The KE-ZU team have arrived in Milan and our resident (iPhone only) photographer has been busy snapping all the pre-Fair action.






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iSaloni 2015 Preview & Guide

KE-ZU Milan Preview & Guide 2015

The worlds largest and most coveted furniture fair kicks off in the magical Milano next Tuesday.

Here is our official Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2015 guide here.

Stay tuned for daily updates throughout the fair!

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Endless options with REW …


Rew Modular Sofa designed by Rafa Garcia for Sancal.

This new creation by Rafa García is tremendously versatile, and can be used for a variety of diverse projects that require pieces for resting, eating or working.


Rest. An entire family of chairs, sofas and modules, as light as they are comfortable, can be used with two different types of arm: one is high and thin like the back and the other is low and soft, like the base of the design.

Eat. The “nutritious” part corresponds to an ample number of benches which can be used with a dining table. The benches can be used alone, or together with upholstered wall pieces. The benches are available in two depths (57 and 72cm). The least deep is the archetypal dining bench, providing a firm, upright sitting position. Moreover, the finish of the arms in a corner permits compositions with angles to be made. The deeper version is ideal to fill with scatter cushions and create an informal environment, perfect for long postprandial conversations. Rafa’s piece provides two back heights, 95 and 115cm. The low back creates a light design, while the higher back provides some privacy.

Work. The productivity at work is directly related to our concentration and feeling of wellbeing. These versions of the sofas, modules, and chairs enable a certain degree of privacy in an office setting, or the hall of a hotel. Rafa has also designed a bench and a couple of cushions to complete the programme.

The feet are available in steel lacquered black, or ash, which can be stained to any of the colours in the Sancal collection.









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Expormim: in pursuit of beauty since 1960

They say an image is worth a thousand words. And so our supplier Expormim has let these beautiful frames do the talking and show who they are and how they work. The task was entrusted to Pensando en blanco™and its precious visual storytelling. The result is an accurate reflection of both Expormim’s philosophy and daily routine.

We hope you like it as much as we do.

Expormim: in pursuit of beauty since 1960.

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News | Inside the LZF workshop

Lzf loaded its first handmade movie onto Youtube in September 2009. Since then it has received over half a million views and has been used on many blogs around the world as an example of an artesanal design process. The LZF workshop has grown considerably since 2009 and their artisans have developed new models and techniques – this new video takes you into the current LZF workshop, providing a glimpse into their creative process as they endeavour to give life to wood through light.

All LZF fixtures are handmade in Valencia, Spain, using their own Timberlite® wooden veneers meaning every fixture is unique and special.




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Stand or Sit? Why not both …

MNN offices

Image Courtesy Treehugger CC BY 2.0 Lloyd Alter/ photo aging by Brad Hanna

In a recent post on Treehugger, managing editor Lloyd Alter gave us a glimpse of the offices in Atlanta where staff (tired of sitting down all day) had taken it upon themselves to create standing desks reminiscent (especially when aged in Photoshop) of the Herman Miller action office of the 1960s.

Image Courtesy of Treehugger © Herman Miller

Whilst these makeshift designs resolve the issue of sitting down all day they raise a new set of issues for existing office system catered to a seated workforce as people are left standing up, in each others faces, as little as five feet apart.

Image Courtesy of Treehugger Lloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

Atler calls on “Herman Miller and the other manufacturers to make the standing desk part of their integrated office systems like it was 50 years ago” and this writer (currently sitting and desperate to stand) couldn’t agree more.

Image Courtesy of Treehugger © Herman Miller

Image Courtesy of Treehugger © Herman Miller

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News | Wallpaper* Best New Brand


Each year Wallpaper* magazine’s Design Awards single out the people, places, pieces and phenomena that have raised our pulses and this year KE-ZU supplier Parachilna was named Best New Brand!


Inspired by the timeless landscape of a small town on the edge of the Australia desert, Parachilna is forging a philosophy built around honesty in design, an appreciation of the value of precious materials and a respect for handcrafted manufacturing methods. Having already produced designs from Jaime Hayon, Stephen Burks and Jordi Veciana, they are set to release a new design from Neri&Hu shortly. Watch this space!







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Installations | Ma Khin Café

KE-ZU_PROJECTS_Ma Khin Café_Andreu World (30)

Ma Khin Café in Valencia has recently opened its doors and Laura Alandes has created an interior that is warm, open and intimate, featuring a range of designs from leading Spanish manufacturer Andreu World.

The Reverse and Quattro Tables are combined with the Flex, Brandy, Unos and Nub Chairs from Andreu World.


KE-ZU_PROJECTS_Ma Khin Café_Andreu World (25)


KE-ZU_PROJECTS_Ma Khin Café_Andreu World (34)

KE-ZU_PROJECTS_Ma Khin Café_Andreu World (31)

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News | Fast Company’s Most Innovative Brands

Incredible news!  Be Original Americas has landed on Fast Company’s coveted list of The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Design.

Founded by some of the biggest names in the furniture business,  Bernhardt Design, Herman Miller, Alessi, Emeco, Flor and Vitra, Be Original Americas is an association of businesses, consumers, educators and institutions, dedicated to “informing, educating and influencing manufacturers, design professionals and individuals on the economic, ethical, and environmental value of authentic design while preserving and investing in its future”.

Instagram 2

Fast Company has applauded Be Original Americas for “reframing the discussion of what to do about knockoffs” through its series of lectures, workshops, and round tables which look at establishing a set of industry standards, and its blog which alerts readers to the hidden hazards of knockoff design, such as the high levels of mercury and lead in a popular “replica” design of the Tolux chair in Australia

To learn more about Be Original Americas click here.

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News | Closed Australia Day


Photo Courtesy: National Australia Day Council


At KE-ZU, we religiously observe the Australia Day holiday. Accordingly, our annual sale will commence 7:30am Tuesday 27th January.



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