Month: January, 2012

Suzanne Trocmé Sees Red…

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Listening to Piano…

In the interview above Renzo Piano reflects on the role of architecture in a city as a public building and cultural magnet referencing his time spent working on The Pompidou in Paris and “The Shard” in London.

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Back It Up…

Privacy and a sense of luxury often go hand-in-hand, so it stands to reason that with the prevalence of open-plan homes, wall-free workplaces and vast hospitality venues, we instintively seek to demarcate our own domain.

Designers are heeding the call and rising to the challenge by putting some back into it – literally.

Endeavouring to create miniature retreats within our homes, hotels and workplaces: designers are affording us greater variety in lounging options through the use of high backs and wrapped or winged arms.

Each of the collections pictured here is steeped with the afore mentioned sense of luxury – the pieces take on coccoon-like characteristics that are once is comfortable, sophisticated and intimate.

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INSTALLED: Oxygen Royal, Iran

Oxygen Royal is a recently opened men’s health club offering health and well-being facilities in an upmarket precinct in Tehran.

Interior designer Amir Masoud Ghane, furnished the 1300 square meter site with a number of VONDOM‘s collections including Faz, Moma, Vertex and Fiesta – most of which were specified with internal LED illumination

Being able to customise the hue and intensity of the feature pieces has afforded the club-owners versatilty and for the guests: a relaxing, ever-changing landscape within the relaxation and pool areas.

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See What All The Faz Is About…

Ramon Esteve‘s Faz Collection for Vondom is as diverse as it is versatile.

Taking in lighting, planters, lounging, tables and modular sofas – this short film showcases the outdoor range as a sleek, contemporary study in functionality.

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National Design Prize…

Spain’s National Design Prize, the most prestigious design award handed down in Spain, has gone to Sellex.

The Government Minister for Industry and Innovation says the company won

because of more than 30 years of consistent quality and constant search for excellence’.

Jury members felt Sellex has been able to combine timeless elegance with affordability and usability.

KE-ZU has enjoyed an illustrious relationship with Sellex supplying products from the likes of Lievore, Altherr & Molina, Gemma Bernal and Burkhard Vogtherr.

To date Sellex furniture has been used in The Australian Family Courts, NSW Police Stations, The Scottish Parliament, London City Hall and many more high profile projects.

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Life Is A Cabaret, Old Chum…

Introducing the Cabaret Collection from Kenneth Cobonpue: coming very soon.  Contemporary woven furniture for the indoors or the greates indulgence for lounging outdoors.

Click here to register your interest!

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Newson’s New Year: Sydney 2012

2012 is upon us and Sydney rang the new year in with a powerhouse creative display directed by Sydney born designer Marc Newson.

Click here to watch the midnight finale (the second of two displays in one evening)  – mind blowing!

Famed for his works for Ford, QANTAS, Nike, Alessi and many-many more, 2011/2012 NYE in Sydney saw his experience across interiors, spacecraft, products and furniture broadened to ignite a party atmosphere for over 1 million Sydneysiders on the Harbour foreshore as well as being televised to a global audience of 1.1 billion.

As creative director for the evenings firework and entertainment display, Newson drew on the theme of  “Time To Dream”, harnessing the firepower of over $6million in pyrotechnics and a catalogue of australian music as a backing track – the results were phenomenal.

Australia was built upon dreams. From the dreamings of past millennia to the dreams of recent settlers. Whether day or night-time, dreams are our minds in free-flow, uninhibited and reflecting what we truly aspire to. From little babies to old people, we all dream. New Year’s Eve is when fantasy and aspirations flow. A vision for the coming year, with designs on a better life. The moonstruck and lovestruck may dream of fulfilment. The stargazers dream of the worlds beyond ours.

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