Month: September, 2011

The Real Deal…

Australia’s struggle with managing the issue of copyright, intellectual property, patent protection, replicas and the prevalence of fakes, continues.

In the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday (26/9/2011) the long running matter of Herman Miller vs Matt Blatt went public.

The US design and manufacture giant’s law suit to curb the local sale of conterfeit pieces of their furniture being “passed off” as authentic (namely Eames’ collections), has seen the matter taken to the Federal Court of Australia.

In what is a bold but welcome move by Herman Miller, we see the work of the Authentic Design Alliance (ADA) being put into motion and the local issue of copyright loop holes being taken global.

The practice of investing original design with a sense of value that goes beyond merely the immitation of appearance; trickles down to upholding manufacturing and quality standards, the protection of the designers intellectual property,  and the fostering of original design – without which an entire industry can and could dry up.

We, as we are sure many of you will, watch eagerly to see how this landmark case will play out
For more on the ADA and the importance of protecting design through buying original design, click here.

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Let Down Your Hair…

Kenneth Cobonpue took the opportunity at the recent Maison et Objet in Paris to launch a number of new designs, recently we brought you the Ferris** collection, but one of the most exciting unveilings last week was the Rapunzel Chair.

Designed with a matching ottoman, the oversized woven bands cocoon you in a generous curvy Lounge Chair that is sure to be a hit.

**(NB. Since originally publishing this article on Sept 22nd, the name of the FERRIS COLLECTION has been revised by the manufacturer, the new lounger and ottoman from KENNETH COBONPUE are now called PAPILLION)

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So. Much. Pretty…

The beautiful people, in beautiful locations draped around the beautful designs of Spain’s VONDOM, check out these short films.  Little rays of sunshine to get you through the week… Summer cant come soon enough!

Designs by the likes of Karim Rashid, Ramon Esteve, Javier Mariscal and A-Cero all being shot on location with groovy backing tracks.  It’s the best kind of catalogue out there: So much pretty.

Click the image above to see the short films on VONDOM’s youtube channel.

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Waste Landscape…

A stunning reuse of discarded compact discs recently at Centquatre 104 in Paris.

500 square meters of artificial undulating landscape covered by an armor of unsold or collected CDs, which have been sorted and hand-sewn

Elise Morin and Clémence Eliard’s installation employs 65000 of the discs to create an undulating landscape that draws beauty from what is essentially waste destined for landfill.

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Lifecycle, Upcycle, Recycle, Bicycle…

Cyclical is the word.

More than ever we are aware of the importance of environmental design and the significance of re-imagining discarded goods to extend their lifespan.  You may recall a few months back we looked at how fashion bag company GoMA was transforming Vietnam’s bike tyre rubber into handbags, the good news is they are not alone in upcycling the bi-product of bicycling!

Nani Marquina has been championing this cause for some time with the Bicicleta Rug.  Stripped, cleaned, cut and then woven, the wonderfully soft and tactile Bicicleta now has even more reason to be loved as it is newly available in a model entirely suitable for the outdoors!  Fashioned from 100% recycled goods, this piece breathes new life into India’s discarded bicycle tyre inner tubes.

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Making Light Work…

It was with sheer delight and great anticipation that we welcomed Marivi and Sandro from LZF back to KE-ZU last week.

As part of their whistlestop tour through Australia and New Zealand the pair had promised to unveil for us their newest creations and we are pleased to inform you that big, beautiful things are coming out of the LZF camp in coming months – you won’t be disappointed! Whilst we can’t share all the details just yet we can let in you in on their inspired “Spiro” Concept (as depicted above).

Their study in timber veneer as a decorative element has for years now proved fruitful with some of the most beautiful, warm lighting in the marketplace.  In ‘Spiro’ – Lzf have raised the bar again.  The concept is one that empowers interior designers and specifiers with the creative stronghand – employ the swirls of decorative timber as a screening system, a floor detail, a pendant light – the choice is yours.

The range of timber loops can be recessed in walls, encased in perspex or even housed in glass and back lit – their application is entirely flexible, the possibilities are infinite and the result is guaranteed to be captivating.  For more info on the new Spiro system dont hesitate to drop KE-ZU a line to discuss the potential for your fit-out.

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Big Benn…

We’d like to congratulate Martin Benn and Vicki Wild of Sepia Restaurant for taking out top spot in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide Awards!

KE-ZU are pleased to have work with Benn and the team at SJB Interiors to create a truly sophisticated and memorable backdrop for Sepia’s amazing menu.  The sumptuous Manila Armchair from Andreu World was selected with leather seat and wicker back rest  to complement the chocolate, gentlemans club aesthetic that SJB had crafted for the award winning chef and restaurateur.

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Monday Music…

Hands up if you’re struggling to face Monday?  Fear not, Mr James Brown would actually like to see your hands up!

Feeling down?  … Mr James Brown would like to see you get up!

If this doesn’t lighten your day then you’d probably be best advised hopping back into bed.

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INSTALLED: Kettner’s

London’s SOHO is a maze of small lanes and pedestrian walks that conceal some of the oldest eateries and institutions in the UK – Kettner’s is no exception.

Napoleon III’s chef Auguste Kettner opened the doors on the Romilly Street establishment in 1867 – Today, on the same site, Kettner’s still trades.

Under the expert eye of Ilse Crawford of StudioIlse, the entire comlex (four Gerogian terraces) was revived in a style that Crawford puts simply as

“…fresh, fun and french”

Private dining and boutique bars dotted around the venue are linked by myriad smaller halls and staircases.  Within, the furnishings range from traditional, plush upholstery behind velvet curtains to more contemporary pieces such as Geoffrey Harcout‘s iconic  C248 Chaise for Artifort from 1970 as well as Pierre Paulin‘s saddle-leather loungechair the F444, designed in 1963.  This melange of styles and the breadth of historical furnishings has worked famously in the heritage space.

With their tag-line proposing that you “Let Kettner’s house be your home” –   It’s evident that this is pure London glamour and old school opulence with a strong, important, emphasis on comfort.

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