Month: May, 2012

Charles Pollock: “Somebody for the Centuries”…

30 years out of the spotlight and before that a distinguished career designing what would become modern classics for some of the most iconic brands in 20th century design, the icon himself: Charles Pollock, is back.

At 81 year old Pollock is probably best known for The Pollock Executive Chair, a design that played a defining part in changing the face of not only office furniture but helped forge a new path in both residential and corporate styling – a testament to its appeal is the fact that it is still, to this day, produced and sold by Knoll – the model will next year turn 50.

Beyond this, his work for George Nelson and Herman Miller was also extremely significant and today his imprint on the 20th Century Design is still highly regarded by Architects, Interior and Industrial Designers alike.

With Pollock’s legacy still strong and his designs very much relevant, the curiosity of Bernhardt Design’s President, Jerry Helling got the better of him so he went in search of the man… with a proposition.

After a year of design and development Pollock’s CP collection (two lounge chair models) were born and only this week were launched in New York at the annual ICFF.

What is most captivating about the octogenarian’s latest release is its timelessness.

CP1 and CP2 are studies in the attention given to the finest of detail… a demonstration of exemplary form and leather working and in their contemporary frames: an expression of Pollock’s Pratt Institute design training alongside his experience on the automotive assembly line for Chrylser from the age of 15.

A self-confessed workaholic, Pollock shows no sign of slowing.  The recent years spent sculpting and painting, away from the world of furniture and interiors hasn’t served to dull his acute sense of the sophisticated and refined, if anything the release of CP1 and CP2 illustrates his relevance today and his importance in the annals of design history.

CP1 and CP2 and the full Bernhardt Design collections will be formally launched in Australia by KE-ZU in July 2012.

For more on this story head over to:

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LZF Lights Up Las Vegas…

Vegas: The Golden Mile.

In a city famed for its love of light, it’s no mean feat that Spanish lighting gurus LZF lamps have taken the city’s huge Hospitality and Design trade-show by storm, winning both the Best Stand Award and Excellence in Lighting Award for the second year running!

Showcasing for the first time, their new collections SPIRO and RAINDROP, Sandro and Marivi of LZF have once again demonstrated that the successful production of award winning lighting is to marry an in-depth, artisanal appreciation for your core material with a boundless, artistic motivation.

Working with Remedios Simon to design Spiro and Javier Herrero Studio to produce Raindrop, the outcome is a collection of new timber luminaires that are at once sculptural, engaging and entirely practical.

Spiro was given a sneak peek unveiling in Sydney last year when LZF held an exclusive workshop at the KE-ZU showroom, the concept is now in production and available in an array of amazing colours.

Raindrop is a family of suspension pendants ranging small to extremely large – this light has huge potential in atriums, voids and works wonderfully in clustered installations.

Adding to the excitement of these new releases as well as the recognition in Las Vegas is the news that LZF is also now fully FSC certified – 100% sustainable timbers are used in all their lights.  Great news that only reinforces the ‘looks good / feels good’ LZF ethos.

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BELLE Interior Design Awards 2012…

Apollo Restaurant - George Levissianis

“Chateau Marmont light” were the words BELLE’s Managing Editor Tanya Buchanan used to describe the luscious surrounds for the second BELLE Interior Design Awards in Sydney last night.

Interior Design Editor and super-stylist Steve Cordony created a brilliantly evocative space for the evening that upon entry whisked you from a cold night in Alexandria to a cosy night garden party, evoking an air of old Hollywood glamour with ferns, suspended candles, mirrors and dry-stone walls.

Only in its second year, the BELLE Interior Design Awards are already one of the most hotly contested design competitions in Australia reflected by the number of high-profile and talented guests at the venue and shortlisted for awards.

Smart Design - Tusculum Residence

Russell & George - Aesop, Claremont

Finalists across a number of categories included David Hicks, Jonathan Richards and Kirsten Stanisich at SJB Interiors,  Smart Design Studio and many more.

Winners were applauded for their experimentation, pushing of boundaries and evidence of sophisticated design decision making.  The 2012 judging panel was made up of Kelly Hoppen, Jean Wright, Neale Whitaker, Anthony Spon Smith, Margie Attard, Mitchell Oakley-Smith and Steve Cordony.


  • Commercial Interior:

Russell & George for Aesop, Claremont – Perth

  • Hospitality Interior:

George Livissianis for Apollo Restaurant, Potts Point – Sydney

  • Corporate Interior:

Russell & George for Paper Stone Scissors, Windsor – Melbourne

  • Residential Interior:

Smart Design Studio for Tusculum Residence, Potts Point – Sydney

  • Belle Interior Designer of The Year

Iain Halliday from BKH, Sydney & New York.

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