Month: June, 2012

America Made Me…

At the recent New York Design Week, an unlikely pairing collaborated in a unique celebration of American craft and heritage.

Raleigh Denim and Bernhardt Design, both North Carolina based manufacturers with strong historical ties to the local people and the region, staged an exhibition “America Made Me”, that proudly brought to the fore, the art of manufacturing to exacting standards –  honouring the handmade process that has been lost in much of North Americas homeland industry.

The design concept for the collaboration between fashion designers Sarah and Victor Lytvinenko and artist Jephson Robb was to reveal how one creative field could influence and inform another.  The result was Robb’s walnut and bronze sculpture:  “Clothes Horse”.

The interaction between the handmade clothing and the evocative display stand conveys the confluence of the two quite different creative skill sets into something that is beautiful and quite complementary.

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Veuve Clicquot toast design Superwoman Trocmé…

Stephane Feugere

Wallpaper* Editor-in-Chief and prolific designer in her own right, Suzanne Trocmé, has been honoured with the 2012 Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Tribute Award.

Officially celebrated at an intimate soiree in Milan, Trocme was joined by some of her closest friends and a gathering of International design heavyweights that only served to reinforce her high estimation amongst her peers.

Stephane Feugere

Stephane Feugere

Guests on hand to cheer Suzanne’s achievement included Jaime Hayon and Maarten Baas.

For the full album click here.

Images Courtesy of Stephane Feugere.

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Flight of Fancy…

Raffaele Iannello has carved for himself a cosy little creative niche, where whimsy meets marketability.

The Italian industrial designer, probably best known for his Alessi-esque (and completely macabre) “Voodoo/The Ex” knife block has a healthy sense of humour and the absurdity of his creations are well received not least in his latest release: Upside Down, unveiled this year in Milan.

A 1:6 scale upturned replica of a Hughes/MD 500 Helicopter, this ceiling fan has to be one of the most ostentatious home electronic fittings available.

Geekery gone mad, but is it “design”? Thoughts?

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Lottus Loves It Rough…

Award winning designers Lievore, Altherr & Molina (LAM) have spent the past two years rolling out their extensive contract seating and table collection: Lottus.

Designed for Spain’s premier contract furnishing house, ENEA – Lottus is more than proving itself to be the younger, most versatile and vibrant cousin to the once popular Catifa chair, another successful LAM collection.

Lottus’ hand, just this week, has been dealt a winning card with Australian industry body Furntech certifying the four leg Lottus Chair with the highest possible rating for use in commercial applications.  The AFRDI Level 6 rating is achieved only when a product can demonstrate resistance to “severe commercial use”.

Southgate Melbourne - A Dexus Property

This highly sought after quality certification affords the specifier peace-of-mind and assures them that the performance of the design – in projects where circumstance and clients are most demanding – will offer best possible value-for-money through an extended product life, all the while retaining an appealing and customisable aesthetic.

With more models from the Lottus family currently undergoing testing and already proven “green” with its GECA certification, this collection is on track to become to go-to for food-court, schools, restaurants and any public space that calls for good design that can withstand the worst treatment.

Thoroughly designed and wholly engineered, reliable, furniture programs are the stuff of facility manager and specifiers dreams…  ENEA collaborating with LAM? That there would be the stuff dreams are made of!

For more on the “AFRDI Blue Tick” click here.

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In Her Majesty’s Flavour…

Pantone, never one to miss out on a colourful marketing opportunity have thrown their expertise in all things “hued” into developing a Royal Diamond Jubilee collection of colours… just because.

Under the byline “Palette Fit for a Queen” Pantone teamed up with advertising giants Leo Burnett to put a right royal spin on this colour chart, which at its core draws its inspiration from Her Maj’s frocks:

To mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, this bespoke, limited-edition, numbered colour guide is designed to capture and commemorate some of the Queen’s most memorable colour choices since her coronation – featuring PANTONE® Colour references and citing the date and location that determined her outfit colour choice.

Inspired or insipid?  At the end of the day we’re sure: “We are amused”.

Image courtesy of Pantone®

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CU-C-ME: See For Yourself…

CU-C-ME turns eight this year, and still serves as one of Kenneth Cobonpue’s most enduring designs for HIVE.  The CU-C-ME collection is, to this day, still one of HIVE’s biggest sellers as well as being one of the most versatile, with the familiar intricate webbing of pulped salago grass fibres dyed and applied to mirrors, lamps, screens and accessories.

To mark the occasion we wanted to share this amazing short film that takes you into the behind-the-scenes process of realising what we consider a Modern Classic.

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