Month: April, 2012


The Spaniards are well and truly out in force at this years Salone Mobile, with ENEA presenting the full extent of the Lievore, Altherr & Molina designed Lottus program.  Arguably the most chameleonic system of tables and chairs on the contract market, ENEA have managed to produce the definitive collection offering upholstery, timber, polyprop and metal finishes in what is a cohesive and visually refined product.

Well suited to sophisticated hospitality applications as it is to the sleek corporate world, the ability to customise the colour and features upon the basic Lottus frame lend this collection just as readily to the softer, more relaxed residential market.

Originally introduced as a basic table and seating collection, the Lottus program has evolved and improved to become an exciting and boundless offering that boasts the most competitive pricing, thanks in part to its modularity.

Click here to register interest in ENEA’s LOTTUS program.

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MILAN:2012 | EMU…

French Architect Jean Nouvel has created for EMU of Italy, a comprehensive family of chairs, stools and tables that he hopes will form a collection of contemporary archetypal outdoor furniture pieces – as recognisable in time as 19th Century public garden furniture is in Europe, today

The aluminium extruded designs are a study in simplicity, engineering and practicality.

Available as a chair, armchair, low chair, stool and folding table, the collection is premeditated and delivered as the 21st Century answer to outdoor cafe and hospitality furnishings.   Currently MIA is offered in Red, Black, White and Grey.

Despite his immesurable experience across many design disciplines, Nouvel attributes this project as one of the most challenging he has ever faced!

Click the image above to see the launch video.

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MILAN:2012 | Andreu World…

Andreu World enjoyed a very successful year in 2011 with the SAIL collection designed by Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga scoring a Red Dot Design Award.  Off the back of this, Milan 2012 was the perfect occasion to release the timber frame and leather clad models of the same design.  Already a beautiful, refined injection moulded stacking seat, the Sail collection can only go from strength to strength with these sophisticated new models affording it a whole new level of appeal.
Also of note was the addition of a Nub Loveseat to Patricia Urquiola‘s family of timber lounges and chairs.
Already garnering much attention around the world for it’s endearing form and nostalgic references, the Nub collection welcomes the timber varnished timber model of the four leg chair.  Previously Nub pieces have only been available in lacquered or stained finishes.  This evolution for the collection sees its appeal broaden further still.
As renowned for their tables as much as their well crafted chairs, Andreu World this year presented the TAO Table from Lievore, Altherr & Molina.  The asymmetry of the cross legged base and the solidity of each timber part, when in profile, imbues this dining table with a sturdiness well matched to chairs such as Woody and Vogue.
Ronda is a classic Andreu World collection that has seen many variants added over the years, the most recent and game changing yet is this years splayed-leg timber base.
Contemporary, but retaining all the warmth and sophistication of its timber elements, this new model is also offered with leather upholstery which affords the specifier a multitude of arrangements when alternating stains and leathers to complement or contrast.
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MILANO:2012 | BD Barcelona…

Two years after we first met the Showtime Lounger at the Milan Furniture Fair, Jaime Hayon and BD Barcelona have used the same event to release the latest model in the collection.

Taking the colour selection beyond bold lacquers, this model introduces the option of walnut veneer paired with suede upholstery options, this addition takes the aesthetic beyond the block colour lacquers that were previously on offer.

With a recent surge in interest for vanities and dressing tables, BD last year released The Narcissist with China’s design duo Neri & Hu in collaboration with Swarovski.  This year Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien have created the Chandlo dressing table, an almost post-modern offering which is designed to be viewed from every angle – in free space.  Incorporating storage, mirror, rotating stool and jewellery box, Chandlo means “moon shape” another word for “Bindi” the small dot worn on the foreheads of Hindu women, a feature which is referenced in the mirror element of the design.

In 2012 BD Barcelona celebrate 40 years since inception, a milestone that reminds us of the importance of the works produced under the BD Barcelona banner.  They boast an unrivalled collection that incorporates the works of Salvador Dali and Antoni Gaudi.

Alongside these eminent designers sits the work of the late Ettore Sottsass.  In 1972 his Mettsass Table was released by BD and in time earned its place in the annals of design history as a classic.

To celebrate the ongoing relevance of his work the Mettsass has been reissued.  The structure is made of flat sheets of steel, painted in red RAL 3001 or slick black. The glass table top is painted to match the selected colour as the structure.

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MILANO:2012 | Sancal…

Salone Internazionale del Mobile is proving to be a celebration of colour this year!

Sancal‘s “FLASH!” collection is really no exception, how could it be with the likes of Karim Rashid onboard!?  That’s right, the pilot of the fluorescent pink pen has turned his hand to soft furnishings for Spain’s Sancal.

The result is “Float”: a collection of group seating options with a selection of high and low back rests.  Almost bench-like, the upholstered Float family revels in its eccentricities with coat hooks, headrests, tables and cushioning all integrated into the seats… but almost mischievously misplaced.

Luis Eslava Studio have also taken the “Flash!” brief by both horns and in full-colour created a collection suitably titled: “Party”.

A system of sofas and armchairs, the comfort in the deep upholstered seats is at once inviting and  the proportions give the pieces a whimsical appeal.

