop calendars.  Each month LZF release a calendar and September is another stellar offering!  The calendars are available from LZF’s Facebook site here.

For more information click here.

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Party Time with Vondom …

KE-ZU stockist Vondom offers new style in sensory experience of shape, texture and form through materiality.

Each year Vondom showcases their innovative range at Feria Habitat Valencia in Spain and celebrates by throwing arguably Valencia Design Fair’s most exclusive, invitation only party (of which our fearless Director attended last year).

Again Vondom took to Torres de Serranos, one of twelve gothic style medieval gates along the city wall in Valencia.  The perfect juxtaposed backdrop for the colour and form of Vondom’s pieces.

Stay tuned for other news from the Feria Hábitat Valencia and see our Facebook page for further photos from the Vondom party.

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Food For Furniture Free Friday – We’re getting hungry …

Image courtesy

We were fortunate (or unfortunate, as it may be) to stumble upon the “Del Popolo” – a feat in industrial and mechanical design which has won our eye, and our stomachs.

Artfully designed in the U.S. by Jon Darsky with McLellan Industries – the Del Popolo is possibly the worlds coolest food van, cruising up and down the San Fran streets delivering stone cooked pizza with delicious style.  Yum!

Image courtesy

Image courtesy

Wander into the KE-ZU showroom today and you’ll most likely find the showroom team with noses pressed to the glass hoping to get a glimpse of a pizza lunch hurtling down the street!

Image courtesy

Bon appétit!

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Time to Take Off …

Air travel has changed the way we view the world, and whilst we don’t fly by blimp anymore (history will provide for good reason), the aeroplane has become our standard go to when taking to the skies.

Slowly and surely, we’ve seen a decrease in the glamour of old attached to air travel and arguably, its airports have been the breeding ground for function over aesthetics for so long.

Well, dear weary travelers, the time has come: head straight to the arrivals gate for interesting, fun new airport design.  The past decade has seen radical improvements in the design of these gateways to our cities.  Gone (or will be!) the ghastly concrete jungle of airports past, gone are the long muted grey corridors and gone are the banal rows of chairs piled with travelers.

These spaces can be a canvas to showcase to the world the ability of its host city to design, both functionally and aesthetically.    Airports are moving forward, using colour in abundance adding fun and innovation, geared toward both recreational and business travelers.

It turns out that over 5 billion people graced the floors of airports the world over in 2011 – that’s 5 billion of our Earth’s meager 7 billion strong population.

Airports have realized that in order to succeed in a growing and adapting world, they need to work with the people and their current environment.  Thought has been given to the needs of travelers, be they business or pleasure.   Airports are no longer just the gateway for travel, they’ve in part become the destination, and an integral part of travel.

Airports have become the innovators.   Through employing relaxation methods such as  an ‘oasis’ scheme, providing a home away from home, sunlight, blending indoors and outdoors, exercise and introducing entertainment such as shopping, golf courses and live performance stages, there appears to be little need to even board the plane!

The corporate travelers, younger generation and tech-heads haven’t been forgotten, private individual work stations, sleep chambers, high-speed wi-fi internet and conference centres all getting the nod for inclusion.

Image courtesy DesignBoom

Some of the world’s most beautiful airports have been erected over the past few years, however two about to take off are:

Manilas Ninoy Aquino International Airport – Philippines

We reported back in November about the patriotic transform-faceted design guru Kenneth Cobonpue’s green-lighted plan to take to transform the Manilas Ninoy Aquino International Airport, after it receiving the rather dismal honour of being named the worlds worst airport.

View the blog post here.

View Kenneth Cobonpue’s collection available at KE-ZU here.

Air France business lounge, Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, Paris

The busy international thoroughfare that is the Air France business lounge at Charles-de-Gaulle has been overtaken by Brandimage, in partnership with Bernhardt Design creative Noe Duchafour-Lawrence (Noe’s Corvo Chair for Bernhardt Design is available at KE-ZU, information here).

The concept for the design was reinterpreting of the language of plants, and in doing so, thwarting the dreariness of travel and airports. The design solution places you at the start of a re-imagined garden path, surrounded by live plants and incorporating furniture selection in a placement that recreates the natural world.

Flying the French flag and finding its way into the business lounge is the iconic Tulip Chair by Pierre Paulin for KE-ZU stockist Artifort.  Dating back to the 1960’s the Tulip Chair is as relevant today as it was at its inception.

Versions of the Tulip Chair are available at KE-ZU.  For more information please click here.

