Month: July, 2012

KE-ZU Welcomes Bernhardt Design…

KE-ZU loves a party, and what better reason than to introduce Bernhardt Design into our product family! On a cold winter Sydney night the heat was turned up at KE-ZU, proudly welcoming Bernhardt Design to the country.  The KE-ZU showroom was re-imagined into gallery mode for the evening by Steve Cordony of Belle.

The abundantly diverse range takes pride of place in its new Australian home with KE-ZU.  Not since 2003 has Bernhardt Design been available on our shores and the veteran North Carolina based company showcased its range available at KE-ZU, presented by the infallible international design heavyweight Suzanne Trocmè.

Trocmè, the London based Wallpaper* Editor-at-Large and Bernhardt Design designer arrested the showroom floor amongst floating portraits of Bernhardt Design designers to introduce the range (including the prolific seating range designed by herself), and her friends within the Bernhardt Design family of creatives.

Anecdotally confessed a former furniture supplier to bankers and lawyers, the impressive Bernhardt Design collective is formed from a pool of international furniture genius.  Harbouring the likes of Ross Lovegrove, Charles Pollock and Jaime Hayon, Bernhardt Design is now a culturally-diverse creative hub fostering a generous mix of emerging designers and names synonymous with cutting edge design, all producing undeniably high quality unique pieces.

KE-ZU is delighted to unveil the catalogue from the esteemed design house and manufacturer to the Australian market.

For the full album click here.

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25 (Very Much) Alive…

We all know it’s impolite to ask a lady her age, but this is one milestone deserving of celebration – so much so that Nani Marquina is telling everyone how old her rug and flooring venture is… rightly so!  The beautiful short film above is a wonderful Birthday Card!

Daughter of Catalan designer and architect Rafael Marquina, Nani 25 years ago established nanimarquina – now Spains leading rug design and manufacturer with global exports accounting for 60% of their business.  Presenting fascinating designs from Tord Boontje, Javier Mariscal, Michael Lin, Cristian Zuzunaga, the Bouroullec Brothers and many more esteemed designers from textile, industrial, architectural and interiors backgrounds, nanimarquina continues to make the principle on which it was founded a reality:

…to reinvent the rug, giving it new uses, new concepts and playing with elements such as shape, colour and texture.

With manufacturing carried out in India and Northern Pakistan to capitalise on the regional skills and traditional rug making techniques, her conscious actions and considerable efforts invested in offsetting the stigma associated with manufacturing in these areas (accounting for child labour and staff exploitation) has seen her play an integral and founding role in the Care and Fair Program.

Established to set an example and raise awareness in the rug and carpet industry that working with social responsibility leads to better welfare for everyone.

With the conviction that this goal is achievable with the right help, Care & Fair basically works in two domains: education and health.

In all a talented, sound and admirable success story, the likes of which are buoying to see in the current European economic climate.

We congratulate Nani and her team and wish them every success for the coming 25 and beyond, KE-ZU are proud to be an extension of the global nanimarquina family.

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Crafting Curves: At the Hand of Hayon…

Jaime Hayon: a name synonymous with whimsy, Spain’s enfant terrible, captaining a generation of designers that seek to steer us from the prosaic and inject commercial design with an air of wonderment.

His broad body of work is testament not only to his avant garde approach to aesthetics, materials and high-profile clients, but also serves to illustrate his own inherent eccentricities.

Likened to some of his country’s creative forebears, Dali and Gaudi, Hayon‘s design process is one where he endeavours to blur the lines between art, decoration and design.

As the youngest ever Guest of Honour at the Interieur Biennale in Belgium in 2008, his regard amongst his peers is matched by his demand from clients and consumers – Hayon sells!

Hayon’s furniture and textile work with US based Bernhardt Design is one such triumph.  His predilection for designing pieces inspired by the golden age of Hollywood glamour, that revel in the shimmer of the silver screen, is seen in his Showtime collection for bd Barcelona and in his extravagant interiors at La Terraza del Casino in Madrid.

For Bernhardt Design he first collaborated with Dutch photographer Nienke Klunder on a textile collection titled “Serious Fun”, in name a true reflection of his design ethos.  The range consists of 33 colour combinations across four distinct patterns – all centring around playfulness toward colour and contrast.

We wanted to create a perfect mixture between the seriousness of Bernhardt Textiles and the more challenging and louder artistic character that is our focus.

In embarking on his second project for Bernhardt Design Jaime’s task was straightforward: he wanted to create a sofa and lounging collection that whilst alluring in its comfort and appearance belied its true scale and minimal demands on space.  In execution Hayon toyed with not only the form and footprint but the materials and tactile aspects that would make this range not only incredibly luxuriant but immediately practical. The result was Bardot: sofa and lounge chair

Many sofas are too big to actually use in city apartments, so I wanted to make one that looked big and felt generous, but would actually work in smaller spaces.

Hayon wanted the sofa to “feel like a fruit, tender to the touch,” while at the same time be extremely durable “like combining the lightness and strength of a ballerina.”  The sinuous curves and the elegant upholstering – stretched velvet inner seat  contrasted with an hexagonal knitted fabric on the exterior.

Bardot, like its namesake is a collection celebrated  as much for its beauty (no edges here – all curves!) as it is for its refinement and practicality.  Perhaps the assessment of the Bardot collection and in part Hayon’s complete works, is best left to Bernhardt Design President, Jerry Helling:

Initially I thought I understood the design and now I’m not as sure. Some days I think it is baroque or classical and others I see it as pop or modern, so the only thing I’m sure of is that it’s good.

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Who Wants A Blog Job?

  • Love design?
  • Have a way with words?

We need a creative thinker, someone with a sense of humour, a whiz-kid with a keen eye fixed on the design industry – someone who will keep our ever-growing social media network going from strength to strength.

Whats the gig?

  • You will edit our leading, industry recognised design and creativity blog,
  • You’ll be “abreast of the book” charged with maintaining our rapidly expanding Facebook presence,
  • You’ll be thoroughly pinteresting… as you’ll be at the helm of KE-ZU’s Pinterest pages,
  • You’ll be handling all our frequent editorial enquiries from print and online media and
  • You’ll be au fait with issuing media releases direct to print and online.

This is a part time position or consultancy.

We’re flexible with hours and open to creative concepts… we’d love you to take the reins!

We provide a cool team work environment at our funky showroom in Alexandria or… work from wherever suits you best.

Take a look at who we are as well as what we do online and in various media.

If you think you think you’re up to the task, we’d love to hear from you.

Think you know the genius for the job? Then don’t just sit on this – put them in touch!!

Ideally this is a Sydney-based role but we’re happy to discuss.

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