Month: June, 2010

YOU-ZU: Mr Jason Grant


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Saturday Indesign, Interstate…

… that is, if you are from anywhere other than Victoria!

That’s right, the annual to-and-fro hosting duties between Sydney and Melbourne see’s 2010 Saturday Indesign being the Garden State’s turn to spruce up it’s showrooms and turn on the charm(read as: pop the bubbly!)

Indesign’s industry open day series has gone from strength to strength since 2003 and shows no sign of slowing.  Last year’s Sydney showcase saw over 6000 A&D community members: register, rock up and ramble about between the showrooms of manufacturers and suppliers.

It’s always a great day  (or two – should you wish to take in some of the sites during +FRIDAY, the preview before the event itself) and with free registration you’d be mad to pass up the opportunity, it’s ‘work’ with a twist.

Though KE-ZU don’t have a Melbourne showroom, you can of course find all our brands proudly displayed in all our Victorian distributor’s showrooms like: Living Edge, Eco Outdoor, Zenith …. and more!

August 6&7 is when all the magic happens so make sure you hop over to the SID website and register… it’s less then 40 days away!

As the day draws nearer we’ll update with more news on our tips for what not to miss and who to put on top of your list!

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YOU-ZU: Anne-Maree Sargeant



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2010 NSW Architecture Awards…

The NSW 2010 Architecture Awards saw the prestigious Sulman Award handed to HASSELL last friday night for their work on the Epping – Chatswood Rail network expansion.  Their design and development of the the four new multi-million dollar stations was recognised on the night as leading the way in new public transportation design:

While the station planning is highly rational and easy for all users to understand, the spatial experience is rich and exciting.

Also duly recognised for their boundary pushing approach to the preservation and expansion of public space were the Urban Design category winners as well as Heritage Award recipients: Tonkin Zulaikah Greer and The City of Sydney for the groundbreaking refurbishment of Paddington Reservoir Reserve.  KE-ZU is proud to be the supplier of the movable, striking, public furniture on the project.  The Heaven Chair and Armchair from EMU and Jean Marie Massaud was selected by Sydney City Councils public works office as a sturdy, beautiful, reliable option for their groundbreaking use of loose furniture in a public space.  The chairs offered comfort, movability, reliability, all the while echoing the industrial accents of the now disused reservoir in the heart of Sydney’s trendy Paddington.

For a full list of winners on the night drop by the RAIA website and to see some stunning shots of the winning projects head over and check out IndesignLive.

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YOU-ZU: Scott Weston

Want more Scott?  Pop over to:

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Enough About Us!

Today we throw caution to the wind and put the spot light back on YOU!

We’ve been rabbiting on for some time now and thought it overdue that we stopped and let you do the talking for a change.

So, to get the big ‘designery’ ball rolling we have hand picked 12 individuals from design, architecture, media and manufacturing backgrounds to answer for us, a few probing questions.  Ultimately the idea is to keep it light, delightful and insightful and what better way to start this venture than with the irrepresible Scott Weston from Scott Weston Architecture & Design.

Subscribe to the RSS feed to ensure you don’t miss out on each instalment…   After all, you never know who will pop up next!

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Value… Do You?

Last Thursday evening heralded the Sydney launch of the Authentic Design Alliance at KE-ZU’s Surry Hills Showroom.  Speakers on the night were Taiwan based designer Michael Young, MD of Hassell: Rob Backhouse, Simone Oliver from Geyer and Matthew Hall an IP specialist Lawyer from Swaab Attorneys.

One of the prominent issues that came to light was that it can prove difficult convincing clients that authenticity and longevity are important.  The role of the design’s value and where this is placed from the designer/client/specifiers point-of-view also came into question.  How can the inherent long term value of original design be instilled in the consumers minds? – Ultimately through community events like this one and some pretty comprehensive legislation changes that would bring Australia in line with the US and European IP law practices.

An open Q&A with the 200 strong guests followed, passions ran high as the true cost of design copies, buyer integrity and retention of original design and value through IP protection, were all hotly discussed.

With representatives from the design media, architecture, interior design, furniture manufacturers as well as suppliers were all in attendance, ensuring the dialogue was as diverse as it was insightful.

For more on the night pop over to indesignlive and for a full gallery of images be sure to check out and join the KE-ZU Facebook Page for continued updates and info on future events.

Last but not least, we urge you to throw your weight behind the cause and join the ADA, show that you value original design.

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With US You’re Beautiful…

It’s Monday. It’s Wet and It’s the Winter Solstice — Everyone needs a pick me up and we reckon Austrian DJ: Klaus Waldeck’s  “bei mir bist du schön” is JUST the ticket!

“With Me You’re Beautiful” is the loose translation, and we couldn’t agree more.  Click on the image above and take 5.

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Sharpen Up & Pencil This In…

 Though we may still shiver in our shoes, Sydney’s Object Gallery have wasted no time in launching their new Spring Series

A deliberate diversion from their regular program of exhibitions, this platform of ideas and creative thinking will run from July to October and is sure to bring some much needed warmth to the creative scene.  Taking place in and around the Gallery as well as online, we have a particular favourite that we just have to share.

Much Lead is an installation inspired by Surry Hills, (our stomping ground) as a ‘studio neighbourhood’.   The work explores the idea of the pencil as a simple yet essential tool.  Donated by designers, makers, artists, tradespeople and students, the pencils will be suspended to create a canopy of colour, drawing together a surprising, cross-disciplinary community of pencil lovers.

…if you would like to donate a pencil, we would love to hear from you…

Claire and Felicity from Sam Crawford Architects , the brains behind the B2 and HB suspension, are getting you in on the action by asking for your pencil and your story.   For more info, pop over to the Much Lead BlogKE-ZU will also be serving as a drop off point for pencils, we’ll make sure they wind their way to Claire and Felicity ready for the opening in October 2010!

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World Cup Runneth Over…

As the majority of the world submits to World Cup fever and we antipodeans retreat to lick our wounds over our false start last weekend, there comes some welcome news for football fans wanting a hand in dictating the success of  the Socceroos.

Touching down at KE-ZU this week are three of RS Barcelona‘s oft coveted, ultra sleek, Foosball tables: RS#2 ; and their timing couldn’t be better!

With outdoor and indoor models offered, these tables are good, solid, competitive fun, each with their teams hand painted, built in drink holders and adjustable feet for a fair and level playing field.

  • Outdoor/Indoor Model in glimmering Stainless Steel:  Australia v. Germany
  • Indoor in gleaming white: Australia v. Italy
  • Indoor in stealth black: Barcelona v. Madrid

These immensely popular units must be seen to be believed: think you’ve seen a foosball table before? Think again!

Also from the playful team at RS Barcelona and Rafael Rodriguez, come these quirky and yet entirely functional: Wall Champions. Hang your coat/hat/gloves/wigs/boots or shin pads on these wall mounted hooks, with the players painted in your choice of team colours.

Need more convincing? Come in and play…  if you’re game!

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