In both collections the ‘chaos’ of the various configurations is pulled back into line with the consistency in the curved and ‘cartoony’ detailing, with each series the timber elements play wonderfully alongside the contrasting upholstery and button details.

Also released were Rafa Garcia’s Copla Sofa System and Juan Ibáñez’ Nudo nesting tables, with images still to come.

Register your interest in the newest Sancal items here.

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MILANO:2012 | RS Barcelona…

The team at RS Barcelona are all about fun. Their 2012 collection, debuting this week in Milan, is no exception.

As we mentioned last week, the much loved RS2 Foosball table now has a two new models that it sits alongside: the RS3 and the RS3-wood.

The Rs3 takes the sturdiness of the indoor/outdoor RS2 and lightens the load by shedding 20kgs from the full metal model and adding an array of playful colours to the mix.  Still available for indoor and outdoor use the RS3 is ‘serious fun’.  Also of note is the smart addition of the RS3 with solid timber legs for those wanting something more substantial!

In 2009 RS released the charming little Eiffel stool.  Of cardboard construction, the appeal of this little perch was it’s simplicity, an air of playfulness and the added practicality of being stackable.

2012 sees the Eiffel Stool collection toughen up!

The RS team and Japanese designer Shigeki Fujishiro have released the Eiffel Aluminium collection, similarly to the Foosball family of tables, these stools are now available in a swag of bold colours, also offered for the first time in silver and chrome: fully suited to indoor and outdoor use.  We can see curb-side cafe’s pouncing on this exciting collection of stackable seats that just as easily double as low tables thanks to the addition of a new taller stool.

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MILANO:2012 | Vondom…

VONDOM of Spain have returned to some of their most successful collaborators in producing their 2012 Catalogue.  Building on the immense success of previous years collections these eminent designers have contributed additional pieces to existing families of furniture, lighting and planters as well as developing entirely brand new collections.

The likes of Javier Mariscal, Teresa Sapey, Ramon Esteve, Stefano Giavannoni and A-Cero have all returned to create unique and groundbreaking polymer molded designs for the luxury hospitality and residential markets.

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MILANO:2012 | Artifort…

This years Salone Mobile in Milan sees the Dutch manufacturer Artifort present a playful mix of contemporary, brand-new pieces alongside some re-released classics by the likes of Geoffrey Harcourt and Pierre Paulin.

First off the blocks is the cubic yet curvy Apps Collection from Richard Hutten, the first collaboration for Artifort and the Dutchman.  Available as a sofa and single seat lounge chair with the option of two tone upholstery.

A month ago we gave you a sneak peek at the exciting re-issuing of a Geoffrey Harcourt classic design: the F587, a button stud upholstered variant that sits in the F500 Series by Artifort.

Resplendent in leather and internally reinvigorated with improved upholstering techniques and advanced injection molded foams, this beauty is back in a big way.

Alongside it, sits the re-released Concorde Lounge.

Designed by Pierre Paulin in 1966, it was as the name suggests, created for Air France’s Concorde Lounge at Charles de Gaulle Airport.  With superior comfort and famed for its lack of armrests in a lounge chair design, this piece is as relevant in commercial applications as it is popular in the home.  The option of high or low back models also affords the Concorde collection great versatility.

All the above and many more pieces will be released this week in Milan with full details on pricing and lead times forthcoming.

To register interest in any of the products above to learn more about Artifort’s famous collections click here.

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SPOTLIGHT: Eduardo Chillida

On the tenth anniversary of his death, the works of iconic Spanish artist Eduardo Chillida have been commemorated in a collection of rugs from Spanish design house: nanimarquina.

Enrolled in the University of Madrid’s architecture program from 1943, Chillida turned his back on the degree in 1947 in favour of more artistic pursuits that afforded him greater flexibility in his creative expression.

Basing himself in France, the San Sebastián native indulged his appreciation for free form and three-dimensional work by producing predominately clay and plaster sculptures to begin with – moving eventually to heavy metals and oxidised alloys.  With his early work focused on human form and the human figure, Chillida soon began to marry his passion for architectural scaling and industrial processes to produce large public works that to this day are found across Europe and some further afield in the US.

What is beautiful about this collection of rugs (personally overseen by Nani Marquina), is that all seven in the series draw their inspiration and richness from the breadth of Chillida’s artistic and technical abilities.  His sinuous, artisanal sketches of the female form and clasped hands are transposed beautifully onto rugs –  with great effect –  as effortlessly as the cubic and architecturally inspired step-carved rugs echo his proficiency at etching and passion for sculpting .

Keeping within a monochromatic palette and confining the collection to rectangular rugs Marquina has curated a tribute to Chillida that will imbue his work with a fresh new perspective for a whole new generation.  The full Chillida Collection will be unveiled at Salone Mobile in Milan next week.

Rug images © nanimarquina

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Now It’s Her Turn…

For years we have proudly been supplying the local market with what is unarguably the coolest foosball table in the world: the RS2.

It’s available for indoors, it’s available outdoors, it boasts cup holders, ashtrays, sleek hi-gloss colour lacquers or the much adored, robust, stainless steel model all offered with both sides players hand painted in the team colours of your choosing.

Recently however the RS2 collection saw a radical new introduction to the options offered.

Meet: Ella.

We love this little clip and we welcome Ella to the team.

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