Month: November, 2010

What’s Black, White & Read All Over? The Floor…

NewspaperWood (KrantHout)

An environmental conscience and a serve of good old Dutch courage has seen a novel reuse of discarded Newspaper spearheaded in Eindhoven City, Holland.

2009 Dutch Design Award Winners – Vij5, have collaborated with the very clever Mieke Meijer to develop an altogether new material for construction and manufacturing made entirely from renewable resources.

Using pre-loved papers they tightly bind the printed sheets with a unique rolling technique developed in conjunction with a leading Dutch Newspaper.  The result is a high density NewspaperWood “Log” that can be cut, milled, sanded and generally treated like any other type of wood.

The blending of the print when in sliced plank sections mimics the grain of timber beautifully.

A reversing of a traditional production process; not from wood to paper, but the other way around.

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Honey I Shrunk The Furniture…

The classic Ronda Armchair  and Pigalle Table are familiar sights in cafes and homes across Europe and the US.

EMU have now questioned why the grown ups should be having all the fun… so here are the table and chair’s bright, bubbly offspring: Baby Ronda and Baby Pigalle.  A cool collection for the little ones.

Maintaining the same standards and quality in production and design this “mini-me” range is offered in pint sized proportions and a whole new colour scheme exclusively for the kids.

We love it!

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Big Brother Is Watching…

To view the full gallery click the image above

It would seem Vondom and its stable of acclaimed designers can do no wrong.  Over the past twelve months their product lines have been selected for use and exhibition at almost every major sporting and media event across their native Spain, as well as many abroad.

Gran Hermano 2010 the twelfth season of Spain’s Big Brother program launched last month, in keeping with the global phenomenon’s penchant for striking furnishings, the producers turned to Vondom for contemporary pieces that could more than hold their own against the extroverted house-mates.  Karim Rashid, Stefano Giovanni and Javier Mariscal‘s collections all appear nightly on Spanish TV screens.

To view the full gallery click the image above

This years Cannes Film Festival also boasted a healthy hub of Jut and Moma outdoor offerings in a pop-up bar on Majestic Beach reserved for media and film professionals.

The Heineken Regatta in Curaçao, (off the Venezuelan coast) made full use of Vondom’s unique catalogue, populating their waterside VIP bars with Jut, Moma, Isla, Second Light and Doux.

To view the full gallery click the image above

Court-side at Valencia 500 Tennis Open, in the Santiago Calatrava designed Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, players sat on a custom dyed and branded sofa from A-Cero‘s Rest collection.  Behind the scenes visitors relaxed at each of the the many modular Fiesta Bars seated on either Jut, Moma, and Pillow collections with Isla and Pots all illuminating the spaces with vivid LED light.

To view the full gallery click the image above

The World Motorcycle Grand Prix visited Spain this year also and in both public and VIP areas Vondom’s presence was more than evident from decorative lighting to seating and function service bars.

At this rate, Vondom is poised for World domination!  Australia too is fast cottoning-on to the brilliance of this outdoor manufacturer and their ability to deftly bridge the indoor/outdoor furniture gap with such wonderfully varied designs.

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Absolut Architecture…

It was only a matter of time: Architecture now has it’s own interactive, encyclopedic, iPhone and iPad application: ArkSolut.

While it may not be the very first piece of hand-held pocket software to delve into the wonders of the built world, it might just be the most comprehensive and in a sense; practical, resource regarding architecture, design and contemporary urban landscapes.

The design of its interface allows users to filter searches by designer, typology and/or location.  In doing so,  facilitating its usage as a reference book, encyclopaedia or complementary travel guide.

Danish in origin and still predominately oriented towards the architecture surrounding and completed by the Danes, the developers have made it clear the database will increase steadily to include:  Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Basel, Berlin, London and Paris, among others.

Click here or the image above for a short clip on the capabilities of the exciting application.

