Month: November, 2011

IDEA 2011 Celebrating Simplicity…

Melbourne played host to this years Interior Design Excellence Awards on Friday night.

Winners spanned residential, commercial and hospitality environments with minimalism seemingly popular with jurors.  Simplicity was king in what proved to be a big night for some of the smaller players in the industry, with a handful picking up more than one gong.

Overall winner this year was Sydney-based team Ian Moore Architects for their immaculate residential project, Strelein Warehouse.  This sleek conversion also took out first place in the Single Residential Category.

Anthony Gill took out the Emerging Designer award for 2011 as well as impressing the judges with his restaurant fitout at Berta which collected the Hospitality award – the warm slice of sophistication tucked away in a gritty urban laneway on the edge of Sydney’s CBD.

Facet Studio‘s Sneakerology (pictured at top) was awarded Best Retail, with it’s illuminating approach to presenting shoes in an engaging and immersive fashion.

For a full list of winners and commended works pop over to the IDEA 2011 website.

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INSTALLED: Mary MacKillop College

Mary MacKillop College recently expanded their facilities to incorporate a new chapel.

Employing stackable, linkable Daylight Chairs made from recycled car batteries by AICHI, afforded the school greater flexibility in it’s configurations allowing them to cater for varying numbers and events.  Chair stack up to 45 high in their trolley and allow staff and students maximum flexibility.

Architect: Bob Bow Architects, Summer Hill.
Images copyright: Meg Young Photography.

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SPRUNG!: Greg Natale Design 10th Anniversary

As we mentioned earlier this week, BELLE Interior Designer of The Year: Greg Natale is celebrating a decade of design.  A testament to his widespread respect in the industry, Sydney’s Polo Lounge was filled last night with designers, peers, media and friends to toast Greg’s success.


Having a function or celebrating a milestone? Send us your images to share!

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Designer Golden Arches…

Brands of mass consumption have long seen the benefit in aligning themselves with notable designers in a bid to edge themselves up the ladder of credibility and extend their appeal to a more discerning buyer.

We’ve had Zaha Hadid for Lacoste, Jaime Hayon‘s long standing collaborations with Camper in both their products and their stores, and Marc Newson for QANTAS but perhaps the most peculiar pairing in recent years is Patrick Norguet and McDonalds.

The mammoth all American brand has taken a rather tangential approach to overhauling its French eateries by commissioning one of the countries biggest design exports: Patrick Norguet.

Having cut his teeth on all manner of product designs from lighting to lounge chairs, his exploration of interior design sees the rollout across France converting McDonalds stores into a more family friendly environment with upholstered booths, larger tables, more dynamic use of each locations space and absolutely no sign of Ronald or the Hamburglar!

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Natale Turns Ten…

A heartfelt congratulations to the incomparable Greg Natale who this week celebrates ten years of Greg Natale Design – a decade of award winning, signature works.  Probably the most accomplished ten year old we know!

Since 2011 Greg and team have been completing some of the most iconic Australian interiors across residential, retail and commercial practices that celebrate bold colour, mindblowing geometry and a sophistication that sets his designs apart.

Congratulations Greg, we look forward to many more years of your unique and inspiring work.

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Project Projector…

Who doesn’t love dinner and a show?  It seems that in the face of global  economic downturn, there is still plenty of money down the back of the couch where the big brands are hanging out!

Recently the intricate work of 3d mapping and animated projection has been employed to great effect, both as artistic installations and increasingly in advertising.  You’re probably familiar with examples from firms like LG, Bacardi and Mattel who have a penchant for big events that culminate in the facade of an historic building being turned into a whirlwind of colour and optical illusions, which invariably is filmed and virally makes its way around the web – marketing 101: get the customers to do the advertising for you!

In New York City last month at the launch of a’ humble’ sports shoe: the Carmelo “Melo” Anthony M8 Jordan Sneaker, the bar was raised considerably!  An explosive use of water projection on The Hudson River, 3D mapping on pier 54 complete with a helicopter, DJ’s, bars, games and stuntmen… click here or the image above to watch the spectacle play out.

With all that investment in one launch party ( a production team larger than some Hollywood productions), Nike will be wanting to see some considerable return… and have left their competitors with big shoes to fill!

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INSTALLED: Adriano Zumbo

Adriano Zumbo‘s star is on the rise, with his latest offering: “Zumbo Dessert Train” opening at The Star in Sydney, KE-ZU are proud to be along for the ride!

In his own words: “Adriano Zumbo is no ordinary patissier” and his new concept “Dessert Train” marries all the fun and interactivity of Sushi Train with the guilty pleasure of desserts.

“Adriano’s philosophy about food, it should be fun, textural, appealing to the eye and above all else taste great...”

With that in mind, the creative clout of Luchetti Krelle was engaged to creative a venue that is as delicious as the sweetness on sale!  In a first for Australia, the ENEA Lottus Stool by Lievore, Altherr & Molina was specified in glorious gold upholstery on a vivid white sled base.  Comfort is ensured thanks to an upholstered seat pad and with a generous back support, this is seatingthat really sings!

Lottus is a truly versatile collection offered in swivel base, sled base and central column, with polyprop options in an array of colours or fully upholstered.  It’s up to you!

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So You Think You Can Craft…

Lzf Lamps have done it again.  Awarded the prestigious National Craftsmanship Award of Spain, Sandro, Marivi and their team have been duly recognised for their commitment to fostering artisanal practices in commercial design and manufacturing – A clear nod to their efforts in sustaining a “hands on” approach to lighting design.  having already won the WAN best lighting product award this year for Agatha, the team go from strength to strength.  Congratulations guys.

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INSTALLED: Momofuku Seiobo, Sydney

There are only two Momofuku restaurants in the world, Momofuku Ko in New York and Sydney’s brand new Momofuku Seiobo opened this month as part of The Star.

Chef David Chang, a Korean American, was recently named one the top 100 people by TIME Magazine, GQ’s Man of The Year, one of the “21st Centuries Most Influential People” by Esquire – and for those lucky enough to secure a reservation at one of his famed eateries, that very much rings true!

With interiors by Sydney’s Luchetti Krelle the restaurant enjoys a relaxed, contemporary vibe with timbers and stone predominant throughout and minimal decoration, calming the senses… perhaps to better hone them on the food!

Andreu World‘s new Moody Chairs by Lievore, Altherr and Molina have been used here for the first time in Australia, a wonderful launch project.  They are matched with Moody Stools by the same designers – an extension of the Woody family of chairs and stools.

Lighting too was from KE-ZU, with Eden Designs “On Linemagnetic track lighting used throughout the restaurant, a specification that allows Momofuku to customise and rearrange their lighting as they see fit, day in and day out.  The versatile system is used to great effect!

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Kenneth’s Grand Plan Gets Wings…

You may have read recently in the press that the biggest airport in the Philippines: Manilas Ninoy Aquino International Airport, was awarded the dubious honour of being the worlds worst airport!

Suffering structural issues, reports of thieving staff and poor levels of cleanliness, the Filipino Goverment was quick to respond to the bad press pledging to address the matter swiftly , though not before national icon and proud Cebuano, Kenneth Cobonpue rallied the troops and in the spirit of national betterment developed a pro bono proposal for the complex, that would see the enormous hub resurrected and with it, the gateway to a country completely revitalised.

Overnight this proposal was given the green light – talk about “swift action”!

Congratulations to Kenneth and all who are involved , we eagerly await further developments.

Click the image above to view a fly through presentation of the proposed refurbishment…

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