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A Fitting Translation…

We understand that the term “Kairos” in Greek translates to “opportune moment” and signifies a moment of indeterminate time in which something special happens.  Fitting.

Now, Kairos finds itself in the physical form as a suspension lamp, the latest lighting feat from Kenneth Cobonpue’s lighting and accessories brand HIVE [design by hive].

Kairos is a white fibre reinforced polymer hollow sphere that starts its journey in one of three sizes, 30cm, 50cm or 80cm diameter.  Kairos adopts organic voids which assist the RBG LED lights fitted inside the structure to emit light which illuminate the inner structure and its surroundings.  In its purest of states, Kairos emits a white light which bathes any space with clean beauty.

Never ceasing to amaze, with the press of a button (the included remote control) Kairos turns its back on white serenity and goes to work in creating a multitude of colour!  The clever LED lights allow for 15 colour variances to illuminate the lamp and the space with an expansive colour spectrum … fun times!

Available at KE-ZU and through KE-ZU’s national distributors, there’s always an opportune moment for a Kairos.

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Tell us how you look …

…and we’ll send you a nanimarquina rug for your mouse

We want to get inside your head. But don’t be scared, it’s not in a sci-fi thriller sort of way, we are simply curious as to how you look for products, how you keep up with trends, how you get your inspiration and a few other questions in the same realm.

KE-ZU is undertaking a survey and we’d like you to participate. Understanding how you work is important to us and will help ensure that we are providing you with the support you need.

The best thing is, to sweeten the deal the first 250 responses will get a free nanimarquina rug for your mouse… on the house.

It will only take a few minutes… so click here to complete the survey and claim your free rug.

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Do the Samba …

Meet Brad.  We have.

Brad Stebbing is a name to remember.   Brad’s beginning into the design world is nothing short of impressive.

Graduating from the Sydney University of Technology‘s rigorous Bachelor of Industrial Design, Brad’s work experience is varied, and has since created waves with some big hitters in design and launched his own practice: Brad Stebbing:Crafted Design.

The Crafted Design premise is a move away from traditional design methods, adopting a fresh approach to each new project the go-getters can get their hands on.

Rather than using a fixed process, we elect our tools as appropriate to each individual project. This in turn, creates a specific process for every project.

With a number of design awards under his belt, including the prestigious lighting award, judged in part by multi-faceted and creative genius Kenneth Cobonpue, and the Belle Georg Jensen Design Competition, Brad now works with Cobonpue’s sustainably innovative Philippines based Hive [Design by Hive].

The latest addition to add to the impressive body of work this man has already created is the Samba lampshade.  Officially being launched in Paris at Maison & Objet Paris, the Samba is modelled on dancing hips (hence the exciting name!) and is created using a sustainable raw Rattan, adapting a process from the Vietnamese tradition of coiling natural woods such as Rattan and Bamboo.  After much research into the method, the beautiful organic curves of the Samba began to form.

…through understanding the process, it was evident that this process could yield far more organic shapes than the typical round bowl or vase

Coated in a laborious lacquer process, the Samba is available in black, white and a bevy of colours which undoubtedly provide an enviable fun aesthetic.

Samba is available through KE-ZU nationally from 7 September 2012.

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Nudey Nudo!

We are never surprised by our friends at SANCAL.  Ever.  Known for their forward-thinking, the SANCAL motto is clear:

Our premise is to design products which go forward with us, which convey value and allow us to create singular, yet defining spaces.

… and define spaces they do.  The quirky SANCAL catalogue stretches far and wide, all pieces bearing the hallmark of the Spaniard’s cutting edge method: adopt unique geometry, mix with a fun palette of colour and away they go.

One of the latest SANCAL additions into their already diverse repertoire is Juan Ibáñez’s NUDO family of tables.  With the inclusion of natural oak, stained oak and marble into the material box, the NUDO Tables add a mischievous natural flair. Just look at those legs….

The visual mastery of the a-symmetrical balance is generated by the various heights of the two cross beams which structure the dining table, and the three legs of the smaller tables, forming a playground for the eye. Optionally presenting itself in the paired back state of unstained oak, you’d be forgiven for assuming the name ‘Nudo’ had different connotations to its actual reference, the knots of wood found in its natural state.  Colour hasn’t been forgotten here though, with NUDO being offered in red and yellow and dusty pink.

Available in three sizes, the smaller having the ability to be utilised as a stool, we can’t find a reason not to love the naughty little tables.

NUDO is available from KE-ZU and its distributors nationally.

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