Features include:

  • High-definition pictures and zoom-facilities to view details
  • 360 º panoramic pictures of urban spaces and building interiors
  • 2D drawings
  • ‘Your favourite’: personalize your trip or list of works
  • General search
  • Multi Lingual.

Additional online content extends it’s capabilities to draw on:

  • Maps and GPS: location of the works and the user
  • Direct link to Wikipedia and to on-line authors and works with detailed information without leaving the application
  • Possibility to share the works by email and on Facebook.
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Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day…

…but the 15 storey Ark Hotel in Changsha, China was erected in just 6 days!

Sure, it’s pre-fab, round the clock and wont win any awards for it looks but the logistics of the undertaking are mind-blowing.

We also want to point out that if you watch the time-code and footage carefully enough, you might see us deliver and install all the furniture between 77:25:05:08 and 77:26:09:02.

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ITO + BCN = Porta Fira…

Arguably Japan’s most Internationally recognised architect and designer: Toyo Ito has made a striking, indelible mark on the Spanish design scene, adding his Modern Asian chapter to their multi-faceted design history.

Hotel Santos Porta Fira in Barcelona’s port district combines conference facilities, a cubist commercial tower and 110m tall hotel in a distinct irregularly shaped building referencing the form of a lotus flower.  As Ito has famously been quoted:

there is no better architecture than a tree

This reverence for natural form and organic structure is evidently carried through in the design of internal furnishings too.  Toyo Ito with Spanish firm Sancal collaborated on the public seating for the tower’s vast foyer, the result is Konoha.  The gentle leaf-like bench seating affords the space a minimalism not compromising versatility.  When arranged circularly, each plays a part in creating a functional floral motif, begging to be repeated for ultimate visual effect.

Beyond the main hall Sancal were entrusted with furnishing much of the hotel in it’s rooms and common areas.

The Lugano Armchair by Daniel Abate and the 1+1 small tables by Odos Design were designated for the suites; while the Nosso armchairs by La Cubitera and a special  customised edition of the Sax sofa by Rafa García was also used in one area of the grand lobby. In the restaurant, the Menu bench was adapted to surround a towering column decorated with plant motifs which were also reflected in the patterning underfoot – a reference to the Konoha collection.

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Grinning Winners: IDEA 2010…

Last Thursday saw the ninth IDEA Awards by the team at (inside) magazine, celebrated at The Ivy Room and The Ivy Lounge in Sydney.

As usual, the event was sold out and the spectacular after-party continued until the wee hours of Friday morning.  Without saying too much, we may or may not be aware of a number of bleary eyed revelers crawling into work late on Friday… no naming names!

Winners this year were a welcome mix of large International practices and emerging, smaller firms – a heartening indication that the Australian Interior Design Industry is very much alive and better still: thriving.  The fact that the shortlisted and winning projects ran the full gamut of budgets, scale and time-frames was proof more-so that the local talent pool is abundantly rich and fiercely creative in the face of the recent economic downturn.

Having had a hand in designing the venue for the awards night itself: The Ivy, Woods Baggot celebrated their win of the “overall best design” category for the breathtaking Hilton South Wharf in Melbourne’s docklands precinct.

Coupled with the integrated convention center, the project had already won them the category for Best Institutional Design, Best Hospitality Design as well as The National Award for Public Architecture at the recent Australian Institute of Architects Awards.  It seems Woods Baggot have demonstrated their international design prowess with every facet of this immense project.  Capitalising on the latest in local and imported designer fittings to furnish the world class facility, Woods Baggot specified striking Ferrari red Round Bar Stools from Christophe Pillet and EMU, Italy – A punchy addition to the public bar.  As well as this, restaurants were fitted out with the Carlotta Chair from Andreu World, combining luxurious upholstered seats with fine wicker weave back rests in a timber frame.  A study in pure refinement.

