Month: February, 2012

Smirnoff Presents Nanami Cowdroy…

Meet Nanami Cowdroy.

She has “borrowed” (read as: hijacked) Smirnoff Australia’s facebook page for a while and as artist in residence for the Vodka giant, Nanami has designed a limited edition bottle – due to be released in the next week – alongside prolific graphic artist: BeastMan, at the soon to open pop-up Smirnoff Gallery in Sydney.

A Sydney born and raised artist, Cowdroy’s signature intricate archival ink pen and air gun artworks are in demand from San Francisco to Japan… and beyond!  Famed for their blend of  Eastern iconography and a whimiscal, Western social commentary the subject matter reflects Nana’s Japanese-European heritage.

Click here or on the image above to watch a short, beautifully shot bio of the artist.  For more of her amazingly intricate works head over to

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INSTALLED: New Brighton Hotel, Manly

The four storey New Brighton Hotel in Manly has undergone a significant overhaul with a bold contemporary edge that belies its heritage exterior.

The brief called for an edgy feel that complemented the seaside location but was up to the task of managing high traffic and at times the harsh costal elements.

KE-ZU provided a selection of indoor/outdoor appropriate pieces from Italy and Spain.

Smart, dual purpose furniture was the order of the day with Paola Navone‘s Ivy collection for EMU represented in the Ivy Sofa and Ivy solar powered illuminating side-table.  The Moma Low tables from Javier Mariscal and Vondom also house LED internal illumination and integrated ice bucket for wine and refreshments.

Good, practical, durable fun.

Anthony Habashy Photography

Altis Architects

@ Qubed Design

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Walker & Bromwich…

Enter the “other world” of Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich.  These two British artists explore the place of art in effecting social and political change through engaging comunities and members of the public to examine their relationship to the environment they inhabit and reflect on a global context.

Within this liminal space we create objects and situations that lead our audience on transformative experiences inviting them to consider an ‘other’ way of being.

The three images above represent three quite separate ‘social sculptures’ and performances.

Celestial Radio is a seductive and functional sculptural object, a radio station housed
on a sailing boat whose surface is covered by 60, 0000 inch square mirror tiles; she
splinters daylight as if transmitting Morse code messages.

Love Cannon is a pink inflatable cannon, designed
to shoot balloons into the skies in an action for peace.

Sci-Fi Hot Tub – A floating hot tub contained within an inflatable iceberg. Designed
to cocoon participants within warmth and comfort whilst floating amid sublime and
sometimes hostile environments.

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INSTALLED: Shangri La – Barr Al Jissah, Oman

Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa in the Sultanate’s capital of Muscat, nestles alongside the sparkling bay of Al Jissah in a dramatic desert setting of rugged mountains and inviting beaches.

Its three hotels host a plethora of Andreu World’s seating collections across their restaurants and bars with models by the likes of Lievore, Altherr and Molina including: Olga Luna Lynn Ronda New Anna Rdl and Ginox.

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Great Halls of Fire…

The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) has taken another step to cementing its place in the annals of Australian design history with the unveiling of its dramatic new Great Hall.

An institution famed more for its brutalist and maligned 27 storey tower, UTS has of late embraced a forward thinking approach to campus expansion and facility development – arguably serving penance for its four decades unchanged behind imposing concrete slabs at number one Broadway.

With the Great Hall wanting a much needed refurbishment, the Sydney design firm DRAW (De Manincor Russell Architecture Workshop) proposed that beyond the Great Hall brief, a vast lobby be incorporated into the scope of works.

a soaring reception space annexed to the Hall that capitalises on a commanding view across the future Alumni Green. The Balcony Room adapts a previously underused terrace, enclosing it to provide a link between the main building foyer and the rich, warm interior.

The project, now completed, is part of a broader, ongoing multi-million dollar redevelopment of the UTS City campus.  Additional faculty buildings and facilities are being designed by PTWDenton Corker Marshall and Durbach Block Jaggers.  Perhaps as controversial as the original UTS Tower proposal, the big unveiling will be Frank Gehry’s new business faculty building… a development that when finally complete we’re sure will initiate much debate and heated discussion.

[Photography © Brett Boardman, all rights reserved]

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