Luchetti Krelle were duly rewarded for their intensely productive two years since the firms inception.  Having picked up the Best Emerging Practice Award in 2009, Rachel and Stuart were back on the podium this year triumphantly but no less humbly collecting their People’s Choice Award for Designer of The Year…  not bad for a two year old!

Michael McCann and Dreamtime‘s Victor Churchill Fine Family Butcher was unsurprisingly the big Retail Design winner this year.  The incomparable project was a sure-fire winner as one of the most amazing retail fit-outs Australia has ever seen with Italian Calacatta marble stone floor and Himlayan salt brick walls.

The Major Commercial Category was a win for HASSELL and their ANZ Centre in Melbourne.   The vast 84,450 sqm commercial complex was given life with stunning geometry, an uncluttered sense of space and a riot of colourful breakout areas infusing a sense of playfulness and intrigue.  Very much at home within this brief were the bd Love Bench and bd Love Lamps by Ross Lovegrove and Spain’s bd Ediciones.

All in all, the Awards were again a celebration of local talent and best practice.  We look forward to seeing you all next year!

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Twinkletoes Tuesday…

The KE-ZU Blog has hit 100 posts and in such a short space of time are chuffed to have developed such a great, loyal following with readership increasing daily across Australia and abroad!

Thanks to all who have been checking in.  We’re very pleased with the way things are progressing and really encourage you to drop us a line with requests, ideas, suggestions for posts.  To toast the occasion we thought we’d share some “take-five” love.  Click here or the image above and join us for 3 minutes and 45 seconds of footloose frivolity.

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Orgatec Twenty Ten…

Our fearless correspondent is safely back on local soils after a whirlwind trip through Japan, Germany, Belgium and the US taking in Orgatec, Interieurs and Tokyo Design Week.

Today we’re taking a peek at some of the items that piqued our interest at the recent Orgatec 2010 in Cologne.  The Spaniards were of course in fine form with SELLEX and ENEA presenting some well honed new lines as well as the Japanese group AICHI unveiling some new pieces we are very excited about

LORCA from Sellex.  A striking collection of meeting tables and office desks from Abad Diseño.  A sleek marriage of metal and timber with the added benefit of reaching up to 3.5 metres!

Lievore, Altherr & Molina have come together with SELLEX to produce the SLAM Chair Program, also launched to much acclaim at the fair.

Available, on a first stage, in five different frames (aluminium, aluminium with armrests, steel tube, steel tube with armrests and steel rod) and four different shells (3D wood(treated wood), wood, polypropylene and upholstered).

From the signature Lievore, Altherr & Molina (LAM) clean lines and Sellex’s (S) renowned manufacturing techniques, we can tell this smart little SLAM program is poised for big things.

ENEA pulled out all the stops with the launch of their new folding meeting and conference table system: FOLIO.  The ingenious engineering allows the tables to effortlessly transition from folded to being ready for use and enables relocation with minimal fuss, all thanks to rollers contained in the foot that remains in contact with the floor when needed and folds away when required stationary.

The team from AICHI came across from Japan and displayed the new TIPO chair available in an array of back details and colours and of course stackable.  More on this as it comes to hand.

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Date Created…

On the evening of Wednesday the 27th October, the KE-ZU showroom was filled with guests for the latest installment in MONUMENT Magazine‘s Create-A-Date: Live series.  Click here to check out some pictures over at the KE-ZU Facebook page.

With the wonderful pairing of Andy MacDonald from MacInteractive Architects and Julie Paterson of Cloth Fabrics, the audience were treated to an hilarious retelling of their first “blind” meet and the ensuing design process that resulted in the Couch Potato Lounge Chair concept.

With beautiful elderflower cocktails by St Germain and food by Miss Chu, the night was a fantastic success, thanks to all who came and shared it with us.

MONUMENT are always on the hunt for brilliant creative minds from all backgrounds to take part in the Create-A-Date collaborative project series.  Drop them a line if you’d like to take part!

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